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    The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is positioned along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa. The nation is bordered by Guinea to the south, Senegal to the north and the Atlantic Ocean off its western coastline. The country has a cluster of 80 islands which sit just away from the mainland, known as the Biljagos Archipelago. They provide a rich habitat for wildlife, and most tourists to the country are making the journey to visit the islands. The country is home to the famous Joao Vieira-Poilao Marine National Park.

    The country has a long and interesting history as part of the Mali empire and also the Portuguese empire. The current name of Guinea-Bissau was formed when the country gained its independence in 1964. Bissau was chosen to be included in the name to distinguish the country from the neighbouring Guinea.

    It is currently estimated that around 65% of the country live below the poverty line. The nation is one of the world’s poorest countries and has struggled with economic development following a political civil war and a number of coups. The country is now relying on foreign aid to support the economy in developing the country’s exports and infrastructure.

    The main exports are fish, cashew nuts, peanuts, timber, bauxite, clay, granite, sawn lumber and shrimp. The majority of their exports are sent to Asia, Southern Europe and South America, and there are not many exports into the UK. Popular imports into the country at the moment are machinery and transport. The country isn’t known in the UK for its tourism, although there are some areas of the country which people are beginning to visit.

    The country is warm all year around although has a rainy season between June and September, where more than 2000mm of rain falls. Between December and April the country is prone to drought, and this has a vast impact on the country’s exports.

    Parcel Delivery To Guinea-Bissau

    Guinea-Bissau parcel delivery does take slightly longer than some African countries, as the level of trade and parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau from UK is currently quite low. The quickest delivery services will see parcel delivery UK to Guinea-Bissau taking around 5 days from collection, but this does not include any extra time needed to pass through customs clearance.

    The most common place for parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau is the capital Bissau although, Bafatá, Gabú, Bissorã and Cacheu are other popular destinations. Although the infrastructure does slow parcel delivery UK to Guinea-Bissau down, it is improving. Most of the road network is unpaved but the country does benefit from four ports and airports.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Guinea-Bissau

    When searching for cheap parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau there are many cheap courier services to Guinea-Bissau online. Although the couriers we advertise are cheap, they are also tried and tested for their speed, reliability and knowledge. We understand that when you are posting a parcel abroad you need to use a company you can trust. Prices for parcel delivery  from UK start at around £21.50 for a small 1kg parcel transported by a cheap courier to Guinea-Bissau . Expect to pay more for heavy items up to 30kgs which need to arrive into the country quickly.

    Our Guinea-Bissau parcel delivery couriers can guide you through the delivery process, customs charges, restrictions and send you any necessary paper work you need to include. Although some of our couriers may provide cheap courier to Guinea-Bissau, their services are not compromised.

    Our couriers are able to collect a parcel from your home or work address. Many even collect from designated pick-up points in your local area such as, post offices and convenience shops for cheap delivery to Guinea-Bissau. You will be provided with full tracking details to give you complete peace of mind during your parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau from UK. The parcel will be traceable from the point of collection right through to delivery. As it passes each leg of its journey its barcode will be scanned and the tracking log updated. It is also possible to give these tracking details to your recipient so they are kept informed of the progress of their parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau.

    Our website is designed to be simple and accurate, as we update our prices daily from our network of couriers. For parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau, all you need to do is enter your parcel’s weight and dimensions and our website will search for the cheapest and quickest delivery times. If you do happen to find a better cheap courier services to Guinea-Bissau quote online, please let us know. We have fantastic relationships with our couriers, who are often happy to offer us preferential rates. We always try to pass any potential savings on to our customers – cheap shipping to Guinea-Bissau is what we are here to offer you and what we have built our excellent reputation on.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Guinea-Bissau

    Cheap shipping to Guinea-Bissau is made easy to reach its destination by the country’s postcode system, which pinpoints addresses quickly. The postcodes are comprised of 4 digits, for example, 1234. It can also be useful for the courier if you include a telephone number for the recipient. If there are any issues finding their address, it will then be quick and simple to contact them.

    There are a number of restricted items which cannot be imported into the country for Guinea-Bissau parcel delivery. The current list includes; animal skins, antiques, asbestos, comb mats, drugs, fur, ivory, liquids, pornography and precious metals and stones. If you do have any queries before you send a parcel to Guinea-Bissau, HM Revenue and Customs will be able to provide you with an up-to-date list of restricted items.

    An item which is not a document will need to be sent with a commercial invoice, and for some items additional customs clearance documentation will be required. When you send a parcel to Guinea-Bissau, the courier will send you everything you need to include with the parcel and assist you with any areas which you may be unsure of. Our couriers ship international packages daily and have vast experience in filling out the correct paperwork for customs clearance.

    Any parcel which is delivered to a country outside the European Union will need to include customs clearance forms. This is because there are no trade agreements in place for the movement of goods freely across the country’s border from the UK. The customs forms will ask for the parcel’s content and for the estimated value of the contents. If your items do need to be checked by customs then 4-6 weeks will need to be added to the delivery times. You will also need to set funds aside for possible import taxes as these are not usually included in your cheap parcel delivery to Guinea-Bissau price. If you need advice, please contact your courier or HM Revenue and Customs, and they will be able to advise on current estimated clearance times.

    When you send a parcel to Guinea-Bissau, it is important to use a sturdy box and very strong parcel tape. The parcel will be passing through many points of manual handling, which means that damage is more likely than here in the UK as we use many different forms of machine processing instead. If the parcel is delicate, drawing large arrows on the side of the package to indicate which way the parcel should be held can help avoid breakages. Including bubble wrap and silica gel packets can also provide extra protection. Remember that your parcel is travelling over 3000 miles, so will need protection and packaging appropriate for the journey.

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