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    Courier Services to Egypt

    Trade relations between Egypt and the UK go back an incredibly long way. Of course, nowhere near as far as the unique and vivid past Egypt holds on its own. Anyone lucky enough to visit the country in Northern Africa is quickly amazed. Egypt boasts a vast array of historic monuments, sites and artefacts on display to the world. The Egyptian Pharaohs first ruled over 5000 years ago. The mark they left on the world still causes wonder and has sparked the imagination of numerous novels and films. The historical country also shares borders with the likes of Syria, Israel and Libya.

    Around 2 million British tourists choose to visit Egypt every year to soak up the history as well as the sun. It’s no surprise therefore that more than 3,000 Brits have decided to move to Egypt and live there. At the same time, there are thought to be almost 30,000 Egyptians living in the UK. The Egyptian economy continues to pick up following some of its more tumultuous years. So, it’s likely trade between the UK and Europe will start to strengthen even further. This provides even more opportunities for courier services to Egypt. Furthermore, there are a high number of expats living in each country. This means there’s no shortage of people looking to send a parcel to Egypt from the UK and vice versa.

    If you wish to send a parcel to Egypt, then you are in luck! With increasing demand, there are a large number of courier services to Egypt. These companies deliver parcels there on a regular basis. Naturally, you want to be sure that when you send a parcel to Egypt, it will arrive in one piece. You may be worried by any recent trouble as to whether this will be the case. Well, you can rest assured that the political climate has steadied itself. Deliveries are now regular and safe when you are sending a parcel either way. However, with so much choice available, it can actually be overwhelming. You may be concerned that finding the right urgent courier services to Egypt for you might be tricky. Finding a cheap parcel to Egypt service needn’t be a struggle.

    Get Your Parcel to Egypt

    That’s where we come in. We’ve built strong working relations with the world’s largest courier services to Egypt. We have developed a tool to help find the right courier services to Egypt. Our delivery service to Egypt comparison tool allows you to select how you send a parcel to Egypt. You can then choose from all the available options. This makes it as easy as possible to secure a courier services to Egypt. Need an urgent courier to Egypt? We can arrange that, easy!

    We pride ourselves on the couriers listed on our site. They offer speed and efficiency. They refuse to compromise on the level of service provided to our customers. This means that you can still find all the perks that you would normally want when sending a parcel. This allows you to, for example, purchase special delivery to ensure your parcel arrives faster. Tracked delivery lets you keep an eye on your parcel at all times.

    Low Price Urgent Courier to Egypt

    The cost of cheap delivery to Egypt from the UK will depend on a number of things. First and foremost is the size and weight of your parcel; keep reading for more information on this. Secondly, it depends on where exactly your parcel needs to be sent to. Harder to reach areas may require slightly more to cover additional transport costs. Finally, it will be affected by whether or not you choose to purchase any additional services. An urgent courier to Egypt will usually cost a little more. However, if you need to get your parcel to Egypt quickly, the extra fee will be nominal.

    Our comparison tool can help to provide you with cheap courier services to Egypt. So, you are consistently getting the best deals, with the UK’s most reliable cheap shipping to Egypt. We make it easy to send a parcel to Egypt. Finding the right courier to Egypt can be done through Parcel Delivery. Sending parcels to Egypt from the UK is easy and straightforward. Use our comparison tool at the top of this page to get started.

    Size Guidelines for Cheap Parcel to Egypt

    The parcel that you send via one of our cheap courier services to Egypt will fall into one of three sizes. These are small, medium and large. When you send a parcel to Egypt, the price will vary depending on the size. Small parcels usually weigh no more than 2kg and are no larger than 45cm x 35cm x 16cm in dimensions. They will be a cheap parcel to Egypt for you to send. Medium parcels are larger and can weigh up to 20kg with dimensions of up to 61cm x 46cm x 46cm. Finally, large parcels are greater than 20kg in weight and have a length of 2.5m, with a combined width and height of no more than 5m. Each delivery service to Egypt has its own guidelines, the figures here are intended as an estimate.

    We understand that some parcels won’t naturally fit these guidelines. It is still possible to send more irregularly sized parcels, such as tubes. Rest assured that these types of parcels still benefit from cheap parcel delivery to Egypt. There’s no parcel too big or too small for a cheap parcel to Egypt. We can even arrange a pallet delivery service to Egypt if you need it!

