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    The Republic of Zimbabwe is most commonly known simply as Zimbabwe. It is a country in Southern Africa and is landlocked between two rivers, the Limpopo and the Zambezi. The country is bordered by Mozambique to the east, Zambia to the northwest, Botswana to the west and South Africa to the south. Although it does not share a physical border with Namibia, it is only separated by 200 metres of the Zambezi river.

    The country has a long history with the United Kingdom because of its close proximity to South Africa, meaning it has been part of a trade route for many years. In 1923, it officially became the self-governing British colony of Southern Rhodesia. Later in 1965, the minority white government declared independence as Rhodesia, which led to a 15-year war and international isolation. Eventually, in 1980, a peace agreement was reached and the country established universal enfranchisement.

    Zimbabwe’s main trade to the UK is exports from its mining operations, including platinum and diamonds. Zimbabwe is increasingly importing more technology from countries in Europe such as the UK. In 2011, the country was ranked as the fastest growing market in Africa for products in the technology sector. In 2016, the country began using the pound sterling currency among others, in a bid to counteract hyperinflation. This is leading to an increase in courier parcel delivery to Zimbabwe from UK, which is gradually bringing down the cost for both commercial and personal deliveries.

    Parcel Delivery To Zimbabwe

    cheap shipping to Zimbabwe from UK is very popular, with the capital city of Harare receiving most of the parcels. Nonetheless, with a population of 16 million people, there are many other locations our couriers can deliver to, such as Bulawayo, Manicaland, Chutungwiza, Epworth, Gweru, Mutare, Gweru, Kwekwe, Kadoma, Masvingo and Chunhoyl. Our couriers are also capable of parcel delivery UK to Zimbabwe in very rural areas, although this could take slightly longer.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Zimbabwe

    It doesn’t have to be expensive to send a parcel to Zimbabwe. Cheap parcel delivery to Zimbabwe starts from around £18.00 for a 1kg parcel with an economy delivery. Most couriers are able to accept parcels up to 20kg, although some will accept 30kg, but this will cost significantly more.

    At Parcel Delivery, we are well known for providing an excellent website which allows our customers to find cheap courier services to Zimbabwe. Over the years, we have built great relationships with fast, reliable, cheap courier services to Zimbabwe. Every day we double check all of our prices for accuracy and pass any new savings we find straight to our customers. If you do find a cheap courier to Zimbabwe that betters our price, let us know – we will do everything we can to negotiate a better deal for you.

    We have designed our website to be as simple as possible. For cheap parcel delivery to Zimbabwe, all you need to do is enter the parcel’s weight and dimensions along with your desired delivery and collection addresses. Once submitted, a number of results will be given within a few seconds, allowing you to pick cheap delivery to Zimbabwe. All of the couriers offer a variety of collection options to make the process of arranging cheap shipping to Zimbabwe as simple for you as possible. Each courier can collect from your home or work address and many are also able to pick up the parcel from a local collection point such as a convenience store or Post Office.

    Even a cheap courier to Zimbabwe is highly reliable. As soon as the parcel is collected, you will know, as it is scanned onto the courier’s tracking system with its own barcode. The parcel will then be scanned into the first processing facility it reaches and scanned out to the next driver. This process will continue until the parcel is delivered to the recipient. At all times, both you and the recipient will know exactly where the parcel is, so if there are any hold-ups, you will be able to check for an estimated delivery date.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Zimbabwe

    Parcel delivery UK to Zimbabwe does involve clearance through international customs, as the UK does not have trade agreements in place to allow for the free movement of goods across the Zimbabwe border. When you send a parcel to Zimbabwe there is some documentation you will need to attach to the parcel for the customs officials. This is very simple as the courier will provide all the necessary paperwork, you just need to fill it out. The first item to include is a customs declaration form – this will ask you to describe the contents of the parcel and its value. It is important to include as much detail as possible as it will significantly speed up processing times. You will also need to include a commercial invoice to provide the recipient’s details. This needs to be included even if the recipient is receiving the Zimbabwe parcel delivery as a gift and no monetary transaction has taken place.

    There are a number of strict import regulations you should be aware of when arranging parcel delivery to Zimbabwe from UK. There is a range of common international restrictions which you are probably aware of, such as aerosols, live animals, cigarettes, money, drugs, weapons, ammunition, fish, radioactive substances and alcohol. There are also a number of items which Zimbabwe chooses to restrict which could catch you by surprise. These include flick knives, pornographic materials, anything made in a prison and anything which is designed to stir unrest for people within Zimbabwe. If you want to double check what the latest restrictions are before you send a parcel to Zimbabwe, you should contact HM Revenue and Customs, who will have a recent list of prohibited items.

    When packing your parcel for cheap delivery to Zimbabwe, you should use a very strong box which the courier is able to stack to make transport easier. The box should be well sealed with parcel tape, so that it is not likely to open or split along the journey. If your item is fragile, we advise purchasing a box which is printed with the word ‘FRAGILE’ and a number of arrows on the outside. This will encourage any manual handlers to take extra care when moving your parcel. You should also include plenty of bubble wrap to protect the items from any hard knocks. The customs documents should be placed in a specifically designed parcel document holder, which is securely attached to the outside of the parcel. This will ensure the documents will not be lost in transit, as the parcel will not be allowed entry into Zimbabwe without them.

    Once your items are packaged and ready to send, you should address the parcel with clear, legible handwriting and double check all spellings. The country does not use postcodes so if a mistake is made in the spelling of the locality, it could be difficult to deliver. If you need to check anything the Universal Postal Union will be able to advise on formatting and place names. It can help to include a contact telephone number for the recipient, where possible, as this can speed up the delivery if the courier is having difficulty finding the address when completing Zimbabwe parcel delivery. If this is not possible, try adding the coordinates of the delivery address to the outside of the parcel. This is a great help when sending to a particularly rural location.