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    Located in the Horn of Africa and known officially as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the country is home to over 100 million people and is neighbour to Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya. As one of the most populated landlocked countries in the world, many businesses have been set up in the region in order to cater for the large number of residents.

    The country’s capital, Addis Ababa, has undergone particular regeneration and is now Ethiopia’s financial and commercial centre. Divided into nine states, Ethiopia’s landmass is further categorised into zones and districts, also known as woredas. These geographical distinctions mean that it’s easy for you to send parcel to Ethiopia from UK.

    With over 10% of the country covered by forestry, Ethiopia is home to a number of endangered and vulnerable animals. Due to this, charities and conservation organisations have a significant presence in the country and many people travel from all over the world in order to work on environmentally-friendly projects, so it is likely that many of our UK customers might want to send a friend, family or relative a parcel via one of our many cheap courier services to Ethiopia.

    Whilst many of the local population still work in the agriculture industry, Ethiopia also has a significant export trade. In fact, exports from Ethiopia provide a considerable boost to the country’s economy as they regularly exceed 1.5 billion US dollars. This is why we find it important that we offer a cheap courier to Ethiopia.

    With a large number of Ethiopian citizens residing in the country and a significant number of overseas workers making Ethiopia their home, it’s unsurprising that there is demand for cheap courier services to the country.

    Based on this, many delivery firms now provide cheap courier to Ethiopia and it’s easy to facilitate cheap courier services to Ethiopia. Indeed, there are a large number of shipping firms which provide parcel delivery from the UK to Ethiopia, so arranging this type of service can be done in seconds.

    Parcel Delivery To Ethiopia

    With a staggering 61 airports in Ethiopia, there is plenty of scope to send parcels to the country via air travel. Although only 2 of these airports are international, regional airports are often used to transport parcels on the last leg of their journey.

    In addition to this, the road system around Ethiopia is extremely useful when it comes to getting a parcel to its ultimate recipient. Following a long period of regeneration, most areas are now easily accessible via road helping to make parcel delivery to Ethiopia easier than ever before.

    Whilst air and road travel facilitate express and standard parcel deliveries, there are a significant number of rail links which can also be used to transport parcels and goods This is always good to consider when sending parcel from UK to Ethiopia. With a new rail system set to launch soon, high speed rail travel will soon be standard in Ethiopia and will, therefore, facilitate even faster delivery services.

    For items which cannot be transported by air, the nearby Port of Dijibouti is often used to bring parcels into Africa via boat. The port offers cheap shipping to Ethiopia with ease. Once they have been checked and processed, these can then be transported via cheap shipping to Ethiopia.

    Although Ethiopia is one of the largest countries in the world, the infrastructure means that it’s easy to facilitate parcel deliveries to the country. By making use of the numerous modes of transport, delivery companies can facilitate a speedy and cheap delivery to Ethiopia.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we aim to make the process of arranging to send a parcel to Ethiopia easier than ever before. We understand that understanding the process of Ethiopia parcel delivery can be difficult – but we’re here to help. We put all of the information that you need about parcel delivery UK to Ethiopia, all in one place. Arrange to send a parcel to Ethiopia with our expert couriers today!

    Delivery Prices When Sending A Parcel To Ethiopia

    When you’re getting ready to post items, the cost of delivery is, perhaps, the most important aspect of the service. With low-cost rates available, you won’t want to spend more than you need to in order to obtain cheap delivery to Ethiopia.

    Fortunately, you’ll find it easy to locate the cheapest parcel delivery to Ethiopia as you can compare services in a matter of seconds. Once you know the weight and/or the size of your parcel, you’ll even be able to access a quote and book your parcel delivery to Ethiopia online.

    Whilst the weight or dimensions of your parcel will affect the overall price of your parcel delivery UK to Ethiopia, you needn’t be concerned about the potential cost. Prices for parcel delivery Ethiopia start from as little as £19-£20 so you can get your parcel to the country at a relatively low cost.

    Furthermore, you can opt for a special delivery service if your parcel needs to get to its recipient urgently. Normally taking just 1-3 days in total, many courier firms will collect your parcel on the same day if you require an urgent delivery.

    Due to the range of services available, you can select a cheap parcel delivery to Ethiopia and you can make sure that all your needs are met. If you require additional services, such as a signed for delivery, it’s easy to arrange this online as well.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Ethiopia

    Before you pack and seal your parcel ready for it to be dispatched, you’ll want to ensure that the contents are appropriate to be sent via parcel delivery Ethiopia. As the country prohibits the entry of some items, you’ll need to ensure that your parcel doesn’t contain any items which are banned. Similarly, some items are only permitted conditionally and you may need to submit extra documentation or complete certain forms in order to transport these items.

    Items such a medicines, for example, are only admitted conditionally and require certification by the Ministry of Health. This is designed to allow the authorised importation of medication to the country but prevents individuals from sending medicines via parcel delivery to Ethiopia.

    Although you’ll need to examine the list of prohibited and conditional items to ensure that your parcel meets the appropriate regulations, the number of rules regarding parcel deliveries to Ethiopia is not particularly vast, especially in comparison to some other jurisdictions.

    If you’re sending a commercial consignment, for example, you’ll only need to include an invoice if the value exceeds 250 Birr. Similarly, if you are sending a gift to a recipient in Ethiopia, it will be exempt from additional taxes, providing the value is 180 Birr or less.

    When you’re sending items internationally, they will often pass through customs and they may be inspected at any time. In order to comply with customs requirements when arranging a parcel delivery to Ethiopia from UK, you will need to complete certain paperwork, known as a declaration.

    This simply requires you to state the sender’s address and contact details, as well as the recipient’s, and a description of the goods you’re sending via the cheapest parcel delivery to Ethiopia. In some cases, you may also need to confirm the item’s country of origin, as well as the nature of the goods. This means that you’ll need to state where the items were produced and whether they’re a commercial order, a gift or samples.

    Generally, this type of paperwork is simple to complete and will make your parcel delivery to Ethiopia from UK more efficient. Of course, if you need assistance with the relevant paperwork, it’s easy to access help at any time.

    Whilst express and urgent parcel deliveries can get your items to the country in just 1-3 days, it’s often best to arrange a shipment in advance, particularly if you want to use the cheapest parcel delivery to Ethiopia.

    In order to get the best deals for your Ethiopia parcel delivery, you may want to opt for a standard transport rate. This may take a few days longer but it means that you arrange an efficient, reliable and extremely low-cost parcel delivery to Ethiopia.

    If you’d like to learn more about cheap parcel delivery to Ethiopia, visit Parcel Delivery now to use our comparison tool.