Send a Parcel to Nigeria

Get your parcel to Nigeria at an affordable price with Parcel Delivery.


Sending commercial goods, important documents, gifts or personal effects to Nigeria can appear daunting. Some people opt for the most obvious couriers, which can mean paying considerable delivery fees.

In fact, it is easy to find and arrange cheap delivery to Nigeria. Even if you are one of the many British companies who do business in the country. And certainly if you are sending personal items to family and friends.

This guide has been compiled to make the whole process of Nigeria parcel delivery as easy as possible. It even includes helpful insights on how to prepare your items or item when you send via our cheap courier services to Nigeria.

Finding the right courier to take your parcel to any country in West Africa can be time consuming, as you need to balance the price of cheap parcel delivery to Nigeria against the service levels being offered, whether that be to Nigeria or other African counties such as Chad or Cameroon.

It is much quicker to arrange cheap shipping to Nigeria by using our advanced technology and preferential partnerships.

You simply key in the details of your parcel, and its destination, to receive an instant response. This will match the right services to whatever it is you need and includes clear, affordable pricing for cheap shipping to Nigeria.

Some couriers offer you the chance to make the cost of your cheap parcel delivery to Nigeria slightly cheaper, by dropping your parcel at a handy location near to wherever you live in the UK.

Others include parcel collection in their affordable fee. This means you can benefit from the speed and convenience of door to door delivery; from any address, to any address. It’s a great offer whether you are sending a birthday gift to Sokoto from Surrey, or a large consignment of commercial goods to Lagos from Lancashire.

No parcel is too big or small for this level of customer service – and you will have the assurance that you are putting your Nigeria parcel delivery in the safest of hands.

Parcel Delivery To Nigeria

One of the benefits offered by the courier companies we compare is their experience and expertise, so you can send a parcel via our cheap courier services to Nigeria without a hitch.

They handle parcel delivery to Nigeria from UK, each and every day. In fact, they often have offices or carefully chosen partners throughout the African continent. They have negotiated the best rates and only use couriers which have the same high standards as their UK counterparts.

The latest technology is used to track your Nigeria parcel delivery from the second it leaves your hands to the minute it arrives at its destination.

Their knowledge of Nigeria helps them to find the quickest routes and overcome local obstacles and geographical challenges too. So if your parcel delivery to Nigeria is off to a farm in Lafia, a nature reserve near Lissa, a factory in Abuja or an apartment in Kano, it will get there swiftly and efficiently.

This includes providing you with all the help you need in dealing with the paperwork and prices for exporting good and parcel delivery to Nigeria from UK. These carefully chosen couriers can even help guide you on what goods are restricted for export to Nigeria.

With some of the leg work done for you – using our online quick quote system – one of the few decisions you have left is how quickly you need your parcel delivery to Nigeria from UK to happen. You will have various international courier services to choose from, according to your budget.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Nigeria

The quick and easy-to-use online comparison tool we provide puts cheap delivery to Nigeria at your fingertips.

To cost to send a parcel to Nigeria, whether it is commercial goods, or a gift, paperwork or personal effects, could be suitable to match your budget – no matter what you’re sending.

A lot depends on the size and weight of your Nigeria parcel delivery.

But you can also mix and match other delivery features to make the service bespoke to your requirements.

For example, have your parcel contents got a high value? You might want to add additional insurance for your parcel delivery to Nigeria. Do you need a traceable signature, to authorise receipt of your parcel and show exactly when it was delivered?

If you send parcel deliveries between the UK and Nigeria regularly, it is possible to negotiate preferential rates for cheap courier to Nigeria.

Adding in bolt-on services and special requests is easy with the online form, then you click to get a great price. Then click again to book collection for door-to-door delivery to Nigeria.

By the way, if you do opt for having a signed receipt service, please let the addressee know that your Nigeria parcel delivery is on its way. This can expedite the handover and is just one way you can ensure delivery is straightforward and swift when arranging to send a parcel to Nigeria.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Nigeria

We only endorse couriers with experience of international parcel delivery to Nigeria, who have the business systems and trained staff to handle your item or items with the utmost care.

However, even they struggle to meet deadlines or deliver unblemished parcels if the sender skips any crucial steps.

A lot of this may sound obvious. However, it is worth going through a parcel preparation checklist. This will ensure that the commercial goods, personal effects or gifts in your parcel delivery to Nigeria have the best possible chance of arriving on time and intact.

As a starting point, double check the address carefully. Especially any unusual spellings. Always use the postcode system for Nigeria – it is a series of 6 digits to indicate the region.

This can help make delivery seamless. For example, if there is a slip up in indicating Owo or Oyo in Nigeria, the postcode can pin down the right place.

Your item or items need to be placed in an appropriately sized box for parcel delivery UK to Nigeria. Soft, unbreakable items like clothes could be wrapped and sealed tightly in several layers of good quality plastic if you prefer.

Don’t be tempted to cram your goods, gifts or other items in the smallest possible box for cheap courier to Nigeria, if this could put the parcel under too much pressure.

Of course, you don’t want a box or cardboard tube that is too large either, as that may increase the delivery charge and the likelihood of your items moving about in transit.

With your parcel contents slotted into a good sized box, fill any gaps with a lightweight packaging material, such as bubble wrap or special packaging beads or peanuts.

You could also use shredded newspaper to save money (and if you prefer to recycle). Another biodegradable cushioning option for smaller items being sent via parcel delivery to Nigeria is popcorn.

Pay particular attention to putting filler down the edges of your box – this also helps to make the sides stronger and more impervious to pressure from the outside.

If your item or items have exposed edges and pieces that stick out, give those some extra padding, and always separate out different components to stop them banging together.

Seal your Nigeria parcel delivery with quality packaging tape, then add the address details in a way that can’t get damaged during the trip.

With your item or items properly prepared for the journey – and a reliable courier sourced for an affordable price – your parcel delivery UK to Nigeria is “all wrapped up”. So, if you’d like a delivery service is smooth and worry-free as this, visit Parcel Delivery to begin comparing couriers.