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    Located in the centre of the African continent, this country of 11.8 million people and over one million square kilometres of land is one of the largest in Africa. With natural resources like uranium, gold and oil in the country, this French and Arabic-speaking landlocked nation is full of potential for future growth – meaning more and more Brits have reasons to send parcels there. Whether you’ve got family or friends working out there or want to make sure your colleagues have everything they need to get the job done, you’re in the right place for cheap and speedy Chad parcel delivery.

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    With our useful and comprehensive information on how to address your package, what contents you can’t include and information about customs, you’ll be in the know about all the important administrative aspects of parcel delivery to Chad.

    Maybe you’re a native of Chad living abroad in the UK, and want to send a gift across continents to your loved ones back home to celebrate a special birthday or allow them to sample the delights on offer in British shops.

    Or maybe you’re based in Britain but do business in Chad. With Chad’s oil industry booming after a $4bn pipeline connecting the country to the Atlantic Ocean was built several years ago, more and more Westerners are taking an interest in the nation, helping to increase the demand for parcel delivery to Chad.

    Perhaps you want to kit out your premises in a city like N’Djamena with some of the best of Western decor, make sure your colleagues have got the best equipment available to them, or you simply want to give your employees a treat and a reminder of home.

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    Parcel Delivery To Chad

    Parcel delivery to Chad from UK can seem daunting, and you may be worried that your package might not arrive due to the conditions on the ground in the country.

    As Chad is not a developed nation, there can be some hurdles when it comes to getting around. Although it is Africa’s fifth-largest country, many parts of Chad are underdeveloped. Several areas of the country are not reached by roads, and other infrastructure is not always adequate, which may cause you to worry that your parcel delivery to Chad from UK won’t get to its destination on time.

    But don’t fear. With decades of experience in sending parcels safely and securely all across the world, the parcel delivery providers we work with are sure to be able to get your package to where it needs to be when you send a parcel to Chad. We have delivered parcels to a huge number of countries in Africa, such as NigerSudan and Libya, so you can be sure that our couriers are well-versed in difficult environments when you arrange to send a parcel to Chad. As cheap courier services to Chad become widely available it is important to ensure that you have the best cheap courier to Chad possible for a successful delivery.

    With the West becoming more and more involved in Chad due to the recent increase in exports of commodities like oil, international delivery providers are finding themselves dropping off parcels in the country quite often. That means you’ll be sending your package on a well-established delivery route, so there’s no need to worry. This can also help you to obtain cheap parcel delivery to Chad, due to the increase in demand for services to the country. Couriers within Chad a well informed about the area and offer inside knowledge into parcel delivery there, allowing us to offer you cheap delivery to Chad as well as outstanding cheap courier to Chad through our trusted partners.

    Do to the economic growth of Chad delivery routes to this country are becoming more widely available. This is not only by air or land but through the use of shipping also. With the increase in people wanting to ship to this country, there are more companies offering you the best deals for cheap shipping to Chad possible. Here at Parcel Delivery we understand that looking through all these deals can be time consuming and we are here to help! With our Chad parcel delivery comparison tool, it is now easier than ever to find the best price for cheap shipping to Chad based on the size and the weight of the parcel you are trying to deliver.

    Although Chad’s postal system is different to the one used in many Western countries, our providers are all experts when it comes to navigating the local post office structure.

    If you’re concerned that sending a parcel to Chad will mean spending lots of money, don’t fear. Our site compares some of the best prices available on the market, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get your parcel where it needs to be.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Chad

    As with packages here in the UK, when arranging parcel delivery UK to Chad, the cost is often based around the weight of the item you’re sending. But finding cheap parcel delivery to Chad is actually easier than you think!

    For parcels of 1kg or less, prices with some providers begin at just £19. Arranging to send a parcel to Chad won’t cost the earth even if it’s a little heavier than that. With 5kg parcels available to send for £100 or less, the cheapest parcel delivery to Chad is just waiting to be found and ordered.

    Our price comparison service for parcel delivery UK to Chad can help you find the add-ons you need for that extra peace of mind when looking for cheap delivery to Chad. Whilst the providers we work with are experienced and efficient and will always take excellent care of your item, it’s often a good idea to take out insurance on your parcel when sending it abroad, simply to protect against events beyond their control.

    It’s easy to add insurance for parcel delivery to Chad from UK. Some providers offer a small amount of cover for less than ten pounds, while you can also use our site to look into adding more comprehensive insurance if you’re sending something expensive, rare or very important to your loved ones or colleagues out in Chad.

    You will be required to pay customs fees when arranging parcel delivery to Chad from UK, so it’s wise to set aside some budget for this purpose. The exact fee levels can vary based on the package, but your provider will usually guide you through this process and send you the relevant forms to fill in.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Chad

    If you’re getting ready to package up and send your items to Chad, there are a number of objects you can’t send across the border into this African nation – so make sure you take the time to be prepared.

    Customs officers will not permit live animals into the country, while illegal drugs are also banned from coming in. Dangerous items like explosives and weapons will not be permitted, and neither will pornography.

    When getting your parcel ready to send on to a recipient in Chad, it’s important to ensure it’s addressed correctly – otherwise it may get delayed, lost in the system or delivered to the wrong place.

    In Chad, all deliveries are made to post office boxes rather than to individual homes. That means you will need the number of the post office in question, known locally as a boite postale (BP), rather than the home address of the recipient.

    The standard format for an address in Chad is to place the addressee’s name on the top line followed by “BP” and the number on the second line. On the third line you should place the city or town name, and on the fourth line the country name. For these two lines, it is advisable to write in capital letters to avoid confusion.

    Chad does not have a postcode or ZIP code system, so you do not need to worry about including this.

    To arrange the cheapest parcel delivery to Chad on the market, make sure that you use our comparison tool online today!