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    Senegal, situated in West Africa, is one of the continent’s more developed nations, with borders shared by Gambia, Guinea, Mali and several others. It’s home to a population of over 15 million and as more and more of us embrace the internet, it is set to become a big player in terms of eCommerce. Its capital, Dakar, is the westernmost city of the “Old World”, which is comprised of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Dakar sits on the Atlantic coast and is historically an incredibly valued port for goods both in and out of the African continent, a reputation it continues to live up to to this day. However, many customers are shipping to family or friends in Africa as well as for business purposes with boxes containing documents or spare parts. This means cheap delivery to Senegal is crucial. Recently, there has also been increased discussion about the possibility of deepening trade relations between the UK and Senegal due to their growth potential. As these relations strengthen, and more people need to send a parcel to Senegal, it’s imperative that there is a range of courier companies that offer cheap courier services to Senegal. Below you will find further information to help you find cheap delivery to Senegal from the UK.

    Parcel Delivery To Senegal

    When it comes to choosing a courier service for cheap shipping to Senegal, there are plenty of options which help keep the service efficient but keep the price competitive. Different Senegal parcel delivery companies offer different speeds meaning you can find something to suit the urgency of your parcel and your budget, choose a slower service for cheap parcel delivery Senegal. The quickest speed begins at 1-3 day delivery, rising to up to 8 weeks for delivery at a much slower speed. Of course, there are many options in between. Your overall delivery time will vary however depending on a number of factors such as a smooth transition through customs and the area within Senegal you are delivering to. This is because some courier services may take longer to deliver to more rural areas outside the capital. If you have an exact postcode at hand when searching for a quote, this should give you accurate results on which services are available to you. The weight of your parcel can also affect the delivery speed – in general, the lower the weight of the parcel, the quicker the delivery. You should also note that parcel delivery isn’t conducted in Senegal on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Senegal

    Thanks to the variety of couriers offering Senegal parcel delivery, prices are quite competitive. Naturally, you will pay more for a quicker service, but cheap courier to Senegal comes in at under £15 for a 2kg parcel with a delivery aim of up to 8 weeks. A quicker option will cost you up to £50. Other factors will also affect the price of your cheap parcel delivery to Senegal including: the size of your parcel, the weight of your parcel and how many parcels you wish to send. You should note that most parcel delivery companies have a maximum weight limit of 30kg per parcel, so if your parcel is to be more than this then you will need to send multiple parcels. If you decide to add on additional extras such as tracked delivery, signed for delivery or even insurance cover for the contents of your parcel, these will affect the final delivery price, so keep this in mind when searching for a cheap courier to Senegal. Some Senegal parcel delivery companies offer these extras within their original quotes and others require a fee. You should double check what your quote for cheap parcel delivery to Senegal includes before you book to avoid any disappointment. You should also note that parcel dimensions are set by specific delivery companies, so it’s important to double check with your chosen company before you commit to buying a particular box and begin packing. This information can be found on their individual websites.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Senegal

    As with all countries, Senegal has a list of items it won’t allow into the country. It’s up to you to check whether the items you are sending are allowed or whether they require some further verification or license before you send a parcel to Senegal. Failure to do so when arranging cheap shipping to Senegal from UK could result in your parcel being undelivered. As you are sending a parcel outside of the EU, it is required that you send a customs declaration form with your parcel that states each item you are sending via parcel delivery UK to Senegal. Below is a list of some of the items restricted or prohibited for parcel delivery to Senegal.

    Prohibited items for delivery to Sengegal

    These items are not permitted when you send a parcel to Senegal under any circumstances:

    • – Narcotics and hallucinogenics
    • – Used vehicles and similar parts
    • – Pornographic materials
    • – Photographic or cinematographic products
    • – Weapons and ammunitions (excluding collector’s items)
    • – Filament lamps
    • – Live animals
    • – Animal products
    • – Organic chemicals
    • – Products of the chemical or allied industries

    Restricted items for delivery to Senegal

    The following items may require a license or verification documents for parcel delivery UK to Senegal.

    • – Sugars and sugar confectionery
    • – Live trees including plants, roots, bulbs
    • – Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
    • – Cocoa and cocoa preparations
    • – Edible nuts and fruit, peel of citrus fruit or melons
    • – Tea, Coffee, spice and maté
    • – Cereals
    • – Pharmaceutical products
    • – Tanning or dyeing extracts
    • – Fur skins and all artificial fur
    • – Wood and articles of wood
    • – Textiles and textile articles
    • – Silk
    • – Wool, fine or coarse animal hair including woven fabric and horsehair yarn
    • – Cotton
    • – Ceramic products
    • – Glass and glassware
    • – Steel and Iron
    • – Musical instruments including parts and accessories of such articles
    • – Arms and ammunition

    Addressing your parcel correctly

    To ensure your parcel delivery to Senegal from UK arrives at the correct final destination, you need to ensure the address is formatted to the destination country. For all international mail sent to Senegal you should have seven lines of address, and for the last three lines, it’s recommended these are written in block capitals.

    We recommended that you include a UK home address on your parcel and on a separate piece of paper within your parcel. This is in the event your parcel cannot be delivered due to issues at customs etc, it can be returned to you in the UK. It’s also helpful if you include a phone number for the recipient, should they need to help during the delivery process.

    Further tips for parcel delivery

    If you are sending items of sentimental or high monetary value then we recommended acquiring adequate insurance cover in case of damage, theft or loss during the delivery process. To ensure your parcel does arrive at its next destination in the way you sent it, make sure you package your parcel appropriately to ensure the natural wear and tear associated with long-transit parcel delivery. Use bubble wrap for fragile items and if sending money, show no indication of this on your parcel. You should also avoid sending loose coins simply because it draws unnecessary attention to your parcel.

    If you require any further help or assistance on finding  cheap courier services to Senegal then please do not hesitate to contact one of our brilliant customer service team members, who will be happy to help. Start searching on Parcel Delivery for great value parcel delivery UK to Senegal today.