What is UK Standard Delivery?

If you can be flexible with UK or your standard mail delivery dates and are looking for the cheapest way to ship your goods, standard delivery costs tend to be the lowest of all services. Standard package delivery time frames can vary from one courier to the other as well as the weight and destination of the parcel as international standard delivery times will take longer. Whether you’re looking for standard delivery UK mail or international services, we compare a selection of the cheapest UK standard delivery providers here at Parcel Delivery, ensuring that you get the lowest price every time – and what is standard delivery for if not to be the lowest-cost option available?

If you need to send a parcel through a cheap UK Standard Delivery provider, then we are here to help. We have the widest selection of couriers to be able to cater for your needs, whether it’s a local delivery or you need to send within international standard delivery time. If the item is valuable then you may need to insure the item separately if you are planning to send your package through standard delivery.

Standard UK Delivery Cost

Through our website we can provide you with a clear breakdown of the standard delivery cost to send your item through the post. The standard package delivery time varies from one provider to the next, so use our comparison tool to find the best standard mail delivery UK mail courier company on the market. Using this tool, you can quickly and easily compare prices offered by a great selection of parcel shipping companies, including DHL, DPD, TNT, UPS, Hermes and Parcelforce, so you can find the lowest standard delivery cost for your parcel without the headache.

We also compare prices for a range of other shipping services here at Parcel Delivery – if you are looking to send a parcel that is required quickly, such as if it contains perishable goods, you may prefer to use next day delivery, while very large items can be sent via pallet delivery.

How to Use our Standard Mail Delivery Comparison Tool

It couldn’t be easier to compare standard package delivery times and costs with our great comparison tool. All you need to do is provide us with the following information and instantly receive quotes from a choice of the best UK standard delivery providers and international standard delivery times.

Destination: We currently compare UK standard delivery costs across the entire world. Whether you’re looking for a reliable local parcel service or are wondering about international standard delivery times, we ensure you get the best possible price for shipping to your preferred location.

Collection: There’s no need to spend time queueing up at the post office for standard mail delivery. As well as being an affordable option, our door-to-door standard mail delivery offers better convenience as the parcel is picked up from a UK address of your choosing.

Package weight: Having the exact weight of your parcel will ensure you get the most accurate quote for standard delivery costs. All you need to do is pop the parcel on your bathroom scales and type it into our comparison tool. If you need to send a very heavy parcel, we also offer heavy parcel delivery.

Package size: Grab your tape measure and note down the size, width and height of your parcel. This will allow standard delivery UK mail providers to know how much space your parcel will take up in their vans, and can affect international standard delivery times if the parcel is very large. In this case, you might like to avail of our large parcel delivery services rather than standard delivery UK mail.

You’ll then be shown a selection of couriers that are able to fulfil your standard mail delivery needs. You can choose based on standard delivery costs or the best international delivery time available – all UK standard delivery services at Parcel Direct are with reputable providers, so great customer service is assured.

How Long is Standard Delivery?

Standard package delivery times will vary from courier to courier and depend on the destination of your package. In answer to the question how long is UK standard delivery, it usually takes between three and five days. International standard delivery times can vary much more, depending on how far away it’s being sent as well as the size and weight of your parcel. For a more accurate answer on international standard delivery times, the best way to find out is by using our shipping comparison tool.

Here at Parcel Delivery, we clearly outline all details needed to make a decision about the best standard delivery UK mail and international services for your needs, making it really easy for you to compare standard delivery costs and timeframes. We work with a range of reputable couriers to make sure that your parcel is delivered within the lowest standard package delivery times so you get the best service possible every time.

What is UK Standard Delivery Tracking?

Usually when you choose low standard delivery cost options, you aren’t able to track the package. When you send a parcel via one of our UK standard delivery partners, we’ll provide you with a free tracking reference number which you can use to follow the package on its journey. This means that there’s no need to pay for guaranteed UK and international standard delivery times or wonder ‘How long is standard delivery going to take this time?’ Instead, you’re able to send the recipient real-time updates on when to expect the delivery and assure them that it’s on its way, helping you keep the standard delivery costs lower while enjoying the benefits often associated with higher cost delivery services.