Send A Parcel To The UK

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    Made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, The United Kingdom is a sovereign country in Western Europe. The UK is a highly diverse and developed country, and with a diverse population, parcel delivery to UK is more important than ever.

    The UK is a highly democratic country, led by the government and Parliament. With the UK making the decision to leave the EU, there have been a lot of questions about trade, and also UK parcel delivery. The simplest change that we have seen emerge is how cheap parcel delivery to UK will be harder to secure, as shipping costs are expected to rise once Brexit is fully underway.

    With all of this confusion, we aim to make the process much easier for you at Parcel Delivery. On our site, you can arrange the cheapest parcel delivery to UK that you can find on the market, from a selection of some of the UK's most reliable couriers.

    Parcel Delivery To The UK

    Depending on where you are arranging your parcel delivery to UK, the service will be slightly different. However, no matter how many miles you are from Britain, we can help you find cheap parcel delivery to UK as well as ensuring that the shipping service is as fast as possible. There are 48 counties in England, 6 in Northern Ireland, 33 in Scotland and 13 in Wales, and we deliver to every single one! Therefore, you’re guaranteed easy parcel delivery to UK with us, whether you want a parcel sent to Northern Ireland Northern Ireland or Dorset.

    You can arrange a UK parcel delivery to almost every British town. By population, London is the 25th largest city in the world, with a thriving economy that is always in need of cheap parcel delivery to UK. Of course, we offer parcel delivery to this British city, as the demand is higher than ever.

    So, whether you’re a serious business person requiring parcel delivery to the UK to keep your organisation strong or a family member looking to send a gift to a relative, we are here to help. All you need to do is use our clever courier comparison tool; by entering the parcel dimensions and your parcel destination, and you will be presented with a range of quotes. We strive to provide the cheapest parcel delivery to UK - if you happen to find a cheaper deal elsewhere, we will be sure to beat it. Once you are greeted by a series of quotes, it’s your choice to pick the best parcel delivery service for your needs. We have over 30 different couriers on offer, so we guarantee you will find the perfect courier.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To The UK

    If you want to get your parcel to the recipient as quickly as possible, or you’re deciding to send exceedingly heavy parcels, cheap parcel delivery to UK will be hard to find. If you want to arrange parcel delivery to the UK as cheaply as possible, there are a few things you will need to consider.

    If it’s crucial for your parcel to reach the recipient straight away, ParcelForce have a next day delivery service available, and if you want the parcel delivered specifically by 9am the next day, this will cost a minimum of £29.40. To show you the contract, UK parcel delivery could cost as little as £4.00 with ParcelForce if you decide to purchase their express48 delivery service, getting your parcel delivered within 2 days-time. It’s important to attempt sending your parcel as early as possible in order to avoid any possible delays, and having to fork out for a faster delivery service than what you may have initially needed.

    All of the prices that we display on our site depend on the weight of your parcel. This is why we require the dimensions on our website in order to provide you with the most accurate quotes. With some parcels, a heavy weight is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that packaging your parcel to keep the contents safe should be forgotten.

    Many people are unaware of methods to keep the packaging of your parcel as light as possible. When ensuring the contents are safe, you should wrap them up in light packaging materials such as bubble wrap, and ensure that any empty spaces are occupied by materials such as Styrofoam packaging ‘peanuts’. By taking this precaution, you ensuring that the contents of your parcel delivery to the UK are safe from potential damage.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To The UK

    When arranging UK parcel delivery, it’s imperative that you ensure the address is written on your parcels perfectly. Whilst this seems like obvious common sense, a lot of people get post codes mixed up, causing huge delays in their cheap parcel delivery to UK. For example there are several similar post codes within the UK. For example some areas in Braintree have a CM77 postcode, whilst some areas in Shalford also use a CM77 postcode. Such a small difference can result in your parcel being delivered to the wrong destination, creating huge delays in the parcel delivery service. This is especially important if your parcel delivery to UK is time-sensitive, such as in the case of a family or friend's birthday.

    If you’ve arranged the cheapest parcel delivery to UK via our site, you’ll need to ensure that what you’re sending through the British borders is allowed. If you’re sending a parcel to the UK from another country, you need to check the government websites to educate yourself on prohibited and restricted goods. Prohibited goods include illegal drugs and rough diamonds, whereas restricted items such as explosives and ammunition are only allowed if you carry a special license on you.

    We trust every single one of our couriers as they handle every parcel with special care. However, this doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen, and when they do, the couriers won’t be liable as you are responsible for securely packaging your parcel. As previously discussed, always ensure you carefully package your parcel, but as well as this, notify the couriers about any fragile contents that may be within your parcel. If this is the case, simply write ‘FRAGILE’ in clear black letters across the top of your parcel, as even though the couriers handle every parcel carefully, this will allow them to store the parcel accordingly. For extra cover against damage, it’s always worth investing in insurance, so that if your parcel was to encounter breakages, you can claim some form of compensation.