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    Situated in the heart of East Africa, Kenya has the largest economy in the region, with bordering countries such as Uganda and Tanzania. That means the country acts as an important gateway for UK businesses looking to increase their presence in Africa. Thanks to Kenya’s relatively strong financial sector and its diversified economy, there are a growing number of opportunities for British businesses. The growing opportunities within the country has led to an increased demand for cheap courier services to Kenya.

    Services such as tourism, retail, banking, wholesale and telecommunications have particularly benefited from Kenya’s robust economy, and with plans for multiple upgrades to the country’s infrastructure, the opportunities for UK businesses within Kenya are only going to get stronger in the coming years. Kenya has also been signalled out as a market that’s prime for growth, which means the need is greater than ever for companies to find reliable yet cheap courier services to handle goods and get arrange parcel delivery to Kenya from UK on time.

    The increased demand has led to expansion within the courier service industry, with plenty of couriers offering cheap delivery to Kenya services. Although this gives businesses and individuals plenty of choice when the time comes for them to send a parcel to Kenya, it can lead to confusion, especially if they encounter prices that vary wildly.

    Whether you’re an individual looking to send a parcel to a family member in Kenya, or you’re part of a business who needs to send parcels into the country regularly, we can find a service and a price that works for you. As a parcel delivery comparison site, we’re able to provide you with a range of quotes from trusted courier services who are all highly experienced in delivering parcels to Kenya. So, if you’re looking for a cheap courier to Kenya that you’re able to rely on, then we can help here at Parcel Delivery.

    There are over 4000 miles between the UK and Kenya, and with multiple countries surrounding the east African country, it’s always best if you choose an experienced courier to handle the delivery of your parcel. A lot of cheap courier services to Kenya will offer parcel delivery services despite not having a great deal of experience. With us however, you can be sure that your parcel will be handled by experienced professionals, even for cheap delivery to Kenya. We only work with couriers who have extensive experience when it comes to delivering in Kenya, which is how we have managed to build up a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

    With other couriers, your parcel may experience unnecessary delays, but we have worked hard to ensure our services are as efficient as possible. That means if you have a deadline by which your parcel needs to arrive in Kenya, you can trust in our partners to ensure the job gets done on time. Parcel delivery UK to Kenya isn’t an easy thing to get right, and that’s why we’ve spent years trying to develop relationships with some of the best services who can offer a cheap courier to Kenya.

    To find cheap shipping to Kenya, all you have to do is weigh your parcel and enter a few details. Once you’ve done that, we can supply you with a quote that’s tailored to your individual needs for parcel delivery to Kenya from UK.

    Parcel Delivery To Kenya

    We understand if perhaps you’re feeling a little bit daunted about sending a parcel a long way internationally. Perhaps you’ve had bad experiences in the past, or you’re feeling confused and unsure over some of the regulations in place. If that’s the case, then our services are definitely the way to go. We believe cheap shipping to Kenya should be as straightforward and stress-free as possible. With the courier services we work with, it couldn’t be simpler to send a parcel to Kenya. Once you’ve chosen a parcel delivery to Kenya from UK service by selecting a quote that works for you, we can take care of absolutely everything.

    One of our trusted cheap parcel delivery to Kenya partners will pick up your parcel from your address and deliver it to its destination quickly and without any fuss whatsoever. All you have to concern yourself with is making sure that your parcel is packaged securely and appropriately, and once you’ve handed your parcel over to the courier, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your parcel will arrive on time.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re sending vital information to your office in Mombasa, or you’re sending a gift to a family member in Malindi, every parcel delivery UK to Kenya that comes into the possession of our couriers receives the utmost care and attention. We know that it can be incredibly frustrating if a parcel arrives late and you end up missing a deadline, and that’s why we only work with trusted Kenya parcel delivery couriers who are able to ensure that doesn’t happen. In fact, we pride ourselves on the good relationships we have with some of the quickest and most efficient services you’re likely to find for parcel delivery UK to Kenya.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Kenya

    Thanks to the relationships with couriers that we’ve been able to develop over a large number of years, we are uniquely positioned to offer some of the cheapest parcel delivery to Kenya prices available. By going through us to deliver your parcel, not only are you placing your delivery in highly capable hands, but you’re securing yourself the best possible price for delivering your parcel to Kenya. We compare quotes from a wide range of delivery service providers to get you the best possible price.

    Prices start from relatively little, but the exact cost to send a parcel to Kenya will depend on its size and weight. Large and bulky items will cost more, but we’ll always work to provide you with a cost-effective price, irrespective of how heavy your parcel is.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Kenya

    If you haven’t arranged parcel delivery to Kenya before, then we highly recommend thoroughly checking the address before handing your parcel over to a courier. If you want your parcel to arrive on time, then being accurate with the address is the best way to ensure no unnecessary delays occur. You can familiarise yourself with the Kenyan address format online where you will see that Kenyan addresses use a five digit coding system. The first digit determines the postal region, the second and third are the regional distribution centre, and the last two are the delivery office. The five digit postal code sits above the country on the address and after the city or town name.

    Before you decide upon your cheap parcel delivery to Kenya you should know that the Kenyan government has published a full list of all restricted and prohibited items, so it’s well worth your time to consult the full list before sending your parcel, especially if you’re unsure over whether or not your parcel may be seized by customs. Restricted items include goods such as natural sponges that are of animal origin, any genetically modified product, ivory powder and precious metals. The list of prohibited items includes any false money, distilled beverages which are found to contain essential oils and any soap or cosmetic product which contains mercury. Most countries have similar lists in place, but time to time you will find items that are specific to a particular country or region, so it’s always a good idea to take a look at the list even if you’re confident your items won’t be named.