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    Djibouti is located within an African peninsula known as the Horn of Africa. The small Arabic nation is located in north-east Africa and neighbours Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea. Until the 1970s the country was known as French Somalia, and today the population speak a combination of French and Arabic.

    Its strategic location, positioned along some of the busiest shipping lanes that cross the Arabian sea, makes it an important country. The port serves the purpose of controlling access to the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. Another aspect of being near a port means that companies can offer cheap shipping to Djibouti to attract not only businesses to ship their products here. This increased level of cheap shipping to Djibouti is also beneficial as it allows the econmy to grow as more people begin to use the service.

    Djibouti is known as an exporter of trucks and spare parts for trucks. Although the climate can make agricultural production difficult, it does have some agricultural exports in the form of cows, sheep and goats. The country imports a vast amount of its food requirements.

    The UK is not a large importer or exporter to Djibouti currently and, as a result, the couriers and cheap courier services to Djibouti that do arrange cheap courier to Djibouti and parcel delivery to Djibouti are limited in comparison to many of the African countries. However, there is an increase in the importance of trade and investment with the UK exporting more into the country. It is hoped that by 2020 imports into the country will ruse to the £1 trillion mark. This will encourage more couriers to operate and compete for business, driving down the cost for parcel delivery to Djibouti.

    Although for many years the country has been an important trade path, it is now becoming more well-known among tourists. This is leading to an increase in the number of UK residents choosing to stay in the country on a more long-term basis, which has led to a rise in demand for people looking to send a parcel to Djibouti.

    Parcel delivery To Djibouti

    Djibouti parcel delivery couldn’t be easier than when using our simple Parcel Delivery website. We have designed our website to be quick and user friendly. To find the cheap parcel delivery to Djibouti, all you need to do is enter some details about the parcel, including its weight and dimensions. We will then search our vast range of couriers offering parcel delivery to Djibouti and their latest price lists to find you a great rate. All that you have to do to send a parcel to Djibouti is package up your item properly. We have fantastic relationships with many couriers and cheap courier services to Djibouti who are happy to offer us cheap courier to Djibouti as well as the cheapest parcel delivery to Djibouti.

    Djibouti does not have a well-developed infrastructure, and so parcel delivery to Djibouti from UK can take around six to seven days, which is slightly longer than some of the neighbouring countries. This doesn’t take into account any extra delivery times incurred at the customs clearance point. If the parcel does need to go through customs clearance, it can add four to six weeks to the delivery schedule. If you are sending a gift to a friend or relative in Djibouti it is advisable to choose something which will not need to pass through customs clearance. This will vastly reduce the estimated delivery time needed for parcel delivery to Djibouti from UK.

    A flight to the capital, Djibouti City, takes around 10 hours from the UK. With 75% of the population living in the capital, it means parcel delivery to the city is much quicker than some of the rural regions which is worth bearing in mind before you send a parcel to Djibouti. The country does have major development plans in place to vastly increase the infrastructure by 2035. This is part of the country’s aims to vastly increase its economy to become a middle income country.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Djibouti

    If you are searching for cheap parcel delivery to Djibouti, the good news is it can start from as little as £20, but bear in mind that there may be import taxes to pay at the customs check point on top of this.

    Although you may be selecting the cheapest parcel delivery to Djibouti, it certainly won’t be a poor service. The couriers we advertise will pick up your parcel from your home or office address for parcel delivery to Djibouti from UK, some can even pick it up from a local collection point such as a nearby post office.

    The Djibouti parcel delivery couriers will also provide full tracking details to ensure you know exactly where your parcel is. You will be able to follow the parcel from its collection through each point of its journey to delivery. This means you are also able to provide the recipient with tracking details for their peace of mind.

    We only work with couriers who we know and trust: they are all tried and tested to ensure they provide an excellent international delivery service and cheap parcel delivery to Djibouti. Over the years we have learnt which couriers provide a great service and we pride ourselves on only working with the very best; our reputation depends on it.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Djibouti

    Parcel delivery UK to Djibouti does involve customs clearance upon entry to the country. As Djibouti is not part of the EU, there is no agreement for free trade across the country’s border. This means you will need to include a customs clearance document, detailing the value and contents of your parcel. There is also a requirement to include a commercial invoice with the package. Our couriers will all provide you with these documents via email to ensure your parcel has a safe and secure passage into Djibouti. The couriers will be able to assist you with filling out the paperwork and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

    When posting your package for Djibouti parcel delivery there are restrictions in place as the country does have a list of prohibited import items. This includes everything you would expect, such as illegal drugs, weapons, knives and ammunition. Additionally, Djibouti is a Muslim country, so pornography and other items are also prohibited. Some of the more unusual items you may not know are restricted for parcel delivery UK to Djibouti include jewellery, undeveloped film, perfume, x-rays, leather, micro-film and credit cards. These are items which people commonly send as gifts which are stopped at the customs point.

    If you do need to check if your parcel delivery UK to Djibouti may be restricted, HM Revenue and Customs or the Consulate in Djibouti will both be able to answer any import queries. They will be able to provide a complete and up to date list of restricted items.

    Since 1997, Djibouti has used the Harmonised System of Trade. This means a code number is assigned to the many different commodities. The relevant code should be included as part of the paperwork in the parcel. By including the correct code you parcel will be processed quickly and any chances of the parcel going astray will be greatly reduced.

    When you are addressing the parcel you will need to include the locality name and postcode. The postcode consists of two letters and two numbers; an example would be BP 32. The localities include Djibouti, Ali Sabih, Dikhil, Yoboki, Tradjourah, Obock, Balho and Khor Angar. If you are unsure, check with the Universal Postal Union; they will be able to give you accurate address details.

    When packing your items, ensure you use a sturdy box and strong packing tape. If there are any fragile items inside then bubble wrap will help protect them. Any liquids or moist items can be protected through the use of gel silica packets.

    It can also be helpful to include a telephone number on the outside of the parcel for the recipient. The courier will then be able to call the recipient if there are any issues during your cheap delivery to Djibouti.

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