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    Europe is made up of 50 countries, including France, Switzerland and Italy. It has a population of more than 740 million people. Most of Europe has a strong consumer environment overall. Many countries import a great number of products in as well. The infrastructure across Europe mean’s it’s easier than ever to send parcels across the continent from the UK. You can find a cheap courier to Europe quickly and safely. All without breaking the bank.

    Regardless if you’re looking to send a parcel to Europe for business or personal reasons, we can help you. We’ll compare a huge range of services and prices from many companies. Including Aircity Post, DHL, DPD, DX, FedEx, Hermes and many other market-leading brands.

    When comparing various courier services with Parcel Delivery, you can save valuable time. Go through the entire process from the comfort of your office or home. All you need is an internet connection and printer to make your booking.

    You can compare prices and get quotes from our courier companies. They offer the cheapest shipping to Europe you’ll find online. We recommend you have the dimensions and weight of the package to hand. This allows you to make an informed decision about your delivery.

    Parcel Delivery To Europe

    The delivery companies we compare offer a huge range of services to send a parcel to Europe. Including super-fast, excellent value for money next day delivery. Great when you want efficient parcel from the UK to Europe. With parcel delivery to Europe, your parcel can travel hundreds of miles in 24 hours. There is a range of next day delivery services there for you to choose from. You can compare economy and budget services for parcel delivery to Europe. They normally take an average of 3 to 7 days. This is much cheaper than next day services. Cheap parcel delivery to Europe economy services we compare offer you an efficient service. It’s an option you should consider if your budget is tight. If your consignment isn’t urgent or time-sensitive, it’s a great option.

    International tracking is an additional service that some couriers offer as standard. This is something that’s throughout the journey of your goods from the UK to Europe. If you need peace of mind, proof of delivery is available. Please see our individual couriers list for more information.

    All couriers and delivery companies that we compare will treat the parcel with care. This is from collection all the way through to the final delivery. All couriers provide secure transit and will always go out of their way to exceed your expectations. This is in regard to both customer and delivery service.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Europe

    Arranging cheap parcel delivery to Europe from the UK doesn’t need to be stressful. It doesn’t need to be an expensive task either. We can compare a huge range of couriers that reach a large percentage of the global population. All in just a few short days. This means we can help you find a cheap delivery to Europe service that meets your exact requirements. All while still being a reasonable and affordable price.

    When you compare couriers with us online, you can easily see the benefits. We’ll show you the pricing of different companies together. This will help you find the service you’re looking for at a cost you will love, when searching for parcel to Europe services. The huge range of companies we compare mean we provide details on many cheap courier services to Europe. This is to help you make an informed decision to meet any requirement and budget.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Europe

    When planning to send a parcel to Europe, it’s important to make sure you understand customs or shipping requirements. This needs to be prior to placing your order with a courier. Check out some frequently asked questions below to help guide you:

    Do I need to deal with customs charges when sending a parcel to Europe from the UK?

    As not all countries within Europe are in the European Union, customs’ charges can vary. This will depend on the country you’re shipping to, which needs to be considered when you send a parcel to Europe. If in the European Union, no customs’ charges will be required. Make sure you know the difference when arranging a cheap courier to Europe from UK. This is so you aren’t caught out with unexpected charges. A cheap courier to Europe will be able to cater for what you require.

    How should I address my parcel?

    Countries within Europe have different requirements and best practices when it comes to addressing parcels. This is to ensure your items progress quickly through the system and customs. The addressee’s surname should be capitalised with French addresses, for example. The house name or number should come after the street name in German addresses as well.

    What can I send to Europe?

    The vast majority of countries within Europe will not accept the majority of foodstuffs, plants, or aerosols. Anything that’s considered a weapon and certain types of batteries and electronics are also restricted. The Universal Postal Union has compiled a PDF list detailing prohibited goods for each country. Make sure that you have viewed this before arranging your cheap international courier services to Europe.

    How should I package my goods?

    When arranging cheap delivery to Europe with us, your parcel will likely travel hundreds of miles. It will also get handled at multiple points in a variety of different locations. It’s important to ensure your items are well packed to protect them on their journey to their final destination. Tips to take note of include individually wrapping items. This will reduce the chance of them banging or rubbing together. Bubble wrap can be really useful in protecting anything that is fragile. It is also important to use a strong, sturdy box that can definitely support the weight of your items. If the box is a little big, try filling the gaps with crumpled newspaper or polystyrene. This will help to prevent the items moving around. Always use a thick, strong tape to seal any joins, edges or weak spots on your package.

    If you’re reusing an old box, remove any old labels or markings (especially bar codes). This is because they could potentially cause issues or confusion when the goods are scanned through various systems. Making sure you securely stick your labels to the box is really important. This will prevent issues that could be caused during the shipping process if a label comes off. You may have items packed in a manner that means the box needs to be opened a specific way up. The use of arrow “up” stickers can help to limit accidental damage. This is because it should avoid the package being opened upside down. You need to consider this when using an international courier to Europe when sending a parcel.

    All couriers we compare will handle your parcels with the utmost care and attention. Knocks can occur whilst goods are in transit in moving vehicles. Make sure that you package your goods well before arranging cheap shipping to Europe. This can help to massively reduce the impact that this has.

    What Happens if My Parcel is not Delivered?

    If your parcel is not delivered, you have a few options. If it is sent to an incorrect address due to the wrong label, the courier cannot be liable for this. The parcel will end up being returned to you where you can then resend to the correct address. If you’ve arranged a 3-day service, you may be able to claim compensation for a parcel not delivered. Normally, this would be for a maximum of £50. For delivery options such as special delivery or international standard, the compensation will be around £200. This will depend on the courier. For international standard delivery, the compensation will be similar to standard delivery within Europe.