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    Africa is a rapidly developing continent and, as such, we are seeing a steady increase in the number of people wishing to send parcels there. In particular, Nigeria and South Africa have seen their economies boom in the last decade, and this is in part due to tremendously strong trade agreements with the UK, who are still one of the top two investors in the South African economy. Bilateral trade between the UK and South Africa alone holds steady at around £10bn a year, and there are more than a quarter of a million South African citizens who now choose to reside in the UK. Naturally, this means that there are a large number of businesses and private citizens looking to for cheap parcel delivery to Africa, and that’s where the team here at Parcel Delivery are able to help.

    When you send a parcel to Africa from the UK, you might be worried as there are lots of rules and regulations and it can be a complex process. However, with access to the world’s safest and most reliable international couriers, we can offer you not just quick but cheap courier to Africa from UK, but also give you peace of mind that it will make it to its final destination in perfect condition. No longer will you have to worry about long delivery times to send a parcel to Africa, as economy delivery will typically see your parcel arrive within a week, and it can be a matter of just two to three days if you choose express or special delivery.

    Parcel Delivery To Africa

    Our cheap courier services to Africa make it as easy as possible to find exactly the service you want and to make the payment. There is no need to call up or visit a branch, as everything you need can be found right here on our website. We understand that finding cheap delivery to Africa is important and would never want you to overpay for your delivery. Our useful price comparison tool takes away any unnecessary worries that you are paying too much by clearly providing the prices that each courier offers as well as their exact services. Finding cheap parcel delivery to Africa has never been easier. Before making any payment, you will be given the option for extra requirements and a final price calculated for you.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Africa

    The cost of cheap courier services to Africa from UK will depend largely on the size and weight of the parcel that you wish to send. There are also a number of other services available such as faster, same day delivery, signed delivery and recorded delivery. Also, it will be affected by which country within Africa that you want your parcel to reach. Each Africa parcel delivery courier that offers parcel delivery to Africa from UK will have their own services and prices in relation to this, and you will be able to track your parcel no matter which service you have chosen. This comparison tool is the best way to find a cheap courier to Africa, that suits your requirements.

    Parcel sizes

    When searching for prices for your cheap delivery to Africa, be sure to accurately input the precise dimensions of your parcel as well as its weight. The difference between a small letter, medium and large parcel may differ slightly depending on the courier, but, as a rule of thumb, a small parcel will weigh no more than 2kg and be no larger 45cm x 35cm x 16cm. A medium parcel sees its weight and dimensions extend to 20kg and 61cm x 46cm x 46cm respectively. Large parcels are anything above these dimensions and weights and are typically more specialist to send, so input your requirements into our calculator to get an exact idea of price. Understandably, not all packages will conform to strict measurement requirements, and if you need to send a tube or an unconventionally-shaped parcel, then we can also accommodate this as part of our Africa parcel delivery service. Be sure to contact us if you are unsure about how to get an accurate quote when looking to send a parcel to Africa.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Africa

    cheap shipping to Africa may be daunting and, if you’ve never sent a parcel this distance before, you may have many concerns relating to customs, properly addressing your parcel and also knowing what you can and cannot send. To help you, please find all the useful information you will need to send a parcel to Africa below.

    Delivery times for Africa

    All nations within Africa lie outside of the European Union, so there will likely be more restrictions in place than you may have experienced in the past. Your parcel will also be checked through customs when arriving at its destination, so you need to be sure that you do not break any of these strict regulations and that you accurately fill out any customs forms necessary. We do not allow the delivery of typically restricted items such as weapons, ammunition, drugs, live animals or counterfeit goods.

    Furthermore, many African countries may require an import license if what you are sending meets certain criteria. For example, antiques over 100 years old may require a certificate of authenticity and certain commercial fabrics may require you to attach a sample product alongside the delivery and attached to the commercial invoice.

    Before packaging and paying for parcel delivery UK to Africa, be sure to check the customs website for the country in Africa that you wish your package to reach. If you have an item you wish to send to Africa, and you are not sure if you are allowed to send it, get in contact with us first. This will allow your international courier to deliver your parcel safely and quickly to its destination and give you peace of mind along the way.

    Delivery times for Africa

    Please be aware that, when you send a parcel via cheap shipping to Africa, their postage layout may be very different to that of the UK, so you need to be sure it is addressed correctly in order to reach its destination as quickly as possible. Again, this will require you to check the postage guidelines for the respective country.

    Delivery times for Africa

    As mentioned, when sending your parcel from the UK to Africa, you have quite a varied amount of choice when deciding who to send your parcel with. By working with so many couriers, we are able to get you the fastest delivery times possible, and if you were to choose the express delivery option, you may be able to have your parcel arrive within just 2-3 working days. The time required will also depend largely on the infrastructure in place within your destination of choice.

    For some countries, such as Djibouti, Somalia, and Sao Tome and Principe, delivery may take slightly longer, whereas for other countries, like Kenya, Uganda and Algeria, your parcel can be delivered in as little as two days. Also, delivery times will be based on working days, so if you dispatch your parcel close to the weekend, then allow for minimal processing to be carried out on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, by following our guidelines above on restrictions and on labelling, you can ensure your parcel arrives as quickly as desired.

    If you require any more information that is not listed above, get in contact with our customer services team who are on hand to provide you with support.