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    Squeezed between Cameroon and Gabon, the former Spanish colony of Equatorial Guinea is a popular tourist destination and wedding location. Whether you’re looking to send a holiday deposit, ship out your wedding dress, ship something from an online auction, or gift something special to friends or family, you need to be able to trust one of our many  reliable and cheap courier services to Equatorial Guinea.

    Equatorial Guinea is Africa’s third largest producer of oil, which makes it one of the richest countries on the continent but your parcel doesn’t need to be expensive to transport, choose between one of many cheap courier services to Equtorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea is known to host a wide range of multi-national organisations and oil petrochemical companies.

    All told, the country is home to some 750,000 people who live in both mainland and offshore regions. Equatorial Guinea has five inhabited islands, concentrated just off the coast, but don’t worry we can offer cheap shipping to Equatorial Guinea and its many islands surronding it. Myriad opportunities are available for British businesses, especially in agriculture, fishing and in the financial and professional services sectors.

    Equatorial Guinea’s long-lasting relations with Spain, and European countries in general, have given way to trusted courier services to Equatorial Guinea and new opportunities with the UK will make  the cheapest way to send a parcel  to Equatorial Guinea.

    Finding cheap delivery to Equatorial Guinea need not mean compromising on quality. Our selection of experienced companies operate their own speedy and efficient delivery networks, enabling them to deliver your parcel reliably, on time and at the right price.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we are specialists in providing you with a huge range of options for cheap courier to Equatorial Guinea from UK. We use only the very best and cheap delivery to Equatorial Guinea. Parcel delivery only offer couriers who are experts in the country’s internal infrastructure, helping to ensure that your parcel gets to where it needs to be, on time, every time. Our Equatorial Guinea parcel delivery comparison tool not only provides you with the very best couriers, it will also provide you with the cheapest delivery to send a parcel to Equatorial Guinea giving the best rates on the market – allowing you to balance quality with your budget. Use our comparison tool online to get a quote on a cheap courier to Equatorial Guinea with one of our expert couriers today.

    Parcel Delivery To Equatorial Guinea

    Although a Western-looking country at present, international access to the only international airport in Equatorial Guinea has only been possible since 2014. Several international and European airlines, as well as West African carriers, provide direct services to the country, and the main international airport has become a hub for regional freight and passenger traffic. This has helped to ensure that parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea has developed gradually over the years, and with increasing demand, infrastructure has had to develop alongside this.

    A large amount of commercial traffic travels by air to the region in support of the oil industry, and so delivery times to send a parcel to Equatorial Guinea are generally similar to what you might expect from delivery to mainland Europe. We also offer cheap shipping to Equatorial Guinea, that said, it is worth being aware that Equatorial Guinea is often subject to challenging weather conditions including tropical storms, monsoon rains, and flash floods; all of which can cause severe disruption to local delivery services or even stop international parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea altogether.

    On our site, all the major carriers operate bespoke Equatorial Guinea parcel delivery networks by air to the country and offer an alternative to sea-borne delivery where needed – for example, for larger, heavier items or during periods of disruption to the air carrier network.

    Once deliveries arrive in the country, they are processed through a domestic delivery network. To the capital and other major cities, your cheap parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea will be processed quickly – often within a day or two as you would expect in a European country. When you are sending a parcel to one of the country’s islands, or to a rural ‘bush’ area, you should expect parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea from UK to take an extra day or two on top of what would be usual in urban conditions.

    Postcodes are not needed for parcel delivery UK to Equatorial Guinea.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Equatorial Guinea

    Cheap parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea starts from approximately £15.00 for an economy service, where you drop off the item yourself at a local parcel shop. The total cost for parcel delivery UK to Equatorial Guinea will depend on a number of factors including the size, weight, and value of your item, as well as what additional services you might require.

    Many carriers provide special delivery services to the region, perfect for sending urgent business documents, or that last-minute Christmas gift for a loved one. Delivery within 48 hours to urban areas is often possible, for prices in the region of £40-£70 for small packages or more for larger or more heavyweight items.

    For a few pounds extra, you will be able to add additional insurance to your parcel delivery, ensuring that the most valuable of items are well protected.

    Where you need to ship particularly large items, which are unsuitable to travel by air, you will find that it is more economical to opt for one of the regular sea shipments to the region. Sailings take place on a regular schedule in support of Equatorial Guinea’s oil industry, and although parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea from UK will take a few weeks rather than a few days, you will find that land delivery still offers a reliable delivery service for your parcel.

    All of the carriers we feature on our site offer full tracking services to the majority of destinations within Equatorial Guinea; though some charge a premium for this service, with basic tracking only being up to the point of arrival in the country. If you require the extra peace of mind that comes with a full tracking service for your parcel delivery UK to Equatorial Guinea, please make sure that the quote you choose includes this as an option.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Equatorial Guinea

    As with sending a parcel to any international destination, there are several things to bear in mind when arranging to send a parcel to Equatorial Guinea.

    Perhaps foremost in your considerations should be customs regulations. As Equatorial Guinea is outside the European Union, you will be required to make a full CN22 or CN23 customs declaration on your package – no matter how small or low value its contents. The declaration should list every item you are sending as well as its value. A correctly completed CN22/CN23 can prevent the need for customs officials at the border to open your parcel to inspect its contents, saving possible damage.

    As always, be aware of any restrictions on what goods can be shipped by your chosen carrier, especially if you have opted for a standard, air-carrier service where airline safety or other regulations may restrict some items. If you are in any doubt, your chosen courier company will be able to advise you.

    You should also give consideration to the cultural differences between the UK and West Africa, and have regard to any items which may not be permitted into Equatorial Guinea by local authorities. Many, if not most, foodstuffs are likely to be stopped at the border, as well anything which could be construed to have a military use including GPS devices such as SatNavs or even some mobile phones, and any form of camouflage clothing including what in the UK we might think of as fashion items.

    Finally, it is important that you ensure that your parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea is correctly addressed. Postcodes are not used in the country, and many areas have little reliable domestic postal service, so you must ensure that full recipient details are given on the parcel to ensure it arrives at your intended destination. If you are in any doubt, consult both the recipient and your chosen delivery company to check you have the correct address in the right format. Always also include your own return address and contact telephone numbers both in the UK and Equatorial Guinea in case of any problems with delivery.

    If you’re looking for the cheapest parcel delivery to Equatorial Guinea on the market, then you’re in the right place. Use the comparison tool here at Parcel Delivery today!