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    Looking for cheap delivery to South Africa? We can help you get a cheap courier to South Africa without compromising on service. Below you’ll find all you need to know about the cheapest courier to South Africa from the UK. Logistically, being in the Southern hemisphere at the tip of the continent means time needs to be considered. When you send a parcel to South Africa you’ll have to pay a premium if you want parcels sent quickly. You’ll also need to consider that South Africa is on a different continent. Sending a parcel to Africa requires different regulations than if you were sending parcels within Europe.

    South Africa is the second-largest African country. Only behind in terms of economic power. Despite a recent slight recession, the South African economy has seen a resurgence in the past few years. This is due to a strong financial sector present. Crime still is a big issue in South Africa and one the local government are doing their best to curtail. However, this shouldn’t concern you if you are arranging a cheap courier service to South Africa. The country has a large population of over 56 million people. This makes it the 24th most populous country in the world, just ahead of Tanzania. Whilst poverty is prevalent, it’s certainly a country that maintains a democratic ruling. This allows it to grow at a similar rate to countries in the West.

    Parcel Delivery To South Africa

    You’ll be able to use all the large courier companies to send a parcel to South Africa quickly and safely. Companies such as TNT, DHL, FedEx, and UPS are to be expected. You’ll find these companies listed and compared in our online tool. However, you’ll find more niche, specific companies that offer cheap parcel delivery to South Africa.

    The main comparative factor is the price. Yet you should consider all aspects including the speed, safety, and reputability of the company. When arranging a UK to South Africa courier to deliver, you need to trust the company you’re using. The reputability of the company may play into your considerations.

    The majority of courier company South Africa services can arrange a collection or drop off. This will depend on the size of the parcel you are sending. Also, it will depend on your proximity to a delivery office. The size and weight of your parcel will alter the price of the delivery service to South Africa. This is true for South Africa parcel delivery overseas. Large parcels will cost a lot more, simply due to logistical transportation reasons. You’ll find a lot more information on prices below. We’ll go into more depth concerning the different options with an online courier service to South Africa.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To South Africa

    South Africa remains one of the UK’s main trading partners. The links between the two countries have certainly been established. The fact that the majority of the South African population speak English also helps with this trading link. It’s for this reason the country often acts as a portal to the rest of the African continent. This in terms of trading agreements.

    Most delivery companies send parcel delivery to South Africa from the UK via air bases in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, or Cape Town, your order will then be processed. It will then be delivered to your desired destination. You’ll find the best courier to South Africa and their prices. As a guideline, prices for delivery will range from £30 for 1 kg (assuming a standard parcel shape). It will be around £40-£50 for a 5 kg parcel and around £100 for a parcel that weighs around 20 kg. These are approx. prices and timings will vary depending on the company you use.

    The distance and crossing of countries means we recommend insurance for your item. Or you can track your parcel and pay extra for ‘signed on receipt’ services. This way, the  delivery courier of a cheap parcel to South Africa will be much more careful.

    Parcel delivery to South Africa can cost as little as £14. This is when sending in a UPS envelope. This doesn’t always accommodate for a large item with substantial wrapping. To profit from this service, you must use a UPS set envelope. The whole package is unable to weigh more than 0.5 kg, restricting the size and content of your parcel.

    For the best express timings, you’ll be paying a premium price. This means a 2-day delivery time is to be expected. Using cheap parcel delivery to South Africa services can be quick. You can expect a delivery time of 4-6 days for parcel delivery UK to South Africa. You’ll have to accommodate for extra time. This is in case your final delivery address is outside of the main capitals mentioned. When looking for same-day courier services to South Africa, you’ll need to consider this.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To South Africa

    Will I Need to Deal with Customs when I Send a Parcel to South Africa?

    South Africa is located on a different continent. Your parcel will have to pass through customs checks. This shouldn’t be an issue however. You’ll need to check the list of prohibited items. This will detail items that aren’t allowed in parcel delivery to South Africa. This will include obvious items such as narcotics and drugs. It will extend to some foods. You’ll need to fully check the list before using the best courier service UK to South Africa. This is in case your parcel, however harmless it may be, gets removed. This will be due to not complying with South Africa parcel delivery regulations.

    How Should I Label My Parcel Delivery to South Africa?

    Most companies provide special labels for your parcel delivery UK to South Africa. This is to ensure ease for you. This will enable quick and simple processing of your parcel upon delivery. In terms of the address, you need to write the country to which you are sending your parcel:

    • In capital letters
    • On the last line of the address
    • In the language of the destination country (English is fine for South Africa)

    Goods sent with a value of up to £270 require a CN22 sticker on the package. When explaining what you’re sending to the company, they should provide this to you without a problem.

    When Will My Parcel Delivery to South Africa Arrive?

    Due to the huge distance between the UK and South Africa, you must accommodate for different timings. You should set up tracking as an option. The best couriers in South Africa can offer this. It will ensure you can keep a check on the delivery progress. South Africa parcel delivery prices are inflated compared to those for the rest of Europe. Our unique comparison will find the best possible service for cheap courier services to South Africa. They’ll also be the safest, most reliable and quickest service possible.

    What Happens if My Parcel to Delivery to South Africa is Delayed?

    If your parcel delivery is delayed, the courier will contact you. They will inform you of the latest update. A delay with your delivery can be frustrating. The unexpected can happen of course. Using online tracking facilities will ensure you can see its progress. The courier will ensure you’re updated if there is any delay. They will offer advice or alternative options if need be.

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