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    The Republic of Benin was formally known as Dahomey and is located in West Africa. Unlike many of the neighbouring places of TogoNigeria and Burkina Faso, this area is largely dependent on subsistence farming.

    The country has a rapidly expanding population and so in recent years has attracted a lot of foreign investment. The most common export products include; cotton, cocoa and palm products. The large port of Cotonou makes the country a key point of entry for many goods into Africa, especially from Europe.  This therefore makes it an ideal location for companies to offer a large range of cheap shipping to Benin to allow customers to send parcels to loved ones at a fraction of the cost. This cheap shipping to Benin is therefore beneficial to all, allowing you to send parcels easily as well as boosting the economy of the local area.

    The Republic of Benin was colonised by France up until August 1st 1960 and so is French speaking in most parts, meaning that many of the imports are from France. Although the country has a stable democracy, its complex history has meant that it is still underdeveloped economically – making it one of the poorest areas in the world. However, the country is experiencing annual growth of around 5%. As the economy grows, more parcels are being shipped in and out which is reducing the cost for everyday customers who are looking for parcel delivery to Benin.

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    Parcel Delivery To Benin

    Benin parcel delivery couldn’t be easier. Many of our couriers can collect a parcel from your home or office address, and for your convenience, others will also collect from a local pick up point such as your post office.

    Due to foreign investment and population increase, the government has invested heavily in Benin’s infrastructure, and this of course includes air, road and rail. This has paved the way for couriers to open a quick gateway for cheap parcel delivery to Benin. If you would like your parcel to reach Benin quickly, there are even services that can do this in just 2 days, in addition to this service you can also use a cheap courier to Benin to ensure that the parcel reaches its destination in one peace with minimal damages with the cheap delivery to Benin.

    The quickest places to ship to are the capital Porto-Novo and the largest city in the country of Cotonou, while remote places are expected to take longer. Other popular destinations are; Bohicon, Cotonou, Djougou and Parakou. Often many of these towns and cities have pick up points for parcels. If your recipient is able to collect the parcel from one of these points, it can save both delivery time for them and money for you. Please check with the individual couriers on our website for pick up options when arranging parcel delivery to Benin from UK.

    The infrastructure in the well populated areas is much better than many other African countries, meaning parcel delivery UK to Benin is much more simple, and often far more efficient. All major towns and cities are connected by well-maintained expressways and there is also a railway line which runs from the coast through the country.

    Benin has a population of roughly 10 million, and many of the population live along the small southern coastline known as the Bight of Benin. If this is where your parcel is headed, you can be sure the delivery will be quick as the transport routes in this area are excellent. If your parcel is being sent to one of the more rural areas with a poor infrastructure, it is important to use a courier you trust when you arrange to send a parcel to Benin. All of the couriers listed on our website are tried and tested, and we only list companies which we would trust to handle our own parcels allowing you peace of mind knowing you have the very best of cheap courier services to Benin to choose from.

    Our couriers offer tracking services on parcels so it is easy to follow its route to Benin. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it means that both you and the recipient will know when it is due to arrive. This tracking service helps to improve the reliability of international deliveries as the parcel is scanned at each location it visits. If somewhere along the chain there is an issue, it is simple to find out at what point the parcel happened to go astray during parcel delivery to Benin from UK.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Benin

    Cheap parcel delivery to Benin is available from many of our couriers and cheap courier services to Benin to ensure that you are getting the most out of our service. The exact price will depend on the dimensions, weight and specific destination. All you need to do is enter the details into our useful calculator and our website will do all the hard work and find you the best options.

    The cheapest parcel delivery to Benin starts at around £20.00, however, heavy items which need to be delivered quickly could cost much more. Please bear in mind that this price doesn’t include any import charges which may need to be paid before the item can pass through customs. Make sure that you keep this in mind when arranging Benin parcel delivery in order to guarantee that you are obtaining the cheapest parcel delivery to Benin on the market.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Benin

    Parcel delivery UK to Benin requires some paperwork to enable the parcel to clear the customs checks. This is because the country is outside the European Union, so there are no free trade agreements in place. You will be required to include a customs form which will detail the contents and value of the parcel alongside two copies of a commercial invoice. You may also be required to include two copies of a certificate of origin and a bill of landing. Whichever courier you choose to send with when arranging parcel delivery to Benin, they will send across everything you need and assist you with the process.

    The country does have import restrictions in place for items including anything which encourages low morality, asbestos, ivory, fur and anything to do with gambling. Then, of course, all of the usual restrictions are still in place on items such as; cigarettes, money, weapons and illegal substances.

    When addressing your parcel remember to include the two digits on the second line of the address for the local post office. This will help ensure the parcel reaches its destination safely. If you have any queries the Universal Postal Union will be able to advise on individual post office codes and also how to write the address. Despite its large population the country does not use postcodes yet. It’s also important to remember that the country is French speaking, so it is easy to make mistakes if you are not used to speaking or writing the language, so you may want to consider the help of a translator or native speaker when packaging your parcel for parcel delivery to Benin from UK.

    When packing your parcel remember that most processing facilities in Benin will use manual handling, which is not as effective when it comes to damage protection, compared to machine based operations. Pack your items in a secure box with very strong tape and draw arrows on the outside to help indicate which way the parcel needs to be held. If you are packing delicate or sharp objects make sure you use lots of bubble wrap to protect the item and the handler. If you are packing anything which needs to stay moist, a silica gel packet will provide protection and stop the item drying out.

    If you’re in need to send a parcel to Benin, using our site will help to ensure that you are getting the most cost-efficient prices for parcel delivery to Benin from UK. We offer the UK’s best and most reliable couriers, in order to ensure that your Benin parcel delivery arrives at the right place, on time, in one piece – no matter how remote the destination. Arranging parcel delivery UK to Benin has never been easier, and our comparison tool will provide you with all of the information that you need, in one place. Send a parcel to Benin today with Parcel Delivery!