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    Perhaps you want to create or develop business and industry links with the capital city of Maseru, or with other key areas of Lesotho such as Mafateng, Hlotse, Maputsoe, Mohale’s Hoek, Qacha’s Nek, Quthing, Butha-Buthe, Nako or Leribe. We can help you boost your trade to these places by providing the cheap courier services to Lesotho available from couriers that you can trust to deliver quickly, safely and on time.

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    Cheap courier services to Lesotho will allow you to book and pay for the courier service online. Some also allow you to book and pay over the phone.

    You can also choose cheap shipping to Lesotho to suit your collection or drop-off preferences. The majority of cheap parcel delivery to Lesotho companies will offer the option to collect the parcel directly from your home or work, whilst some also have the option for you to drop off your parcel at your nearest participating shop or Post Office.

    Parcel Delivery To Lesotho

    Cheap parcel delivery to Lesotho usually takes between 3 and 10 days, depending on the service you choose. Most tend to take around 3-4 days, but some couriers offer an ‘economy’ solution which takes longer to deliver but will be the cheapest parcel delivery to Lesotho available.

    There may occasionally be added time to the parcel delivery to Lesotho from UK for customs clearance once the goods enter the country, which will depend on the contents of your parcel and whether there are any queries from the recipient about any duties or taxes levied.

    Lesotho’s landlocked location – completely surrounded by South Africa – and its membership of the Commonwealth means that the UK can trade with Lesotho as if it were part of South Africa. This means there are no issues with getting your cheap courier to Lesotho across the border and safely into the country.

    With a population of around 300,000, the Lesotho capital Maseru is the country’s largest city and lies to the west of the country, on the Lesotho-South Africa border. Unlike many other countries in Africa, Lesotho parcel delivery uses a postcode system, made up of 3 digits (the postcode for the capital city Maseru is 100, for example).

    Transportation links for goods coming into the country consist mainly of a railway – which connects Maseru with Bloemfontein-Bethlehem in South Africa – and an international airport called Moshoeshoe I, located in the town of Mazenod, which lies about 18km southeast of downtown Maseru. Most regional centres are connected by paved roads; however, there are some unpaved parts of the highway that link other areas of the country.

    The majority of parcel delivery companies now have modern tracking technology systems, meaning you can track the status and location of your parcel delivery UK to Lesotho. This provides peace of mind for you when you send a parcel to Lesotho, as well as keeping you informed of the parcel’s progress and anticipated timing for delivery.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Lesotho

    Prices for a cheap courier to Lesotho will vary depending on the service required. For example, special delivery will often be more expensive than economy services with slower delivery times.

    If a fast delivery is an essential factor for you, then an express service by air might be your best option. This service would take 2-4 days to deliver a parcel from the UK to Maseru, and prices tend to be around £65 for the fully tracked service.

    If you are a little more flexible with the delivery speed, you can find a cheap shipping to Lesotho which also offer full tracking but take a couple more days to deliver your goods to their destination.

    Economy pricing for Lesotho parcel delivery starts from as little as £20 and usually takes 6-8 days to make their way securely from the UK to their destination in Lesotho.

    Generally speaking, the cheapest parcel delivery to Lesotho tends to take longer to deliver, and the quickest service tends to be the more expensive option.

    In addition to the speed of delivery required, the size of the package (i.e. its width, length and height – make sure to measure this once it has been packaged up ready to send a parcel to Lesotho, rather than before) along with its weight, will also be taken into account when calculating the cost to  your parcel.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Lesotho

    Lesotho is a landlocked country, completely surrounded by South Africa. It is a tiny country of just over 11,500 square miles, made up of highland villages and with some spectacular landscapes. Its political structure is democratic and stable; however, the country is relatively poor and has scarce resources. It largely relies on its surrounding neighbour of South Africa for employment and trade. Lesotho has a population of around 2 million people, known as the Sotho people, who have Bantu ancestry.

    Like South Africa, it is a member of the Commonwealth and therefore has a longstanding relationship with the UK. This is particularly beneficial for Lesotho’s trade economy. Lesotho’s key trading ties with the UK are mainly in the manufacturing and mining industries. Lesotho also has some strong trade relationships with the US, most notably exporting clothing for some of the biggest brands in America. It is also an active trading partner with the rest of Africa, thanks to development schemes that have helped to improve exports. Key sources of income for Lesotho are water, diamonds, agriculture and textiles.

    When arranging parcel delivery to Lesotho from UK, it is recommended that you always include a telephone number for the recipient of the parcel delivery, which is clearly marked on the parcel. This information will help to make sure the parcel is delivered on time and to the intended recipient, and will also help to notify recipients if they need to collect the parcel from a central delivery office, for example.

    There are some general international restrictions and prohibitions on goods being sent overseas that all parcel delivery companies must adhere to, so it is important to always check these before shipping. There may also be some laws and restrictions on goods being received into the country of Lesotho that are particular to the country. These should always be checked before you send a parcel to Lesotho to avoid any issues with the goods being delivered. The Lesotho Customs and Excise office can provide this information to you.

    As Saturdays and Sundays are a non-working day in Lesotho, parcel delivery currently does not occur on these days.