In order to obtain the most accurate quote for your parcel delivery is simple, when you turn to our volume calculator. Alongside distance, weight is one of the most important aspects of your parcel delivery. We’ve put together a cubic meter calculator, to help you when it comes to working out volume of your parcel.

Calculate The Volume Of Your Parcel

Knowing how to calculate volume when it comes to sending a parcel is important. Different couriers in the parcel delivery industry will use a number of different methods when it comes to checking the volumetric weight of a parcel, however it is generally the measurement on which delivery rates are based. Alternatively, the courier will look at the size of the parcel – whichever measurement is greater – and base the price of your parcel delivery on this. The bigger and heavier the item, quite simply the more it will cost to send it, and our volume calculator will provide you with the exact cost. At Parcel Delivery, we specialise in calculating the cost of pallet delivery and heavy parcels too, to ensure that you’re always getting the best rates no matter the weight or size of your parcel.

How To Use Our Weight Checker

Using the weight checker doesn’t have to be a difficult task. We aim to make the entire delivery process as simple as possible, and our volume checker is a key part of that. When it comes to working out volume, you’re going to need to understand how this is calculated. Here, we’re breaking down the process our weight checker goes through:

  • Multiply the length, width and height of the parcel
  • If you are measuring in centimetres, then divide the multiplication result by 5000
  • If you are measuring in inches, then divide the multiplication by 305
  • The final result that you have after multiplying and dividing the relevant figures will represent the volumetric weight your parcel has.

All you have to do is spend time working out volume in order to obtain the most accurate quote for your requirements. The best part? Our volume calculator will do all of the maths for you!

Calculate volume with the help of our cubic meter calculator, here!