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Eritrea is a small country, by African standards, of some 45,000 square miles found on the Horn of Africa in the east of the continent, sharing borders with Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti. The former Italian colony has a recent history of civil war and unrest over the last fifty years, which has led to Eritrea being the fragile state which it is today. All of this, combined with the secretive political landscape of the country and regular natural disasters and famines, has hindered Eritrea’s attempts to develop a modern economy. Therefore, Eritrea parcel delivery is less straightforward than to other areas.

Asmera is the capital and largest city in the country and found in the high altitude central region, 7,628 feet above sea level, but this doesn’t stop us from offering cheap courier services to Eritea and its many cities. The city is home to around 10% of the 6.5 million population of Eritrea, some 650,000 people. Other major towns and cities include Keren, Massawa, Assab, Mendefera, Barentu, Adi Keyh, Edd and Dekemhare, mostly to be found alongside historic watercourses and as centres of industry, especially agriculture.

The country’s main exports come from traditional industries, as well as more recent developments, including beverages, cement, clothing and textiles, food processing, sorghum and salt. Nevertheless, Eritrea does have significant gold reserves which are likely to add millions to the local economy if the country is able to effectively exploit them and increase the demand for cheap parcel delivery to Eritrea.

There are no direct flights from the UK to Eritrea, and sea travel off the horn of Africa is beset by security problems this makes it unlikely that there will be cheap shipping to Eritrea. The current lack of tourism to the country is not likely to change. It also makes parcel delivery to Eritrea from UK slower than to other parts of Africa.

As is the case with most African countries, postcodes aren’t used in Eritrea, which can also cause some issues when it comes to parcel delivery to Eritrea. Once parcels arrive in the country, deliveries are restricted to using the country’s underdeveloped road network. Although there are a number of roads, and the main highways between major towns and cities are well maintained, the general lack of infrastructure causes regular delays and disruption to all delivery services.

There are three International Airports at Massawa, Assab and Asmara providing access into the country which means you can send a parcel into the country. Although flights from international destinations are limited for security reasons. Nevertheless there are also a number of seaports on the Red Sea. However, while parcel delivery UK to Eritrea does have some obstacles, when you need to find  swift and cheap delivery to Eritrea, our comparison service can help.

Here at Parcel Delivery, we pride ourselves on providing the cheap delivery to Eritrea rates, coupled with some of the most reliable services available. Cheap Courier to Eritrea from UK is difficult due to the numerous security issues that can occur on the borders of the country. Nevertheless, the cheap courier services to Eritrea that we provide on our site are experts in parcel delivery UK to Eritrea, meaning they are certain to get your parcel to where it needs to be safely. Send a parcel to Eritrea with our help, today.

Parcel Delivery To Eritrea

Only a limited number of services provide cheap courier to Eritrea from UK, with many considering the country too dangerous, and the political environment too fragile, to operate services.

You must also be aware that Eritrea is currently subject to international sanctions due to concern about human rights and political oppression in the country. There are restrictions on what items you can send when arranging parcel delivery UK to Eritrea and it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not breach any sanctions or embargoes with your parcel delivery to Eritrea. A breach of sanctions or embargoes could lead to a heavy fine or imprisonment.

Tracking, express, insured, and other additional services are not generally available on parcel deliveries to Eritrea due to the hostility of the region and the difficulties of providing a reliable and robust service in the country. Nevertheless, our Eritrea parcel delivery couriers are experts in the region, and can help to ensure that you are provided with all of the details that you need to ensure your parcel makes it to its destination.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Eritrea

Despite the limited range of services on offer, our site is still able to offer you an effective and safe comparison service of your options for parcel delivery UK to Eritrea. However we cannot offer cheap shipping to Eritea. You should expect to pay in the region of £40-50 for standard delivery services for a small package.

Presently, only air delivery options to Eritrea are available due to the problems of piracy in the sea area off the Horn of Africa. This means that you must ensure that any items you wish to send in your Eritrea parcel delivery are suitable to be carried by air.

A limited number of additional services including insurance and proof of delivery are available within the more populated, urban areas such as the capital, although they do attract an extra cost and should not be considered 100% reliable. Please keep this in mind when arranging to send a parcel to Eritrea in order to ensure you are fully up to date with reasonable expectations.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Eritrea

Arranging to send a parcel to Eritrea is one of the more challenging tasks that might confront even an expert in international shipping, and there are plenty of issues you need to consider before planning your cheap parcel delivery to Eritrea.

Most importantly, remind yourself of international customs regulations, and of the detail of sanctions and embargoes which are in place against Eritrea itself. You will certainly need to ensure that you include a fully completed CN22/CN23 customs declaration on your package. However, due to the sanctions regime, you may also need to apply for an export licence from the UK Government and include the relevant paperwork with your parcel.

Of particular concern are any items which could be construed to have military uses. You must not include anything in your parcel delivery to Eritrea which could have any military value, including GPS-enabled devices, camouflage clothing, maps, compasses, off-road vehicles (or equipment for those vehicles), or any kind of weapon.

From time to time, Eritrea’s own border guards and customs services strictly enforce local import regulation on cheap parcel delivery to Eritrea, which may include tariffs and charges on the import of a wide variety of items to the country. It is well worth ensuring that your chosen carrier employs the services of a reliable local shipping agent to ensure that your delivery does not fall foul of ever-changing local regulations and tariffs.

There is a limited road network in Eritrea, and no reliable domestic air service, which – especially during the rainy season – can combine to create exceedingly challenging circumstances for parcel delivery and create major delays, or even put a stop to deliveries altogether. When planning to send a parcel to Eritrea, you must ensure that you allow enough time for delivery to cope with local conditions, especially if you are sending an item anywhere other than the capital or other major towns and cities.

Postcodes are not used in Eritrea, and many homes and other buildings do not have postal addresses as we would understand them in the UK. It is vital to include a full and detailed address on your parcel, as well as your own return address, and contact telephone numbers both in Eritrea and the UK. This will help give your Eritrea parcel delivery the best possible chance of arriving at your intended destination.

Finally, you should ensure that you provide your chosen carrier with as much information as possible and discuss with them the nature of your delivery and your particular requirements as fully as possible, as this will help them to work with you and prevent as many problems as possible when sending a parcel from the UK to this extremely challenging destination. To help keep this process as easy as possible, visit Parcel Delivery to compare a large range of couriers to obtain the cheapest parcel delivery to Eritrea today.