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    Made famous around the world by the movie of the same name, the African island of Madagascar is one of the most beautiful on the face of the Earth, surrounded by countries such as Mozambique and Mauritius. With natural beauty like beaches, wildlife and rainforests resting just alongside bustling cities like the capital, Antananarivo, this is a country of true diversity.

    Whether you’re planning to send a parcel to friends or relatives who live out in Madagascar or you need to transfer some key equipment to colleagues on the island, we’re here to help. Our price comparison tool is here to help you find a cheap courier to Madagascar that is efficient and speedy – and, most importantly, won’t cost the Earth.

    And, as well as bringing you some of the best, cheap courier services to Madagascar, we’ve put together a list of top tips for Madagascar parcel delivery – such as how to address your parcel and how to ensure it gets past the customs officials. We’re here to help at Parcel Delivery!

    Madagascar is an island full of extremes of beauty: tropical rainforests run down the east coast, while large rural plains dominate the west of the country. As the world’s fourth-largest island and with the Indian Ocean lapping on the country’s shores, it’s becoming a destination for eco-tourism and is also known for its strong agricultural industry.

    In an increasingly globalised world, there’s more and more interest from Brits in Madagascar and vice versa – meaning that there’s a well-established postal route sending parcels and letters between the two nations on a regular basis, making it easier than ever to send a parcel to Madagascar.

    Maybe you have colleagues who are working or living out in Madagascar arranging trips of a lifetime for eco-tourists or assisting farmers in the country’s agriculture sector, and you want to ensure they have the equipment they need to be able to do their jobs properly.

    Or maybe you or a loved one is a Madagascar native now living abroad in Britain, and you’re keen for them to receive a gift well in time for their birthday or even just a small treat to let them know you’re thinking about them.

    Whatever the reason for your need to find a cheap courier to Madagascar, there is an efficient service out there for you – and our price comparison tool is perfect for finding a provider who offers good value for money and has mountains of experience in international delivery. Finding cheap shipping to Madagascar doesn’t need to be stressful, and our comparison tool can ensure that it’s not.

    Parcel Delivery To Madagascar

    Madagascar isn’t one of the most developed countries in Africa, so you may fear that there will be problems with your cheap delivery to Madagascar due to bad infrastructure. But don’t worry: when it comes to international deliveries, our providers are experts – and they know how to prevent problems on the ground before they arise, and how to handle any difficulties that might pop up during your cheap shipping to Madagascar.

    Transporting packages across borders in sometimes tricky conditions is what our partners do best, so you can rest assured they’ll do their utmost for a quick turnaround for your cheap parcel delivery to Madagascar. In some cases, delivery is even possible within three or four days, and sophisticated modern tracking options mean you and the addressee can follow the progress of your Madagascar parcel delivery online.

    As parts of Madagascar are quite rural, if you’re posting to the countryside, it is worth checking with your provider as to whether or not you may be required to pay an extra fee to cover the extra fuel and staff costs involved for your parcel delivery to Madagascar from the UK. When you send a parcel to Madagascar it may also take slightly longer for your parcel to arrive in this case, so it’s worth checking.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Madagascar

    Madagascar is located in a different hemisphere to the UK, so you may be concerned that prices will be prohibitively high. But that’s not the case: our partners offer some cheap courier services to Madagascar, and you’ll be surprised at how low some of the prices are. And with our price comparison tool to help you out, cheap parcel delivery to Madagascar is just around the corner!

    Just enter your cheap delivery to Madagascar requirements into our online tool and let us do the rest. We’ll find several options for the cheapest parcel delivery to Madagascar and then all you have to do is choose the one you want. Some of our partners can even deliver packages at prices which start at around £20: not bad for a journey of over 5,000 miles! As with parcels here in Europe, the cost of the parcel delivery UK to Madagascar often increases with the weight of the package, so bear that in mind when budgeting for Madagascar parcel delivery.

    Madagascar operates a customs control system, which means that, unfortunately, you may be required to pay fees on your cheap parcel delivery to Madagascar. This won’t be a headache for you, though: your provider will be able to walk you through the process when you choose them to send a parcel to Madagascar, explain any necessary forms and ensure you only pay what you have to.

    When booking parcel delivery to Madagascar from UK, it’s often also worth taking out the relevant insurance. All of the firms we work with are experts in their field and will always take excellent care of your item, but it’s worth making sure you have a protection plan in place just in case the worst does happen and something goes wrong.

    In some cases, it will only cost a couple of pounds to insure your package up to a value of £50, so there’s plenty to celebrate when it comes to cheap insurance deals. If you’re sending something a little more expensive to Madagascar, such as a piece of valuable kit, don’t worry: with our price comparison tool, you’ll be able to find other excellent offers easily to choose the cheapest parcel delivery to Madagascar for your specific needs.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Madagascar

    If you’re sending a parcel to Madagascar, you should familiarise yourself fully with the relevant address formats: if you address your parcel incorrectly, it can get delayed or held up in the postal service systems and it might take much longer than expected to arrive at its destination.

    Thankfully, the formats are not too dissimilar to those in Britain. On the first line, print the name of the addressee and on the second put the number of the building and the street. On the third line, place the three-digit postal code followed by the name of the town, city or area in capital letters. And, on the fourth and final line, just add in the ‘Madagascar’ in capital letters to make sure it is marked for international delivery.

    It’s also advisable to include a valid phone number for the addressee somewhere on the parcel, as this can minimise problems in the unlikely event of confusion or a delay.

    Finally, don’t forget that Madagascar operates a strict customs policy and that there are some items which cannot be sent across the border under any circumstances. You should always make sure you know what these rules are, because falling foul of them could incur delays or losses.

    The list of prohibited items includes weapons (including knives) and associated ammunition, as well as various foodstuffs like meat and meat products. Pornographic materials are also prohibited, as is counterfeit money.

    Don’t risk not following the rules: you could easily find your parcel getting damaged or destroyed. Once you’ve found your preferred provider through our online price comparison tool, just ask them if you have any concerns about what you’re sending.