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    Australia is the world’s sixth largest country by land mass, so there’s plenty of room for deliveries when it comes to sending your parcels. For those parcels that need a trip down under, we can ensure you get the fastest and most efficient service, when it comes to your parcel delivery to Australia from the UK.

    Despite the country’s size and remote location, Australia benefits from a strong economy, meaning the demand for parcel delivery to Australia is relatively high. Healthcare, life expectancy and the freedom of Australia makes the country a somewhat close fit with the UK when it comes to shipping and the delivery of parcels. With cheap shipping to Australia, it is easier than ever to send a loved one a gift or send a letter to a long-lost friend.  Australia uses a free-market system whereby the currency is shared with several island nations that surround the country. Australia has a main export of commodities but also benefits from a strong agricultural sector.

    For parcel delivery from UK to Australia, there’s plenty to be positive about. Australia parcel delivery is a lot cheaper and faster than most expect with multiple different cheap courier services to Australia to choose from as well as cheap shipping to Australia it is now easier than ever to find a price for cheap delivery to Australia that suits you. Despite being located in the Pacific Islands alongside New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Whether it’s a letter to your loved ones or the delivery of those all-important products to your customers.

    Since 2007, parcel delivery to Australia has grown to about 80%, with a big focus on clothing accessories. The UK and Australia have a strong relationship, both economically and politically.

    Australia boasts a strong and stable economy and is ranked thirteenth in the world. Around 22 million people live in Australia, along with a huge number of expats in the country, so there’s plenty of opportunities when it comes to getting parcels delivered. With many travellers, friends and family in the country, it’s easy to see why so many people want to send a parcel to Australia. Here at Parcel Delivery, we strive to find the best deals for cheap delivery to Australia so that you can get the most out of the overall experience for Cheap Parcels to Australia.

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    Parcel Delivery To Australia

    Although Australia is located some 9,500 miles away from the UK, cheap parcel delivery to Australia from UK couldn’t be easier. We do the hard work by comparing the various couriers offering parcel delivery to Australia, so you can simply choose the one that suits your needs.

    The idea of being able to send parcel to Australia from UK can cause some fright, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the process. You don’t need to worry though because we are here to ensure we work hard and get your cheap parcels to Australia delivered successfully. We have trusting and established relationships with reputable couriers and use this to negotiate the best possible prices for your parcel delivery to Australia.

    It doesn’t matter where in Australia you’re sending a heavy parcel to, be it Perth, Brisbane or Canberra, we will ensure you get the cheapest price for a cheap courier to Australia to suit you, along with the most efficient service, when using our comparison site. If you need help with parcel delivery UK to Australia, then you’re in the right place.

    An important point to remember when sending gifts, personal items or other parcel delivery from UK to Australia parcel is that it will be handled along with multiple other items, and may be subject to some impact in transit. Some top tips when packaging your parcels for the best courier service to Australia are as follows:

    1. Use boxes that are strong and large enough for the contents, being careful not to overfill
    2. Individual items should be wrapped separately
    3. Include some type of cushioning inside the box and make sure items are suspended, aren’t touching walls and cannot move around

    When you need to post parcel to Australia the Australia parcel delivery uses the same address system as here in the UK. A state abbreviation is needed, such as NSW for New South Wales, and this should be written on the same line as the town and postcode.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Australia

    If you want the cheapest parcel delivery to Australia from UK, then we can help you with this. We will compare a range of cheap courier services to Australia to help you find the best companies offering cheap delivery to Australia suit you for you to chose from, so you can be sure you are getting the best offers around. We always want to find the cheapest way to send a parcel to Australia.

    Your parcel delivery to Australia can cost as little as £9.79, depending on the weight and size of your parcel. So have a look at comparing the best couriers Australia services today to get the cheapest parcel delivery to Australia. You dont need to look any further for large parcel courier Australia

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Australia

    It goes without saying that the trip for parcel delivery UK to Australia is a fairly long one, so you should ensure that parcels are securely packed. Australia parcel delivery also has strict rules surrounding valuation and customer declarations, so the correct paperwork needs to be used and filled out properly, especially when you’re looking to send a large parcel to Australia.

    If you’re looking to send a parcel to Australia, it is important to remember that there are a number of rules and regulations for you to get your head around for courier to Australia. Australia has a longstanding history of agriculture and so many parcels entering the country are closely inspected. Due to the country’s standards on imports, you will not be able to send meat and dairy products, nor can you send plants or soil. Even gardening equipment, bikes and outdoor furniture are inspected closely due to their potential to come into contact with soil. For the full information on what can be sent to Australia, check out the Australian parcel delivery customs authority website.

    Australia is outside the EU, so you will need to supply documentation for customs and import tax when you send a parcel to Australia. We can help you do this so that everything can be sorted quickly and efficiently for cheap parcel to Australia. Send parcel to Australia needn’t be a complicated process.

    When sending a parcel to Australia from UK, there are some important things to consider. Customs paperwork needs to be produced which describes the gifts you’re sending, the reason for sending them and the value of the gifts. This helps when looking for the cheapest courier Australia.

    If gifts are valued less than AUD $1,000 when you send parcel from uk to Australia, there should not be any import duty or tax, but for gifts over this amount, Australian customs apply charges of AUD $150 and 10% GST (Goods Service Tax). It’s important that you don’t over declare the value, as it’s the receiver who gets the charges and so could end up paying a higher amount.

    When it comes to foods, there some items that can be sent or others that can’t be sent.

    Items that can be sent are:

    • Store-bought food in sealed original packaging, with 6 months or more on the best before date. The label needs to list all ingredients.
    • Snacks, spices, tea bags, jams, canned food

    Items that can’t be sent are:

    • Perishable foods including homemade foods
    • Foods with best before date less than 6 months away
    • Foods not in original manufacturer’s packaging and not displaying ingredients on the label
    • Food in packaging that has been opened
    • Vegetables, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit and dairy products

    When looking into parcel delivery to Australia, it’s worth knowing how the duties and taxes are calculated. The Australian Customs authorities use a combination of the value of goods, reason for export and the goods description to reach a decision on which duty category and taxes will apply.

    An example of this would be where goods are being re-sold, then they will be subjected to a higher amount of duties and taxes compared to parcels being sent as gifts.

    When your parcels arrive in Australia, the duty of them will be classified by customs and each of the items being sent will be liable. Remember that different products have different levels of duty and tax. Each individual product has a tariff classification on it which needs to be considered for all parcel service to Australia.

    If you’re looking for cheap parcel delivery to Australia, then look no further than Parcel Delivery and use our comparison site to choose the best courier service to meet your shipping needs.