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    Bordered by Norway, Finland and Estonia. Russia is a large European country, spanning 17.1 million kilometres. Russia is the largest country in Europe, and the world in terms of land mass. Shipping parcels to Russia can be challenging, compared to other destinations. This means courier delivery to Russia can take longer than you might expect. A parcel to Russia is unlikely to arrive there in a day. Of course, it depends on where in the country you want to send a parcel to Russia.

    The country continues to have a huge global influence. Its economy is held strong by the large reserves of natural resources, like gas and oil. The demand for these resources and products is always high, as is the supply. This makes parcel delivery to Russia an essential component, requiring the world’s top couriers to assist.

    Here, we have some information and guidance to help you find cheap parcel delivery to Russia.

    Parcel Delivery UK To Russia

    When it comes to choosing a cheap courier service to Russia, it’s important the company knows exactly what they’re doing. There is less competition when arranging a courier to Russia from the UK than other countries. Despite this, prices are still competitive, and you’ll want to compare what you find.

    The quickest speed available when you send a parcel to Russia is two days for parcel delivery to Russia. The slowest parcel delivery UK to Russia is up to 23 days. Your final delivery time will depend, however, on any added time for customs clearance. This can vary depending on the country, what you’re sending and whether the recipient has queries about taxes/duties.

    The area of Russia you’re specifically sending to can also affect the UK to Russia parcel delivery time. This is because delivery companies may be unable to fulfill special delivery to more rural Russia. A few days extra is to be assumed with this situation. If you have a specific post code at hand when you’re finding a quote, this should help give you accurate options.

    The size of your parcel will also affect the delivery speed of a cheap courier service to Russia. Generally, smaller parcels of 2-5 kg are quicker than those which are around 20 kg. You should factor this into your cheap parcel delivery to Russia time if sending items urgently.

    Delivery Prices To Post a Parcel To Russia

    Finding a cheap courier to Russia will depend on a variety of factors. How many parcels you would like to send? What size are your parcels? What weight are they? Do you wish to add on any extra services, like tracked delivery or insurance cover? The lowest parcel delivery option starts at under £15 for a 2 kg parcel with a longer delivery time. It rises to over £50 for a much quicker courier to Russia service. There is a variety of mid-range choices you can choose. All will help you find a cheap courier service to Russia to suit your requirements.

    Parcel sizing

    Sizing requirements are usually set by courier services who offer cheap parcel delivery to Russia. You should check with your chosen courier delivery to Russia before committing to a box and begin packing. However, as a guideline, these are the general sizing specifics for small and large parcels:

    • Small: the height, width, and depth are not to exceed 90 cm and no single side should be longer than 60 cm.
    • Large: the girth and length must not exceed 5 m combined and no longer than 2.5 m in length.

    Please note, the usual maximum weight for any one parcel can vary. Generally, it’s set to 30 kg. If your parcel is larger than this, you’ll need to send more than one parcel at a time.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Russia

    Will I Need to Deal With Customs When Arranging Parcel Delivery to Russia?

    When shipping parcels around the globe, there are several countries you’re required to fill in a customs declaration form. There are restrictions on what you can and can’t bring into a country. You need to remember to fill out your customs declaration for each delivery item. This is so the customs officer’s in Russia can see what you’re sending and to whom. This is a requirement, as you’re sending a parcel outside of the EU. It must be completed with all parcel delivery to Russia requests.

    It’s your responsibility to double check the items you’re sending. Are they legal, allowed or require any licenses or verification papers before you send them? The delivery company cannot be held responsible if your item isn’t delivered because it failed customs. You should always include your UK home address on your parcel. This is in the event that your parcel cannot be delivered. If this happens, it can be returned to you. It’s unlikely a cheap courier service to Russia will compensate you for this.

    As a guide, here are some examples of both restricted and prohibited items for cheap shipping to Russia.

    Prohibited items for parcel delivery to Russia

    These items are not allowed under any circumstances. Please view the list below prior to booking your cheap delivery to Russia.

    • Firearms and ammunition
    • Printed and audio-visual materials that promote terrorism
    • Pornography
    • Nazi symbols, or symbols alike with Nazi symbols, or symbols which could be mixed with Nazi symbols
    • Ozone-depleting substances (e.g. aerosols)
    • Narcotics
    • Scientology literature. Also, literature and DVDs of other not recognised religious groups within Russia
    • Items with information that could harm the economic/political interest or security of Russia.
    • Transceivers and transmitters of any power. This does not include Panasonic radiotelephones, models KX-T 9000, KXT 7980, KX-T 9080 and KT-T 9050

    Restricted items for delivery to Russia

    The following items may require licenses or verification documents. When arranging parcel delivery, please read before you send a parcel to Russia from UK.

    • Foreign currency, including the Eurocheque system forms and guarantee cards for the forms
    • Natural honey
    • No more than 0.8 of a litre of strong alcoholic beverage (over 22%) and 1.5 litres of wine and the cost cannot exceed $100 USD
    • No more than 200 cigarettes and the cost cannot exceed $100 USD
    • Importation of raw products of animal origin
    • Live animals

    Extra information for customs

    Certificates of origin need to be used for all types of goods. Import licenses are usually required for goods which are imported via the private sector. Goods for personal use such as foodstuffs and cosmetics require Russian-issued hygiene certificates. A large number of goods also need a Certificate of Conformity. This must be issued by a recognised organisation in the UK. Failure to produce this documentation when arranging usually means your item will be undelivered. Customs will not clear any goods where the importer is not registered in Russia.

    Addressing your parcel correctly

    You need to ensure the address is correctly formatted to the country you are sending. Due to Russia’s vast size, postal addressing needs to be quite specific; however, this doesn’t need to be complicated. We also recommend including the phone number of the recipient to help assist the delivery process.

    If you require any further assistance in searching for a cheap courier to Russia, please do not hesitate. Contact one of our experienced customer service team members who will be happy to help. Start finding the best deals for parcel delivery to Russia from UK today, by visiting Parcel Delivery now.