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    Rwanda, as it is commonly known, is officially called the Republic of Rwanda. The country is located in the centre of Africa and is the smallest within the African mainland. Rwanda is bordered by the the Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. The country is dominated by mountains, savanna and a number of lakes. The main language is Kinyarwanda, although English and French are official languages.

    The country benefits from low corruption, compared to many other African countries. Although the economy suffered greatly during the 1994 genocide, it has since strengthened, and a number of businesses in the country have begun exporting to countries in Europe. This is leading to increases in courier services and lower prices for both business and personal customers looking for cheap shipping to Rwanda.

    Although most of the population are subsistence farmers, there are a number of coffee and tea exporters operating in the country. Traditional Rwandan arts and crafts are produced around the country and demand is increasing for these in the UK. There are many tourists visiting the country and the sector is rapidly growing. Some visitors from the UK are choosing to stay for extended periods of time, so cheap shipping to Rwanda from UK  is increasing.

    Rwanda is a member of the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations, so has strong ties with a number of countries in Europe, such as the UK.

    Parcel Delivery To Rwanda

    cheap courier services to Rwanda is usually carried out in Kigali, although other popular parcel destinations include Butare, Gitarama, Ruhengen, Gisenyl, Byumba, Cyangugu, Kibuye, Rwanamgana and Kibungo.

    The government has increased investment in the transport infrastructure over the past 20 years, using aid from mainly America and the European Union. Roads between the cities are predominantly paved and so provide quick transport for the couriers once they reach Rwanda. The busiest trade route is the road to the port of Monbasa, otherwise known as the Northern Corridor.

    Any air freight from the UK direct to Rwanda arrives into the international Kigali airport. There are a number of infrastructure projects underway which could speed up delivery times for cheap courier services to Rwanda. The first is a railway line which was started in 2015 to link the Tanzanian Central Line to Rwanda. The second is an investigation into the feasibility of linking Lake Victoria and Rwanda through shipping on the Akagera River.

    The average delivery time for a parcel delivery to Rwanda is around four to five days, although faster options are available or slower options for larger deliveries. If you are sending to an urban area, delivery will be relatively quick once customs is cleared. A rural area could add another two days for parcel delivery to Rwanda from UK due to lack of paved roads.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Rwanda

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    Cheap Courier to Rwanda starts at around £20.00 for a 1kg parcel that does not require urgent delivery. If you do need to send a larger parcel or an urgent parcel delivery UK to Rwanda, this could cost more. You should also bear in mind that the parcel may be subject to import taxes upon arrival into Rwanda. Unfortunately, as the import taxes for Rwanda parcel delivery are calculated once the item reaches Rwanda, it is impossible to estimate what these may be. If you do happen to find cheap parcel delivery to Rwanda for a better price, please let us know. Over the years, we have built fantastic relationships with the best couriers, and many will be willing to offer us a preferential rate for parcel delivery to Rwanda from UK.

    We only work with couriers we trust for Rwanda parcel delivery: they have been operating internationally delivering thousands of parcels each week, so we know they are reliable and efficient, as well as offering cheap courier to Rwanada. The excellent service starts as soon as the courier collects your parcel. When you send a parcel to Rwanda you will be able to choose a collection address, either your home, work or a local pick up point.

    As soon as the parcel is collected for parcel delivery UK to Rwanda, it will be scanned onto the courier’s tracking system; this will be available for both you and the recipient at all times. The parcel is scanned as it reaches and leaves each section of its journey, so you will know exactly where it is at all times.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Rwanda

    Parcel delivery UK to Rwanda will involve international customs clearance. This is because the country is not part of the European Union and so there are no trade agreements in place for the free movement of goods across the border. You will need to send a customs declaration form and a commercial invoice. These will detail the parcel’s contents and also its value. This process is simple as the couriers will send you the documents and all you need to do is fill them out to start the process. If your parcel does get stopped at customs, it could take around four to six weeks to enter Rwanda.

    When preparing your parcel for collection you should ensure the parcel is well packaged and secure for its long journey. The parcel will be passed through many manual handling facilities and could be susceptible to damage if not sent correctly. Ensure you send a sturdy, stackable box which is secured with strong parcel tape. If you send a parcel to Rwanda which could be easily damaged, you should secure any moving parts and wrap with bubble wrap. It is possible to purchase a box with ‘fragile’ and arrows along each side to indicate to the handler which way the parcel should be held.

    There are certain import restrictions which you should be aware before you send a parcel to to Rwanda. Many of the items which are widely restricted include aerosols, animals, cigarettes, money, drugs, weapons, ammunition and alcohol. There are also a number of items which are specific to Rwanda which are strictly prohibited; these include pornographic material, items infringing copyright, narcotics and polyethylene bags. If you do have any queries, HM Revenue and Customs will be able to provide you with advice, or the Rwanda customs control can also be contacted via email.

    When addressing your parcel you should take care when writing the address, particularly if you are not writing in your native language. If you need help with finding an exact address, the Universal Postal Union can assist and will advise you on the correct format for Rwanda. If the recipient has a telephone number, this should be written on the outside of the parcel. If there are any hold ups or the courier is struggling to find the address, it will be easy for contact to be made and the delivery arranged.

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