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    The Cabo Verde islands, also known as Cape Verde, are made up of ten volcanic islands. The largest islands are Sal, Bass Vista and Maio which lie around 500km from the west coast of Africa. The islands have a rich history following colonisation in 1460 by Portugal. During the 19th century the islands became a popular trade area between Europe, Africa and South America.

    During the 20th century the country suffered severe drought which led to the deaths of 200,000 people and forced much of the population to emigrate. There are currently more people from Cabo Verde living out of the country than in the country; the figure stands at roughly 60%. Today the economy relies heavily on the money sent from people who emigrated as well as foreign aid.

    Since the country gained its independence in 1975, the government has improved the economy and it is no longer considered an under-developed country. Due to the climate, the country does not produce many agricultural products. The island’s main source of exports are fishing, salt and wind energy. However, there are many service based businesses which are giving the economy a boost, including tourism, transport and commerce.

    The exports of the nation and its great reputation as a tourist destination, have led to the country establishing close ties with the European Union. This has led to a steady increase in reputable and experienced couriers providing expert parcel delivery to Cabo Verde as well as cheap delivery to Cabo Verde to enhance overall delivery time. As more companies establish themselves, the competition between cheap courier services to Cabo Verde is increasing. The prices are gradually reducing which means if you are looking to send a parcel to family, friends or a colleague the price may be less than anticipated allowing you peace of mind knowing that you can send your parcel with cheap delivery to Cabo Verde straight to your loved one’s door.

    Parcel Delivery To Cabo Verde

    Cabo Verde parcel delivery can take longer than some African addresses, as the islands are located away from the mainland. The islands of Cabo Verde do not have a frequent courier service from mainland Africa, although many couriers and cheap courier to Cabo Verde services are able to operate on a delivery schedule of 5 to 6 days, not including customs clearance. This means parcel delivery to Cabo Verde can often take roughly 4-6 weeks, simply just to pass through customs, so do take this into consideration when choosing what to send, especially if the parcel is urgent.

    The quickest place to send a parcel in Cabo Verde is the Santiago capital of Praia, although the city of Mindelo on the Sao Vicente island also has great infrastructure. Most of the main roads are cobbled, which does speed up deliveries, however the travel between the islands can slow things down as this is mainly by ferry. As the economy improves, more funds are being invested in the country’s infrastructure, so delivery times are expected to improve in the next few years. As the economy improves, the demand for cheap courier services to Cabo Verde and the demand for cheap parcel delivery to Cabo Verde is also gradually increasing, and with the growth and improvement in infrastructure, arranging to send a parcel to Cabo Verde through cheap courier to Cabo Verde or through other services is only set to get easier.

    With this being an island nation packages are often delivered to a nearby port and transported to islands by use of ferry. This is significant because the packages need to be packed accordingly to avoid damages . With cheap shipping to Cabo Verde slowly becoming regularly available it is gradually becoming easier to send parcels to this area. As the economy continues to expand the potential for a wider range of cheap shipping to Cabo Verde becomes more of a reality.

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    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Cabo Verde

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    The couriers we advertise are able to provide full tracking information and can collect from your home or work address. It may even be possible to leave the parcel at a drop off location such as a local post office. By providing you with full tracking details, you are able to follow your parcel at every stage of its journey. You can even pass the details to your recipient who will be able to follow the parcel and make sure they are home for the expected delivery time. If you are looking to save time and money on your parcel delivery UK to Cabo Verde, the courier may be able to deliver to a pick up point in Cabo Verde at a destination to suit your recipient.

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Cabo Verde

    Parcel delivery UK to Cabo Verde does involve customs clearance. If you are sending a parcel outside the European Union, then a customs check may need to be carried out, as there are no free trade agreements between the two countries. Remember to allow time for your parcel to clear the customs checks and also prepare for any import taxes which may need to be paid prior to arranging your parcel delivery to Cabo Verde.

    The courier you choose for your cheap parcel delivery to Cabo Verde will supply you with the necessary paperwork for you to complete. You will also be asked to complete a commercial invoice to include with the parcel. If you are only sending documents then an invoice will not be needed. If you do have any queries about what this entails, HM Revenue and Customs will be able to provide assistance. The couriers have vast experience in customs clearance so will know exactly what you need to include and how to complete any forms.

    It is advisable to check with the local Cabo Verde government for the latest restricted items list, prior to arranging your parcel delivery to Cabo Verde from UK. The most obvious items which can not be sent are anything which is illegal in the country, such as weapons, firearms, ivory, fur and drugs. However, there are also some more unusual items on the list which could catch some people out. These include antiques, ceramic items and precious metals and stones. Many gifts include these items so please take the time to check your parcel is not on the restricted list when arranging cheap parcel delivery to Cabo Verde.

    When addressing your parcel the postcodes for the country consist of 4 digits, with the first two numbers representing which area of the country the parcel is going to. The Universal Postal Service will be able to provide help with county postal codes. It is important to make sure your parcel is packed securely for such a long journey. Ensure you use a sturdy box with extra strong tape. If the items are delicate, drawing arrows on the side of the box to indicate what way it should face can help. A telephone number for the recipient can also help speed up the delivery process. It is likely that the parcel will pass through many manual handling areas, which are more prone to accidents than automated machine processing, so make sure that you label your parcel correctly when you send a parcel to Cabo Verde.

    As a general rule, most Cabo Verde parcel delivery couriers will ask for the parcel to be below 30kgs and for the length not to exceed 270cms. Many couriers can deliver larger or heavier items but there may be a surcharge payable.

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