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    The country of Swaziland is nestled between Mozambique which sits to the northeast, whilst South Africa sits on the north, west and south of the country. Swaziland is a relatively small country and is, in fact, one of the smallest in Africa. Despite this, there are still opportunities for cheap shipping to Swaziland from UK. It’s a developing country, which also means that there’s plenty on offer when it comes to exports.

    Swaziland was previously a British protectorate, and as a result the United Kingdom works with the country to support human rights, democracy and business relationships. Although the economy of the country is small, it is benefiting from development and the main industries there include textiles, coal mining and sugar.

    Despite the majority of trade being done with South Africa, the EU is becoming increasingly involved when it comes to trading with Swaziland, so it’s become necessary for people to find a cheap parcel delivery to Swaziland to ship their goods. Alongside this, there’s a thriving tourist population with visitors enjoying a plethora of activities, a culture that’s become increasingly livelier, as well as the country’s vast wildlife.

    The royal capital of Swaziland is Lobamba but most parcel delivery to Swaziland from UK go to the country’s largest city and the capital, Mbabane. Whether you’re sending a parcel to Malkerns, Hluti, Siteki or Manzini, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will offer you the best value for money with professional and reliable courier services.

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    Swaziland parcel delivery needs to adhere to the four-character postcode used in the country. This is made up of a letter, and then 3 digits that follow. An example would be when sending a parcel to the capital city of Mbabane, you’d need to use H100 to send your parcel.

    Parcel Delivery To Swaziland

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    It’s important to remember that there are certain items that are prohibited for parcel delivery to Swaziland from UK and these are discussed later on, and it’s also worth remembering that the correct documents need to accompany your parcels for their trip to Swaziland, which is in-keeping with the customs and excise requirements of the country.

    The country of Swaziland is dependent on agriculture, chemicals, clothing and foodstuffs, and these services account for around half of the country’s wealth creation, with manufacturing making up around a third.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Swaziland

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Swaziland

    When parcels are sent to Swaziland, there are specific customs procedures depending on what is being delivered. Parcels will be cleared within seven days of when they are imported. The customs procedures are as follows:

    • Home consumption
    • Transit/in bond
    • Warehousing
    • Temporary admission

    When sending your parcels to Swaziland, it’s important that specific information is included and submitted, with all customs of the country are adhered to. A customs declaration document known as ‘Form E’ is for personal declarations which are worth less than E15,000 or SAD500 for other declarations. Your supporting evidence will also be used, which includes the invoice, transport document, permits, certificate of origin and any other documents required to verify the parcel being sent.

    Certain items require an import permit for Swaziland parcel delivery, and these items are set out below. Please be aware that the list of items requiring an import permit can be altered as a result of the government, and this list isn’t exhaustive. Therefore, always double check before you send a parcel to Swaziland.

    • Used motor vehicles
    • Used clothing
    • Used tyres/tyre casings
    • Used earthmoving equipment
    • Mineral fuels
    • Used textiles
    • Automotive parts
    • Arms
    • Drugs
    • Gold and other precious metals
    • Mineral oils
    • Wild animal products
    • Wheat, maize, rice, dairy, flour
    • Electrical appliances
    • Human remains
    • Meat and animals

    There are certain parcels that will be exempt from VAT, and these are listed below.

    • Meat – fresh and frozen
    • Dairy products which includes eggs and powdered milk
    • Fish, excluding crustaceans and molluscs, which can be fresh, frozen or tinned
    • Wheat, peanuts, beans, malt, rice, maize and sorghum
    • Plain bread
    • Flours, meals and sprouts of maize, rice, sorghum, malt and wheat
    • Emahewu
    • Sugar and salt
    • Fresh fruit and vegetables, whether fresh or dried
    • Drugs used for medical purposes, medicines and preparations for medicinal purposes whether for therapeutic or prophylactic use
    • Glasses and lenses uses for correction of eye sight

    It’s essential that you provide the correct documents when sending parcels to Swaziland to adhere with the customer and excise arrangements for the country. This also saves you time in dealing with any unnecessary requests which could come about if you fail to do this. We have provided the necessary guidelines for your Swaziland parcel delivery, so feel free to have a read and familiarise yourself with the country information before you send a parcel to Swaziland.

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