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    Liberia is officially called the Republic of Liberia. The country is located on the coast of Western Africa and is bordered by the Cote d’Ivoire to the east, Guinea to its north and Sierra Leone to its West.

    The United Kingdom was the first country to recognise Liberia’s independence after it was declared on July 26th 1847. The United States did not recognise the country’s independence until during the Civil War in 1862. Over 15,000 freed slaves and those free-born moved to Liberia from America for a better chance of freedom. The American culture followed many of the migrants to Liberia and is still evident today in the country’s flag.

    Liberia is the only African country to gain its independence through self-proclamation. It is a founding member of Organisation of African Unity, the United Nations and the League of Nations. During the 1950s Liberia has the second highest rate of economic growth. However, since 1980 the country has suffered from political tensions and two civil wars led to the death and displacement of over half a million people. The economy crumbled and although growth has continued since democratic elections in 2005, around 85% of the population are living below the poverty line. It is now considered one of the poorest countries in the world. Many of the skilled workforce are choosing to emigrate to the west which is also impacting the country. The rise in shipments to the country from Liberians outside of the country is increasing steadily and so more couriers are beginning to offer shipping and parcel delivery to Liberia.

    The country suffers from high levels of corruption, ranking 11th out of 47 countries in a corruption index for Sub-Saharan Africa. This is improving and since the end of the Second Liberian Civil War the country has re-established relationships with the western world, including the UK. There is now an increasing trade between the two countries and more couriers are beginning to operate between them via ship and air freight. There is an increase in commercial parcel delivery UK to Liberia each year as the country’s economy begins to settle.

    Parcel Delivery To Liberia

    Cheap courier services to Liberia is increasing in popularity with the majority of parcels being sent to the capital city of Monrova. However, parcels are also regularly sent to; Bensonville, Sanniquelle, Gbarnga, Voinjama, Buchanan, Kakata, Harper, Robertsport, Zwedru, Greenville, Bopolu, Tubmanburg, Fish Town, Rivercress and Barclayville.

    The infrastructure in the country is more developed than many comparable African countries. During World War 2, the country supported the United States and in return there was a considerable improvement to the country’s infrastructure, to both roads and the airports. Its position on the western coastline makes it very easily accessible for shipping freight. The ease of moving goods around the country, means cheap delivery to Libya is relatively quick to the well-developed urban regions and it’s also easy to find a cheap courier to Liberia. When arranging parcel delivery to Liberia from UK it could take slightly longer to reach a rural location as although there are paved roads, they are poorly maintained.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Liberia

    Cheap shipping to Liberia is easy to find using our website. We have designed the site to be simple and quick to use. All you need are your pick up address, destination address, weight and dimensions. Simply enter them into our calculator and our website will search our vast range of couriers to find you the best prices and quickest delivery times. We check our prices daily to ensure they are as accurate as possible, and to ensure that any savings we find are passed straight on to our customers. We pride ourselves on offering cheap courier services to Liberia as well as locations all over the world, so if you do find a comparable quote for a cheap courier to Liberia elsewhere please let us know. Over the years we have built up a great relationship with many couriers and so are often able to access preferential rates.

    Cheap delivery to Liberia starts at around £18, for a small 1kg parcel, which is not urgent. Understandably, if you need to send a parcel to Liberia that is large, heavy and needs to arrive quickly this will cost more. Please bear in mind that any price you pay here for delivery will not include any import taxes, which the parcel may be liable to at the customs point. The average time for a parcel delivery to Liberia is roughly 4 days. If the parcel does have to pass through customs clearance it can add 4-6 weeks to the delivery time, depending on the current time frames. If your parcel is urgent it is worth bearing this in mind before you send a parcel to Liberia.

    The cheap parcel delivery to Liberia couriers on our website will collect a parcel from either your home or work address, many also offer collection from local pick up points in your nearest shop or post office. As soon as the parcel is collected, it is scanned onto the couriers tracking system and you will be able to follow its progress. This is of great benefit to the recipient as they will also be able to follow the parcel’s journey and ensure they are home for delivery. If your Liberia parcel delivery does get held up, you both will know exactly where it is and any problems encountered along the way are easily rectified. So, choosing cheap shipping to Liberia doesn’t mean you have to compromise on service.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Liberia

    cheap parcel delivery to Liberia does involve clearance through international customs. The country is not part of the European Union and so there are no free trade agreements in place across the border between the UK and Liberia. To go through customs your parcel will need to have certain documents attached. The first is a customs form which will detail the contents of the parcel and also its estimated value. You will also need to enclose a commercial invoice, even if the contents are a gift. The couriers we advertise for parcel delivery to Liberia from UK have vast experience in assisting with customs clearance and will provide all of the necessary forms and help you to complete them. It is important to ensure the documents are attached securely in a document holder before you send a parcel to Liberia, if they are lost the parcel will not be able to enter the country, lost documents are the number one reason for a parcel delivery UK to Liberia not reaching its destination address.

    When addressing your parcel you will need to include the address’ four digit postcode next to the town, city or village name and finish the last line with ‘LIBERIA’. If you write the last two lines in block capitals it can make your hand writing easier to read. Many senders also choose to add a telephone number for the recipient to the outside of the parcel. If there are any delays with your Liberia parcel delivery or if the courier has trouble finding the address, it will be easy to make contact with the recipient and arrange the delivery.

    There are a number of restricted items which are prohibited for parcel delivery to Liberia from UK, some are very common however others could catch many senders by surprise. The list of items includes; illegal drugs, live animals, cigarettes, money, weapons, ammunition, meat and meat products, flowers, seeds, rough diamonds, mobile phones and alcohol. If you do require more information or need an up-to-date list of restricted goods HM Revenue and Customs will be happy to advise. To conclude, if you’re interested in Liberia parcel delivery, go to Parcel Delivery now.