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    In 1962, The Republic of Burundi, as it is officially known, gained independence from Germany and Belgium and set to work forging itself as its own nation. However, due to a mixture of factors including its location in the East of Africa and severe political unrest, the nation saw little development even up until the 1990s. Recent years have seen signs of growth in Burundi’s economy and the current political system is that of a presidential representative democracy. With a hot equatorial climate, Burundi naturally lends itself as an economy based largely around agriculture, with about 90% of the population working in that sector. Its biggest exports are tea and coffee which help towards stable economic growth. Though the nation still has a way to go in improving international trade relations, things are picking up and more people are starting to look for cheap parcel delivery to Burundi.

    Due to this expansion of there trade and the economy beginning to expand there is an increased interest in cheap courier services to Burundi offering you a vast array of cheap courier to Burundi services. This is important to the consumer because it allows you the option to use a cheap courier to Burundi to ensure that your parcel is delivered at a low cost and on time. Due to the increase in cheap courier services to Burundi, it can be very time consuming to look for multiple different quotes, but we are here to help!   Simply enter the dimensions and overall weight of your parcel and we will handle the rest, giving you your own personalised quote for cheap delivery to Burundi within seconds!

    As trade with Burundi improves and more nations, such as the UK in particular, come to import tea, coffee and other commodities from Burundi, more international couriers are offering parcel delivery to Burundi. Naturally, and as with sending parcels to many countries so far away, you may have concerns with finding safe and reliable parcel delivery to Burundi from UK. However, we work closely with a number of the largest and most trustworthy international courier services who have good infrastructure in place for fast and steady deliveries to East African countries, and you can use our site to compare the very best.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we aim to make it quick and easy to find the cheapest parcel delivery to Burundi services on the market. There are a huge number of options to choose from and, instead of having to scour the market online to find the best deal, we have all of the information that you need to arrange cheap delivery to Burundi parcel delivery in one place.

    Parcel Delivery To Burundi

    Sifting through the couriers available and finding the right one for your needs may have been very confusing before. However, we have developed a comparison tool to allow you to search and find the perfect parcel delivery to Burundi service to suit your needs. You can search depending on the size of your parcel and find tailored quotes to suit your needs. This saves you time as well as providing peace of mind that you are finding the cheapest parcel delivery to Burundi possible. Keep reading for more information and guidance on how to properly and safely send a parcel to Burundi, and to overcome any challenges you may face along the way.

    Although the country is land locked there is still access to ports, this therefore makes shipping parcels here easier than ever. As there economy grows there are more was to access cheap shipping to Burundi without to much fuss. As the increase in demand for cheap shipping to Burundi becomes more prominent, there is more companies offering cheap shipping to Burundi as it is the most reliable mode of transport when travelling long distances.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Burundi

    The delivery cost to send a parcel to Burundi is dependant on a number of factors. Typical economy delivery will vary depending on the size and weight of your parcel, as well as on where you wish to send your parcel to exactly. Larger cities in Burundi, such as the capital of Bujumbura, will be easier and likely cheaper than sending to some more remote areas where infrastructure is not as well established. Nevertheless, our couriers are experts in parcel delivery to Burundi from UK, so you can be sure that your parcel will get to its destination, no matter how remote.

    Parcel sizes

    As mentioned, we offer cheap parcel delivery to Burundi in the form of a range of courier services, for parcels of all shapes and sizes; meaning that we offer you the best chance possible of getting your parcel to Burundi. Typically, parcels fall into one of 3 categories: small, medium and large. Large parcels weigh more than 20kg, have a length of 2.5m and a combined depth and width of 5m. Medium parcels weigh less than 20kg and have dimensions of up to 61cm x 46cm x 46cm. Finally, small parcels have dimensions of up to 45cm x 35cm x 16cm and can weigh no more than 2kg. These are general sizing guides for parcels but may vary slightly depending on the courier. If you wish to send abnormally shaped parcels via our parcel delivery to Burundi from UK services, then we can provide you with couriers able to accommodate to your needs. If you are unsure of how to get a quote for a parcel that falls outside of these size and weight requirements, then get in contact with our customer service team who are on hand to support you.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Burundi

    If this is your first parcel delivery UK to Burundi, then no doubt you will have some worries and more questions. Usual questions involve knowing how to properly address your parcel, finding out what you can and can’t send and also knowing if and how you need to deal with customs once your parcel arrives in Burundi. To help you out, and to make the process as swift as possible, below are answers to these concerns.

    Dealing with customs when sending a parcel to Burundi

    As with all African countries, Burundi lies outside of the EU, so parcel delivery there may be slightly more complex than you are used to. You will need to deal with customs and that can be done by filling out all the necessary paperwork as provided by your chosen courier after purchase. You must make sure this information is completed to the best of your knowledge or else your parcel may be delayed or will not be let through at all!

    What can’t be sent to Burundi?

    When it comes to sending a parcel to any country, there are certain products that couriers will not allow to be sent, including weapons, drugs and counterfeit goods. As well as this, Burundi itself has a number of restricted and prohibited products that it will not allow through its borders, so make sure that you keep this in mind when arranging cheap parcel delivery to Burundi. Examples of such products include meat products, plant products and pornographic materials. If you have a parcel that you wish to send, but you are unsure if it will be allowed through customs and into Burundi, then before purchasing your delivery, we recommend you contact the Burundi customs office beforehand to check.

    How to address your parcel delivery UK to Burundi

    Dating back many years before its independence, Burundi has seen heavy French influence in its social affairs. As such, one of the most commonly spoken languages is French, and this is the typical language used for addressing any parcels when you send a parcel to Burundi. As such, when labelling be sure to swap English words like “Mr” to the French equivalent of “Monsieur”. Do also be aware that, unlike the UK, Burundi doesn’t use a postcode system. In fact, many African countries don’t use such a system, which is important to remember when arranging parcel delivery UK to Burundi.

    Delivery times for Burundi

    Typical economy delivery times can be anywhere from 3-5 days and upwards when you choose Burundi parcel delivery. However, this time can be brought down if you choose to purchase the express or special delivery option. There are of course a number of other factors which will affect the delivery time for your Burundi parcel delivery. This includes where exactly in the country your parcel is posted to. As mentioned, the capital city is where most shipments arrive and there are roads connecting all major towns and cities. However, these are not as advanced as the roads in the UK. Also, there is currently no train service in place, though there are talks in place to try and establish one. Finally, to help speed up the delivery time, it is recommended that you follow all of the above tips as closely as possible. A poorly addressed parcel could severely delay delivery times and even potentially means that the parcel may not arrive at its intended destination at all.

    If you have any issues using our service and are unable to get an accurate quote, please do get in contact with us for greater assistance.