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    The Gabonese Republic (also known as Gabon in the UK) is a tropical nation within Africa with a beautiful Atlantic coastline. It shares borders with Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. With a population of approximately 2 million, Gabon is a country that experiences poverty for almost two-thirds of the population. However, it’s a major oil exporter with over two-thirds of Gabon’s exports accounted for by petroleum and wood. 2010 may have seen some contradictions with regards to the economy of Gabon, however, the rest of the past twenty years has seen significant economic growth. Gabon enjoys good relations with the UK and in the first half of 2009, UK exports to Gabon were worth £18.3 million. UK imports from Gabon were worth £17.5 million in the same period and since then UK-Gabon trade has increased. Thanks to these good trade links and a growing and strong oil-based economy, the local infrastructure has improved significantly. This has helped enable a variety of parcel delivery to Gabon from UK services and keep typical delivery times to a minimum. Below is some useful information to help you find the cheapest parcel delivery to Gabon.

    Parcel Delivery To Gabon

    When it comes to cheap delivery to Gabon, there are a variety of courier options to suit every budget and requirement. When it comes to choosing your delivery service, all the couriers will offer a variety of speeds depending on how urgent your parcel is. For example, the quickest speed on offer is from around 1-3 days for a special delivery service and slower options which can take up to eight weeks for delivery. This will undoubtedly be cheaper than the quick option, thus making cheap delivery to Gabon possible. Of course, these delivery times are largely based on customs regulations, border strikes or any political conflicts within cities and towns and can make parcel delivery to Gabon from UK be slower or quicker than advertised. Parcel delivery companies will also allow you additional options such as tracking your parcel, signed delivery upon arrival of your parcel to its destination and insurance cover for the items within, in case of damage during the parcel delivery to Gabon, theft or loss. These are sometimes included in the original quote given to you; however, if not, they can be added on for an additional fee. Remember to double check your parcel delivery details before you confirm your purchase to avoid any unnecessary complications when you send a parcel to Gabon.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Gabon

    Due to the range of cheap courier services to Gabon parcel delivery, you will be greeted with a wide range of prices which will help you find a cheap courier to Gabon. The final price will, of course, depend on many factors such as, the size of your parcel, the weight of your parcel, the number of parcels you would like to send via one of the many cheap courier services to Gabon and the speed in which you’d like it to arrive in the country. Either way, you will find cheap shipping to Gabon to suit your requirements.

    An example of the different types of delivery services available comes from Royal Mail who offer three types of cheap parcel delivery to Gabon from UK: International Economy, International Standard and International Tracked and Signed. All these options vary in speed, tracking and insurance. You will find cheap shipping to Gabon will take longer and the quicker shipping options will cost more. Delivery prices for parcel delivery UK to Gabon can start at under £15 and rise to over £40 depending on your requirements.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Gabon

    When it comes to prohibitions and restrictions of items, each country has its own limits. You should research before you send a parcel to Gambia whether the contents of your parcel are legal, allowed or limited. This helps avoid problems at customs and the potential of your Gabon parcel delivery being returned to you should you not have the correct documentation etc. Below is a sample list of items restricted and prohibited for parcel delivery to Gabon.

    Prohibited items for entry to Gabon

    These items are not allowed into the country under any circumstances.

    • – Pornographic material
    • – Illegal drugs
    • – Weapons and ammunition
    • – Counterfeit money and goods
    • – Plants and related plant products
    • – Live animals and related animal products
    • – Meat and fish
    • – Vegetable products
    • – Oil seeds, seeds and fruits
    • – Prepared foodstuffs, spirits, beverages
    • – Sugar and confectionery
    • – Raw hides and skins and leather (this is excluding fur skins)
    • – Mineral products
    • – Fertilisers
    • – Ores, slag and ash
    • – Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry
    • – Arms and ammunition
    • – Toys, games and sports requisites
    • – Cereals
    • – Furniture, bedding, mattress and all related items
    • – Coffee, tea, maté and spices

    Restricted items for delivery to Gabon

    These items may require verification and/or a licence for Gabon parcel delivery. You should ensure you have the required documents before delivery to avoid any complications at customs and border control.

    – Live trees and other plants, roots, bulbs etc
    – Residues and waste from the food industries and prepared animal fodder
    – Products of the chemical or allied industries
    – Organic chemicals
    – Pharmaceutical products
    – Explosives, matches, etc
    – Miscellaneous chemical products
    – Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulose material
    – Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals etc

    Correctly addressing your parcel to Gabon

    To ensure a smooth and cheap courier to Gabon, you need to make sure you have addressed your parcel in the format that is local to the final destination.

    Correctly packing your parcel

    You need to make sure your parcel is appropriately packed for the contents within it. Ensure the packaging can handle any wear and tear it may naturally experience during the delivery process. You should always remember to include a recipient telephone number that is clearly marked on the parcel and it’s always smart to include a UK home address on the parcel and on a piece of paper within the parcel in the event that your parcel cannot be delivered. This means the parcel can be returned to you, but take note that cheap parcel delivery to Gabon companies won’t give you a refund if this happens.

    As you are sending a parcel outside of the EU, it is a requirement that you have completed a customs declaration form. You should also complete any paperwork required for any restricted items or licences necessary for specific items. We recommend enclosing all these important documents within an envelope attached to your parcel so as to keep all important documents together in one convenient place. Also, remember to remove any previous labels that may have been on your parcel delivery box before you send a parcel to Gabon as, otherwise, this can cause confusion at borders.

    Do not hesitate to visit our FAQs if you’re in need of help and assistance along with any further clarifications you may need with regards to your parcel delivery UK to Gabon. Find out more at Parcel Delivery.