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    Ghana is a real gem of Africa. As one of the most stable and prosperous countries in Africa. It lays on the Gulf of Guinea in the west of the continent. The country ranges between landscapes jam-packed with natural beauty… to bustling cities with exciting atmospheres. All of this makes it a desirable place to live, work or visit. Countries that surround the gorgeous country include Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivorie.

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    And we’re not just here to help you find cheap courier services to Ghana, either. We’ve also put together some top tips on how to address a parcel to Ghana. We’ll tell you what to avoid when going through customs… and how to plan your parcel delivery to Ghana. Everything you need to know so that it gets there safely and on time. You can trust us with your cheap parcel delivery to Ghana.

    Cheap Parcel Delivery to Ghana

    Ghana is one of the fastest-developing, most exciting countries in Africa. That means there are plenty of ties between this beautiful African nation and western countries like Britain. Local cities like Accra, Tamale, and Kusami are thriving more day by day. Ghana’s economy is certainly on the up. Perhaps you’re originally from Ghana yourself and are now living abroad in the UK? Perhaps you want to send a British gift home to friends and family back in the country.

    Or, maybe you know someone working out in Ghana’s petroleum, energy or tourism industries? If you need to send them some important items such as accessories or electronics we can help. We’ll help you send a parcel to Ghana with peace of mind. Whether you’re sending a cheap parcel delivery to Ghana from UK for business or pleasure… we can link you up with courier services to Ghana that satisfy your needs. Our innovative price comparison service provides you with all the knowledge you require. We’ll help you make a decision and find an efficient, fast package delivery service to Ghana.

    Courier Services from the UK to Ghana

    Many roads and infrastructure elements in Sub-Saharan Africa are underdeveloped. You may be worried that when you send a parcel to Ghana it is at risk of getting lost or damaged. But don’t worry. Ghana has enjoyed some investment in recent years. There is now a developed postal system. They also have key items of infrastructure like good quality roads in place. Their access to ship routes also allows cheap shipping to Ghana.

    Plus, our trusted partners are all experienced experts. They are committed to efficient and speedy yet cheap parcel delivery to Ghana. When you choose one of our courier services to Ghana from the UK, you know your package will be in good hands. We would only recommend a courier to Ghana that we’d use ourselves.

    Although you may opt for cheap shipping to Ghana, you won’t be compromising on quality. Your parcel will be dispatched from the UK to Ghana as soon as possible. Depending on the provider it may even be delivered in just 3 or 4 days! Many providers now offering online tracking tools. So, both you and the recipient can stay informed about where your parcel is as it makes its way across the miles.

    It’s important to remember, however, that some parts of Ghana are quite rural. So, it may take a little longer for your package to get there if you send a parcel to Ghana countryside. Double-check with your Ghana parcel delivery provider before confirming delivery. Remember to ask if there will be any extra surcharges to cover additional fuel costs.

    Courier Services to Ghana from the UK

    When sending a parcel to this African nation, you might be concerned about the price. Despite the fact that it is thousands of miles from the British mainland… it won’t cost you a fortune to send a parcel! This is especially if its via one of our cheap courier services to Ghana.

    Prices for cheap delivery to Ghana from the UK with one of our trusted providers begin at around £25. This is the price for small packages. Like here in the UK, the overall cost is dependent on how heavy your item is. The heavier your package is, the more you will have to pay. However, don’t let this put you off wanting to send a parcel to Ghana. We will make sure you get the best rates possible. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to find courier services from the UK to Ghana.

    Using our price comparison tool, you can find a cheap courier to Ghana in a matter of seconds. Cheap parcel delivery to Ghana is more than possible. Our service is ready to find you a deal that works for you. Every courier to Ghana that we work with is trustworthy. They’re experienced and have a wide network of couriers. We’ll help you arrange courier services to Ghana from the UK easily and quickly.

    Planning your budget for a cheap parcel delivery to Ghana? It’s wise to remember that customs fees may be in force when your parcel goes to cross the border. Your Ghana parcel delivery provider will help you through the process. They can advise you on filling in the necessary forms. You should keep some cash aside to make sure you’re not caught short when the customs process begins.

    All of our providers are top-notch firms. They have good reputations when it comes to making deliveries to places faraway from Britain. But it is true that problems can occur when it comes to cheap parcel delivery to Ghana from UK. For that reason, it’s worth considering insurance. Our courier services to Ghana will ensure that your parcel is handled with the utmost care, but when it’s travelling over 5,000 miles it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    In the unlikely event that your parcel does go missing, you’ll be pleased that you took out insurance cover. It’s particularly important to get some cover organised for your parcel delivery UK to Ghana if you’re sending something important, such as documentation which costs a lot to be drawn up or expensive electrical goods for the home or office.

    Don’t fear, though: our price comparison tool is ready to help you find the best insurance deal and cut down on costs when it comes to cheap parcel delivery to Ghana. We’ll help you find the courier services to Ghana you need at a price that suits your budget.

    Useful Information When Using a Courier to Ghana

    When you send a parcel to Ghana, you should always make sure you address the parcel carefully and package it up in the right way. In Ghana, it’s advisable to send parcels to a post office box rather than a specific street address, as this maximises the chances of your parcel reaching its intended destination on time and without any hiccups.

    On the first line of your address label, name the addressee as you would a letter or package in Britain. On the second, write the name of the PO Box – and then on the third, write the name of the city or locality in capital letters. Finally, on the fourth line write the name of the country – “GHANA” – in capital letters. When sending post to Ghana, it’s advisable to include a phone number for the intended recipient of your parcel on the package, clearly marked. This is just in case of any problems with delivery so your courier services to Ghana can get in touch.

    You should also be aware that there are a wide variety of items which are prohibited from entering Ghana, and if you try to get any such items across the border you could risk having your parcel delayed, lost or even destroyed. It’s always worth checking that your cheap parcel delivery to Ghana follows the rules. Check our list of prohibited items as a guide. Your courier to Ghana will be able to advise further.

    There are many items which are banned outright from entering the country for parcel delivery UK to Ghana. These include toxic waste, narcotics, knives, and obscene materials. Other items which are banned from the country include any soaps which contain mercuric iodide, as well as counterfeit money, dangerous weapons, seeds and stamps.

    There are also some items which are only allowed across the border to Ghana if you have the appropriate license or permission. Specialist courier services to Ghana from the UK will be able to handle these shipments. These include commodities like diamonds and gold, as well as military paraphernalia like firearms and handcuffs. Although your provider will be able to talk you through the customs restrictions, it’s worth checking in advance if you have any doubts about your delivery. It’s better to be safe than sorry!