If you have an important or fragile package which you need delivered quickly and securely, you might be considering special delivery. But do you know what UK special delivery is and what makes it different from other delivery services, such as next day delivery? It is a secure recorded delivery service which allows you to track the delivery process of your parcel to make sure it arrives at the right place, at the right time. If you’re sending valuable items, important documents or tickets for an event and you want to make sure they arrive safely then you need special delivery. Around the UK, there are a huge number of reliable couriers offering a speedy special delivery service, seven days a week. At Parcel Delivery, we compare the cost of a huge range of couriers and delivery services to help you find the ideal solution to suit your needs.

Cheap Special Delivery Costs

If you’ve left it until the last minute to post your important package, you might be concerned that recorded delivery is going to cost you a lot. Fortunately, special delivery costs doesn’t have to break your bank, as there are a number of cheap special delivery options available to suit your budget. Some couriers might even offer UK special delivery that is guaranteed to arrive at a particular time – if it doesn’t, then you may even get your money back. This can really help to put your mind at ease, especially when choosing a cheap special delivery option.

You don’t have to compromise on quality or security when choosing a cheap special delivery courier. Most couriers will provide you with regular email updates and a 24/7 tracking service, so you can follow the progress of your delivery to ensure that it arrives when expected. As soon as your package has arrived and been signed for, you will receive a delivery confirmation. If your package is late, most couriers will offer you a refund. Finding the right special delivery cost has never been easier, and at Parcel Delivery we aim to get you the best cheap special delivery prices on the market, and display them all in one place for ease.

To further reassure yourself when sending an important or valuable package, you may want to consider some of the additional add-ons available for cheap special delivery. Some couriers will offer compensation cover for when you are sending expensive items such as jewellery, cash or electronic gadgets. This means that if the item is lost or damaged you will be able to receive compensation to cover the cost of the contents of your package. For an additional fee, most UK special delivery couriers offer a consequential loss package which will cover you against late-fee penalties if you are sending important documents, such as tax returns.

To find the best solution for your special delivery needs, use Parcel Delivery’s comprehensive comparison tool for a reduced special delivery cost.

Cheap Special Delivery Prices

So, exactly how much is special delivery? The cost of special delivery can vary from courier to courier and depends on the type of service you choose. There are a number of options available:

Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1PM and Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9AM

These options are for next day delivery at specific times, which is ideal if you need to get your parcel delivered as quickly as possible. For businesses looking to keep their customers happy with a quick and efficient delivery service, this is ideal.

Express Special Delivery

Express special delivery offers a recorded delivery service in a range of timeframes to suit your needs.  Parcelforce offers express special delivery options from next day delivery to two working days.

Scheduled Special Delivery

If you need to know that someone is available to receive your package, then choosing scheduled cheap special delivery guaranteed, may be ideal. This option allows you to pick a time and date for your parcel to be delivered and includes Saturday delivery options. So, if you need to know that your parcel has arrived in time for a special event or occasion, scheduled recorded delivery is ideal.

The cost of these delivery options will vary depending on the weight of your package. To get an accurate quote, ensure that you have weighed your parcel accurately before arranging delivery.

The size of your package will also have an impact, with prices varying for large letters and boxed packages. Be sure to measure your package carefully before sending it as this will help you to determine the cheap special delivery cost. Sending your parcel with the wrong size guidelines or stamps could result in additional costs.

Where you are sending your parcel will also influence the cost your special delivery. If you are simply sending your parcel across London, from Dagenham to Twickenham, the cost will be much lower than if you are sending your parcel from Kent in the south of England to Lincolnshire in the North.

Parcel Delivery’s useful special delivery prices comparison service will help you to decide which type of special delivery you should choose to get your parcel delivered safely and promptly, without exceeding the limits of your budget.

Useful Information About Special Delivery Costs

If you’re considering cheap special delivery guaranteed, it’s good to know exactly what is involved in the service and how you can get a quote. For a quick and easy quote on special delivery cost, simply fill out our form with the details of your delivery, including the height, width, length and weight (kg) of your parcel. We will also need to know the collection postcode and the destination which it is being delivered to. Once you’ve given us all the necessary information, we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote to match your specific special delivery needs.

Remember, recorded delivery packages usually require a signature as proof of delivery. This means that you need to ensure that someone is able to receive your package, or it may not be delivered.

The time that you can place your cheap special delivery order varies depending on the courier but if you are looking for an express or next day delivery service, you will usually need to place your order before 4.30PM the day before you want your parcel delivered. However, there are several UK special delivery courier services which offer their services seven days a week, at an affordable price.

Whether you are an individual sending an item of personal significance, or a business sending out valuable items to customers there are a huge number of cheap special delivery options available. Recorded delivery has a number of benefits, including the reassurance that your item will be delivered securely and on time. Use our quick and easy online price comparison service to find the ideal courier and best special delivery prices on the market.