Send a Parcel to Togo

Send your parcel to a hilltop village or one of the palm lined beaches of Togo with us!


    Situated on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Togo is bordered by Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso. Home to over 7 million people and covering just 57,000 sq km, Togo is one of the smallest nations in Africa.

    Although many parts of the country remain fairly undeveloped, Togo provides one of the highest standards of living in Africa. With mineral reserves situated in the country, Togo has an extensive import and export industry.

    Due to this existing industry, the country has developed its infrastructure. With two ports and 50km of waterways, goods can be shipped by sea when you book cheap delivery to Togo. The country does, however, have eight airports as well and these facilitate parcel shipments.

    Whilst only two of these airports service international flights, it’s easy for items to be transported to the country in this way. Particularly suitable for an urgent parcel delivery to Togo, senders can ensure that their items are delivered efficiently when they are sent by air.

    In addition to this, Togo has road and rail networks across the country and these enable couriers to deliver parcels to the recipient on the final leg of their journey. Whilst international shipping routes ensure your parcel delivery to Togo from UK is successful, it is these road, railways and waterways which enable the items to get to the actual recipient.

    If you’re thinking of booking cheap shipping to Togo, there are lots of options to choose from. Whether you’re sending items to an individual in Lomé or shipping goods to a company in Kara, you’ll be able to find the right service for a parcel delivery UK to Togo.

    Parcel Delivery To Togo

    When you decide to send a shipment to West Africa, you’ll need to decide how quickly you’d like your items to arrive. If the shipment doesn’t need to be delivered urgently, you may want to opt for a super economy parcel delivery service. This enables you to use a cheap courier to Togo but it may take longer for your shipment to arrive when you rely on a super economy service.

    If you want to get your parcel to the recipient efficiently but still keep costs low, an economy service can be arranged. Generally, economy services aim to get your parcel to the recipient within 3+ days, whereas a super economy service estimates that delivery will take place in 4+ days.

    Of course, there are options available for when you need to ship your parcel to the country quickly. Express services provide an extremely efficient service and will get your parcel to the relevant recipient within just 1-3 days of them being dispatched.

    Whilst it’s possible to obtain a cheap delivery to Togo regardless of which option you choose, there is a small variation in the price. As you might expect, special delivery services can be slightly more expensive than economy services but they still prove to be cost effective when you need to transport items to the country quickly.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Togo

    Currently, you can obtain a super economy parcel delivery to Togo for just £19.55. Coming in at under £20, this service ensures cheap parcel delivery to Togo from UK and provides a reliable and reputable service.

    Whilst all delivery firms endeavour to deliver your goods without mishaps occurring, there are occasions when parcels can get damaged during transit. Due to this, it can be advisable to have insurance protection in place.

    You can book a cheap courier to Togo for as little as £20.40, for example, you can access a super economy delivery with an added £25 of protection. This means that you can add extra cover to your Togo parcel delivery for less than £1!

    Similarly, you can add extra cover on to an express shipment service, if you wish to do so. Available from only £32.50, an express parcel delivery can be enhanced to include £50 worth of cover for a total of £34.20.

    Due to the relatively low price of adding insurance to a booking, many people choose to do this when they’re arranging a parcel delivery UK to Togo. Although it’s unlikely that your items will suffer any harm while they’re being transported, the extra cover can provide peace of mind at a very low cost, providing you with cheap courier services to Togo.

    If you’re sending items which exceed the value of the current level of insurance cover, there’s no need to worry. Most courier firms enable senders to add up to £5,000 of cover when they send a parcel to Togo so you can add as much or as little parcel protection as you need.

    With such low prices available, you needn’t worry about paying costly fees when you book Togo parcel delivery. In fact, you should find it easy to compare the services available and choose the right cheap shipping to Togo for you.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Togo

    Whenever you arrange an international shipment, it’s important to remember the restrictions which can apply for Togo parcel delivery. Whilst delivery firms are forced to restrict what type of items they are able to transport, most countries have a list of prohibited and restricted items as well.

    It’s important to consider this before you dispatch your items via parcel delivery to Togo. Failure to comply with the relevant rules could result in your parcel being seized so it’s vital to be aware of any potential restrictions.

    Some delivery firms are unwilling to transport mobile phones to countries outside of the EU, for example. Similarly, many countries prohibit electronic items from being sent via parcel delivery. You may even find that fairly standard items, such as cosmetics and toiletries, have been banned due to the combination of chemicals used in them.

    As well as adhering to these rules when you book a parcel delivery UK to Togo, you may also need to complete some paperwork so that customs officials are able to process the shipment. Generally, this is fairly straightforward and you’ll simply be asked to provide a few basic details about the package.

    You may need to state what type of items you’re sending and the approximate value, for example. In some instances, you may also need to state the country of origin, as well as provide your name and contact details before you send a parcel to Togo.

    As these forms are standard for the majority of international shipments, they’re easy to complete and shouldn’t cause you any problems. As most delivery firms make them available online, you’ll be able to print them off and complete them as soon as you’ve made a booking so you won’t be delayed in any way.

    With many courier firms now offering a collection service, you can even have your parcel dispatched within hours of booking your cheap parcel delivery to Togo. If you need to send a parcel to Togo to get items to family and friends living in the country or if you need to arrange a shipment service on behalf of a company, why not take a look at our cheap courier services to Togo available with Parcel Delivery?

    Whether you choose to send your items as quickly as possible or use an economy service, you’ll be able to rely on a cost-effective and reliable service when you book a parcel delivery to Togo.