    Useful Information on Cheapest Courier Service in Egypt

    Looking for the cheapest courier service in Egypt? This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. It is completely natural to still have questions and concerns about your cheap delivery to Egypt. We have supplied answers to some of the more commonly asked questions below. This is to help you further when arranging parcel delivery to Egypt from UK. It has information on what to expect when using courier services to Egypt. This should make it easy for you to send a parcel to Egypt, knowing all options available to you.

    Dealing with Customs when Sending Parcels to Egypt from the UK

    Arranging parcel delivery to Egypt from the UK? You will need to deal with Egyptian customs once your parcel lands in the country. Don’t let this put you off, it isn’t difficult to send a parcel to Egypt even with customs to deal with. Depending on what you wish to send, you may have to fill out other customs forms. When you book your parcel for delivery, you’ll be provided with the customs invoice by your courier. Your courier will be able to advise you on any special requirements or considerations. They are specialists in parcel delivery to Egypt from UK. So, you can trust them to give you all the information you need.

    Customs Restrictions on Delivery Service to Egypt

    As with sending any parcel, cheap parcel delivery to Egypt has many restrictions. These are placed by couriers as to what can’t be sent with them when arranging parcel delivery to Egypt. You can assume that any dangerous products like weapons, ammunition or asbestos will not be allowed. Do not try to send a parcel to Egypt containing anything of this sort. It would be a danger to the courier to Egypt. You could also potentially face criminal charges if these materials are illegal.

    You need to be sure that the Egyptian customs office will allow your parcel into their country. Find this out before packaging and paying for your parcel delivery to Egypt. Items that are prohibited from being sent to Egypt are varied. They include cameras, e-cigarettes, honey, contact lenses, viagra, powders… and any products that the Egyptian authorities deem to be dangerous to Islamic culture. Your urgent courier to Egypt will be slowed down if your parcel is pulled up at customs. Courier services to Egypt will be unable to deliver your parcel if it contains these items. You won’t be able to claim back your charge for sending parcels to Egypt from the UK if you don’t abide by customs’ rules.

    How to Write Addresses for your Courier to Egypt

    When you send a cheap parcel to Egypt, you need to address it correctly to make sure they know where to take it. The Egyptian method of addressing their postage labels is slightly different to the system we use in the UK. There is one quirky detail to note when you send a parcel to Egypt. All of the information needs to be central to the envelope and the writing should also be centrally aligned. Also, there is a coding method they use to track the route needed for all parcels sent there. This helps make your delivery service to Egypt faster and more efficient. This is important to keep in mind when arranging to send a parcel to Egypt.

    How Long to Send a Parcel to Egypt

    A delivery service to Egypt from the UK covers a lot of miles. However, you may be surprised how fast you can send a parcel there. This is due to fantastic long-standing trade links and fast access to major cities within Egypt. This includes the likes of Giza, Cairo and Alexandria. Typical delivery times to send a parcel to Egypt can be anywhere from 2-4 days if no issues are incurred. Need something faster? Be sure to check which express delivery options are available from our couriers. We can help you find an urgent courier to Egypt with express shipping available.

    The speed of delivery will also be affected by where your intended destination is. As mentioned, larger cities have great transport links, but smaller towns may take longer to deliver to as more advanced transportation methods may be needed. Many of the courier services to Egypt we work with use local couriers in each area. This should be your first port of call if you need an urgent courier to Egypt. It means your parcel will arrive more quickly than if you use a delivery service to Egypt that only focuses on the highly populated areas. It’s even possible to get this service with a cheap parcel to Egypt. The best thing you can do to ensure a fast delivery time is to follow the above points closely and make sure your parcel is properly labelled.

    Trust Parcel Delivery for the Courier Services to Egypt

    When sending parcels to Egypt from the UK, we know you need a reliable delivery service to Egypt. We only work with the most trusted courier services to Egypt. Whether you need an urgent courier to Egypt or can wait… we’ll get you the best price courier to Egypt. But your parcel will be handled with the utmost care too. All you need to do to get started is let us know a few details about your parcel. It couldn’t be easier. If you have any issues at all using our comparison tool then visit our FAQs section. Need to send a parcel to Egypt but don’t know where to start? Use our comparison tool at Parcel Delivery today to browse our selection of couriers who offer the cheapest parcel delivery to Egypt on the market.