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    Bordered by Eritrea it the east and Ethiopia to the west, Sudan is situated in Northern Africa. With the River Nile running through the centre of the country, Sudan is the third largest area within Africa and covers a significant landmass.

    Divided into 18 states and over 130 districts, there are over 30 million people living in the country. Despite many residents experiencing poverty, the country itself is considerably wealthy. With a variety of resources located within its borders, Sudan trades extensively with other countries.

    As a result, businesses around the world rely on courier and shipment services in order to transport goods. Businesses in the UK may use cheap shipping to Sudan in order to send business documents or contracts to the relevant organisation, for example.

    In addition to this, individuals regularly book cheap shipping to Sudan from UK. If family members live in the area, for example, you may want to send them regular shipments and a parcel delivery to Sudan is the ideal way to do this.

    Parcel Delivery To Sudan

    Although the transport systems in some areas of the country are rather limited, there are still efficient ways to facilitate cheap parcel delivery to Sudan. The country has over 70 airports, for example. Whilst only a minority of these deal with international flights, they can be used to delivery parcels into the country. Domestic airports and the county’s six heliports can also be used to move parcels and shipments from one area of the country to another.

    With Sawakin Port and Port Sudan dealing with imports and exports via boat, there is also the opportunity to send parcels to Sudan via the sea. Often, this type of transport provides a cheap courier to Sudan, so it’s an extremely popular way to send items to the country.

    In addition to this, when you send items via boat, you may be able to transport larger shipments. If you’re sending a significant number of goods for business purposes, for example, you may want to arrange a parcel delivery service which uses boats, rather than aircraft. With the opportunity to use container shipping services, you may find that this is the most cost-effective way to facilitate this type of parcel delivery to Sudan.

    As the River Nile travels through the centre of the country, it is also used for transportation. With inland waterways enabling parcels to be shipped to recipients all over the country, this provides an ideal way for your parcels to reach their ultimate destination.

    Due to the range of transportation methods available when you’re booking a Sudan parcel delivery, you should find that you’re able to access low shipping rates. In fact, the cost of a parcel delivery to Sudan is likely to be much cheaper than you expect.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Sudan

    When you arrange Sudan parcel delivery, there are various factors which will affect the cost of transit. Perhaps most important is the size and weight of your parcel. As you might expect, heavier and larger items are most costly to transport.

    Whilst low rates are available for parcels of any type, reducing the weight of your parcel can enable you to access lower shipping rates. If you’re sending items to friends and family, for example, you may want to consider this before you send a parcel to Sudan when you’re selecting which items to dispatch.

    Although it may be more difficult to reduce the weight of commercial goods, it’s certainly possible to choose lightweight items if you’re an individual sender, rather than a business.

    If you want to use one of our cheap courier services to Sudan, you may want to dispatch your parcel as early as you can. If you give yourself additional time to ship your parcel to the recipient, you can use economy services and these often provide the lowest shipping rates.

    As economy delivery services can take longer to arrive than express shipment services, this will only be suitable if you don’t need your items to arrive in a hurry. For more urgent shipments, express services are available and these can ensure that your Sudan parcel delivery is quick and efficient.

    Whilst special delivery services are slightly more expensive than standard or economy services, it’s still possible to send a parcel to Sudan at reduced rates and they have the advantage of getting your parcel to the country within just one to three days.

    Due to the variety of services, you should find it easy to access a cheap courier to Sudan using our service. As there is a significant demand for parcel delivery UK to Sudan, you’ll find that there are regular shipment services available, as well as tailored courier deliveries.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Sudan

    When you book a parcel delivery to Sudan, you’ll need to consider what type of items you’re able to dispatch to the area. Although some items are prohibited, many are restricted and are only conditionally allowed into the country. As these conditions can vary depending on the item in question, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve completed the relevant paperwork or gained the appropriate authentication before you send a parcel to Sudan via courier.

    Commercial goods, for example, may require a licence before they can be sent to the country so you’ll need to ensure that you’re in possession of this before you dispatch any parcels.

    Even individual senders are bound by the rules regarding prohibited and restricted items so it’s always worth checking the relevant laws when you’re booking a parcel delivery to Sudan from UK.

    Electrical items, for example, are only accepted conditionally, so you may need to complete additional paperwork if you want to send these types of items to family and friends in the area. In addition to this, playing cards and sewing machines are strictly prohibited, so you wouldn’t be permitted to send either of these items via a cheap parcel delivery to Sudan.

    In addition to some items being prohibited by the Sudanese Government, delivery companies also restrict the transportation of certain articles. In most cases, this is because they cannot be transported safely or because they breach certain laws. Anything which is potentially flammable or which is classed as a weapon, for example, cannot be sent via a parcel delivery to Sudan or by any other form of international shipment. Whilst this may seem fairly obvious, there could be unforeseen implications for parcel delivery to Sudan from UK as a result of these rules.

    Some countries prohibit toys from being sent to the region if they look like a weapon in any way. Whilst many children have toy guns or toy swords and pose no safety risk at all, you won’t be able to send these types of goods to certain areas or by using certain parcel delivery UK to Sudan services.

    By checking the relevant restrictions before you book a cheap delivery to Sudan, you can ensure that your shipment doesn’t breach any regulations. As a result, your parcel shouldn’t be unnecessary delayed whilst it’s being sent to the recipient.

    With various delivery firms providing carriage services to the region, you can obtain a cheap delivery to Sudan from anywhere in the UK. If you’re thinking of dispatching a parcel to the region, why not take a look at our cheap courier services to Sudan available at Parcel Delivery now?