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    The Republic of Namibia is a large country in the continent of South West Africa that is surrounded by a lengthy shoreline along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It borders South Africa, Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The UK has strong Commonwealth connections with Namibia, which means that the cross-border trade between the two is relatively strong, not least due to the tourism and mining sectors and a well-developed banking system. Namibia is home to over 2 million people, many of whom reside in Windhoek, the country’s largest city. In 2008, the United Kingdom imported over $700 million in goods from Namibia, making it the second largest importer of Namibian goods after South Africa. Thanks to these strong trade relations between the two countries, parcel delivery to Namibia is both efficient and in demand. Below is some further information to help you find the cheap courier services to Namibia.

    Parcel Delivery To Namibia

    Thanks to a variety of companies offering cheap courier to Namibia, the price is competitive and the service is efficient. Different courier services offer different delivery speeds for parcel delivery and the quickest speed comes in at 1-3 days with a special delivery service. The slowest, and most cheap delivery to Namibia, can take up to 8 weeks and there are other varying timelines in between so you will be able to find a suitable option to suit the urgency of your parcel. Other factors may contribute to the delivery speed of your parcel, including any issues with customs at border control. To avoid this, make sure you have your customs declaration form filled out for each item you are sending as this is required when posting parcels to addresses outside of the European Union. Failure to do so could see your Namibia parcel delivery being undelivered.

    Another factor which can affect delivery times of your cheap delivery to Namibia is the location in which you are sending your parcel within Namibia. This is because some Namibia parcel delivery couriers may struggle to complete express deliveries to more remote destinations within the country. If you have an exact post code of your delivery destination, this will clear up any confusion. Before you send a parcel to Namibia, be aware that the country doesn’t conduct postal delivery on Saturdays and Sundays and this too will affect when your parcel arrives at its final destination.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Namibia

    Thanks to the variety of cheap courier services to Namibia, you can find a delivery price that will suit your budget. Your final delivery price will depend on how many parcels you would like to send to Namibia from the UK, the size of your parcel and the weight of your parcel. The lowest price begins at under £15 for a 2 kg package with a delivery time of an estimated 56 days, which allows cheap parcel delivery to Namibia. However, the quicker delivery speeds of up to 1 day can start at almost £100. Other extras such as choosing signed delivery on arrival, tracked delivery or insurance to cover the items enclosed within your parcel will also affect the price which is worth considering if you are looking for a cheap courier to Namibia.

    Sizing of parcels for delivery

    Each courier service can have different measurements when it comes to specific parcel sizes and it’s important to check with your provider before you attempt to send a parcel to Namibia, otherwise you could find yourself paying extra fees or be unable to send your parcel altogether. You can find specific information directly on your provider’s website, but as a general guide, here are the Royal Mail size requirements.

    • Small parcel: 45cm by 35cm by 16cm
    • Medium parcel: 61cm by 46cm by 46cm
    • Large parcel: 1.5 meters in length, up to a maximum of 5 meters in length and girth combined.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Namibia

    Each country has its own rules and regulations on specific items allowed into their country and parcel delivery UK to Namibia is no different. It’s up to you to ensure you check whether the items you are sending via parcel delivery to Namibia from UK are allowed or if they require any further verification or licenses. Here is an example of the items prohibited and restricted for delivery to Namibia. Please be aware that this list is not complete, so if you can’t see your item on the list, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s okay for cheap parcel delivery to Namibia.

    Prohibited items for delivery to Namibia

    These items are not allowed into Namibia via parcel delivery UK to Namibia under any circumstances.

    • – Dairy produce, birds, eggs and all edible products of animal origin
    • – Live animals and animal products
    • – Edible meat
    • – Tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes
    • – Prepared foodstuffs, spirits, beverages and vinegar
    • – Organic chemicals
    • – Products of the chemical or allied industries
    • – Beverages
    • – Pharmaceutical products
    • – Photographic or cinematographic products
    • – Essential oils and resinoids
    • – Miscellaneous chemical products
    • – Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry
    • – Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulose material
    • – Natural or cultured pearls
    • – Arms and ammunition

    Restricted items for delivery to Namibia

    These items may require verification or licences.

    • – Vegetable plaiting materials
    • – Vegetable products
    • – Cereals
    • – Live plants and trees, bulbs, roots and flowers
    • – Edible fruit, vegetables, and nuts
    • – Coffee, tea, maté, and spices
    • – Products of the milling industry
    • – Prepared foodstuffs, beverages, spirits, and vinegar
    • – Mineral products
    • – Cocoa and cocoa preparations
    • – Mineral fuels, mineral oils, and products of their distillation
    • – Cork and articles of cork
    • – Wood and articles of wood
    • – Textiles and textile articles
    • – Works of art, antiques or collectors’ pieces
    • – Cotton

    Addressing your parcel to Namibia

    To ensure your parcel delivery to Namibia from UK arrives safely at the correct destination it’s important you write the address in the correct format of the country you are sending.

    Packing your parcel correctly for delivery

    You should ensure your parcel is correctly packed for the items within. It needs to be able to endure the general wear and tear associated with cheap shipping to Namibia. We recommend you include the phone number of the person receiving the parcel to assist with the delivery and it’s always a good idea to include a UK home address on the parcel itself and on a separate piece of paper within the parcel. This means if your parcel is unable to be delivered due to a variety of reasons, your parcel can be returned to you. Do remember, however, that parcel delivery companies will not compensate you should this happen. If you send a parcel to Namibia containing items of high value then we would suggest that you include insurance cover for them. You should also remember to remove any labels that are currently on your delivery box (this is usually the case if you are reusing a box), as it can cause unnecessary confusion during delivery and result in your parcel being delivered to the wrong address. One last note is if you are sending money via your parcel, to ensure it’s not at risk, do not indicate anywhere on the parcel that you have money enclosed and avoid sending any loose coins as this can put your parcel at higher risk.

    If you require any further clarification or information about cheap shipping to Namibia from UK, please do not hesitate to visit our FAQs. At Parcel Delivery, we can provide you with the best deal for parcel delivery UK to Namibia. So, use the Parcel Delivery comparison tool online today to find the best courier for your requirements.