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    The commercial and social ties between Britain and The Republic of Zambia are strong. They have been nurtured ever since Zambia became independent from Britain in 1964. It includes many shared family ties and there are also companies in this African country that recruit British expats.

    This means it is not usual for someone in the UK to need to send gifts or personal items to family or friends in Zambia. Alternatively, many people feel the need to send a parcel to Zambia which contains commercial goods.

    Whether you are a business or individual, how do you send a parcel to Zambia at an affordable price?

    This step-by-step guide shows how straightforward finding cheap courier services to Zambia can be, but also what you need to do to make absolutely sure that your parcel arrives swiftly and undamaged.

    As with any other country in the world, arranging cheap shipping to Zambia from UK means finding a courier that you trust. However, what you need to be careful of is thinking that the most obvious parcel delivery service will offer you the best value for money.

    There are many companies that can take your parcel from the UK to this part of southern Africa, but how to do find cheap delivery to Zambia?

    Well, you certainly don’t have to spend hours researching options and comparing prices and service levels for parcel delivery to Zambia from UK. At Parcel Delivery, our intuitive technology does that for you – instantly.

    So, all you need to do to find cheap parcel delivery to Zambia (using 100% reliable couriers) is to use our straightforward enquiry form.

    Key in the details of your parcel and your preference on factors such as delivery speed, then click for instant feedback. You will have a choice of carefully selected partners, who can offer affordable prices for high levels of customer service when you send a parcel to Zambia.

    In some cases, to reduce the cost even more, you may be offered the chance to drop your parcel at a handy point somewhere near where you live or work in the UK.

    However, many couriers who offer cheap parcel delivery to Zambia now include a door-to-door service in their clear pricing.

    This means that your parcel – whether it’s personal or commercial, large or small – can be collected directly from your home or workplace.

    Parcel Delivery To Zambia

    With your parcel handed over to a trusted courier, with the assurance of cheap courier to Zambia available, what’s next?

    Cheap courier services to Zambia also require the services of a company with the knowledge, contacts and systems to be reliable and careful. You want it to arrive in Zambia without delay or confusion.

    The parcel delivery companies suggested by our quick quote tool will be those with business systems that have been tried and tested, and are couriers who handle parcel delivery to Zambia every day, all year round.

    This means not only are there “economies of scale” helping to keep prices low, there is also the peace of mind that they have offices and partners on the African continent with the same high standards as their UK counterparts.

    Though technology will support your cheap shipping to Zambia from UK at every step, there is still a lot to be said for in-country experience.

    After all, Zambia is a challenging country when it comes to making prompt and cost-effective parcel deliveries. It is entirely landlocked by the the Congo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and more, Zambia is home to a diverse environment which includes many plateaus, hills, mountains and river valleys. Zambia also features huge bodies of water including the iconic Victoria Falls.

    Taking a parcel to Zambia could well involve a delivery to British expats and companies who are largely based in Lusaka. However, you need a courier just as capable if your parcel is going to a mineral mining company along the Copperbelt, or to one of Zambia’s abundant agricultural businesses.

    British goods are also sent regularly to support Zambia’s growing tourism trade – as this country has some of the world’s best wildlife and game reserves.

    So why trust your gift, personal effects or commercial goods to fate? Instead, they need to be in the hands of people who know the fastest routes, and the best ways to deal with Zambia’s unique and sparsely populated terrain while still ensuring you get a cheap courier to Zambia.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Zambia

    Parcel delivery UK to Zambia – using our carefully selected couriers – can be adapted to suit your own particular needs too. All by simply varying the fields on our easy-to-use cost comparison form.

    Cheap courier services depend on the weight and size of your Zambian parcel. As will the speed at which you want your item or items to travel.

    The price quoted includes a good level of content cover as standard. However, if you are sending valuable items to Zambia, you will want to opt to boost the insurance for your parcel.

    There is also an option to acquire a trackable signature for your Zambia parcel delivery, to ensure it reaches the intended recipient.

    Thanks to the technology our couriers use, you can often trace your parcel delivery UK to Zambia. Plus, you can sometimes receive digital proof of receipt within minutes of its safe arrival.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Zambia

    Using our quick and convenient online parcel comparison technology, you can have your Zambia parcel delivery sorted swiftly.

    But how can you be sure that your item or items will set off ready for the journey, with the best chance of arriving without delay or damage?

    You will have selected a responsible and responsive courier but even they can’t do much if your parcel is prepared incorrectly.

    What is the best way to send things to Zambia?

    Well, you certainly need to protect them ready for the movement and handling they will inevitably face during parcel delivery UK to Zambia.

    Don’t be tempted to cut costs by squashing your items into an overly restrictive box though. You don’t want your carton, cardboard tube or box to split in transit.

    When you find the right sized cardboard packaging – that’s strong enough to cope – fill any gaps around your item or items with lightweight packaging materials. Shredded newspaper is great for this if you want to avoid the expense of buying bubble wrap or foam shapes.

    Pack well down the sides of your box, as this adds an extra degree of integrity to the cardboard.

    Are you sending clothes to Zambia? Or some other soft, pliable items? Then it is possible to prepare them for Zambia parcel delivery by wrapping them in several layers of strong plastic – something more substantial than a carrier bag or bin bag though.

    Seal your parcel delivery for Zambia well, with good quality packaging tape. Keep this as neat as possible to avoid tearing or sticky patches.

    Now you need to add the address to your parcel delivery going from the UK to Zambia. The following information is vital. Make sure the address is affixed to your parcel in a way that will ensure that your parcel doesn’t become damaged during the journey. Write it clearly and check any complex or unusual spellings.

    You must include the Zambia postcode for parcel deliveries. This is a five-digit series that appears after the name of the town – for example, KABWE 12456.

    With your specialist courier selected through Parcel Delivery – and your items or item carefully prepared and addressed – your cheap delivery to Zambia is “all wrapped up”.