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    When you send a parcel to Somalia from the UK, it needn’t be a complicated process. Let us compare all the best prices and well-known couriers out there to enable you to find fast and efficient parcel delivery to Somalia. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Our service means you can simply fill in your parcel details and get a personalised quote today for quick, reliable and cheap parcel delivery to Somalia.

    Known officially as the Federal Republic of Somalia, this stunning country is located in the Horn of Africa and has borders with Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. It has the largest coastline of any African country with direct access to the Gulf of Arden and the Indian Ocean. This is particularly useful for any goods shipped via sea as the ports found on Somalia’s coastline are well-equipped to handle them.

    Its main exports are livestock, sugar refining, textiles and bananas which are shipped mainly to Middle Eastern countries. Although it has had a chequered past, this is a country firmly on the up in recent years and one that shows signs of building a strong economy and trade relations with the world.

    With a population of around 16 million people, it boasts the bustling city of Mogadishu as its capital. Although the majority of parcels tend to be delivered to this city, our couriers can also deliver to different regions of the country as needed. Although it doesn’t boast as strong an economy as other countries in the region, reliable, cheap courier services to Somalia is needed still. Many UK businesses have links with Somalia and as such need a courier service they can trust to deliver their goods. Similarly, many UK residents require cheap courier services to Somalia from UK for personal reasons.

    Rest assured that whatever the reason you need Somalia parcel delivery, we can help you find the best value quote! Don’t waste your valuable time manually sifting through hundreds of delivery quotes – let us find cheap parcel delivery to Somalia for you in seconds.

    Parcel Delivery To Somalia

    The internal infrastructure within the country is fairly good although only a small percentage of the road network is paved. There are however around 14,000 miles of roads to use for delivery meaning that our couriers can ensure your cheap delivery to Somalia gets to where it needs to, fast. There are a number of airports in Somalia and it has its own national airline, Somali Airlines, which also means goods are easy to transport around when they arrive. The many ports, of which the capital Mogadishu is the main one, are another reason that cheap shipping to Somalia from UK is not difficult to arrange. There is no railway network interestingly enough but with the fine road, air and sea options, this is not an issue.

    Although it is around 2,000 miles away, the many flights and shipments leaving for the country now mean that cheap shipping to Somalia is a reality for many UK businesses and residents. If you need to get a parcel to the country fast, let us find a cheap courier to Somalia for you. Any of the well respected and experienced couriers we compare prices for will get your parcel there with no fuss.

    As a rough guide when you send a parcel to Somalia, a standard size and weight sent via standard delivery would take around 7 business days to arrive. You can select numerous different options, such as our special delivery in order to provide you with a quote for the service that you require. It is worth remembering this when arranging parcel delivery to Somalia from UK that has to arrive by a certain date so you can send a parcel to Somalia in plenty of time.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Somalia

    The usual cost of sending a standard size and weight parcel to Somalia on standard shipping is around £40. Obviously, the cost you will pay depends on the number of parcels sent, the size and weight along with the Somalia parcel delivery option you decide on. Bigger and heavier packages will naturally cost more to send than smaller, lighter ones. Before you send a parcel to Somalia, it is worth making sure that insurance or protection for valuable items is included in the quote you choose if you need it. Not all our courier partners include this as standard so it is worth making sure you have added it on as an option if they don’t do that as part of the quote shown.

    With our help, you can rest easy knowing that you will find cheap delivery to Somalia there is. Our professional and reliable courier services will make sure your goods arrive quickly and efficiently. We understand how important reliable and cost-effective delivery is for many UK residents and businesses so are proud to help make this a reality for Somalia parcel delivery.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Somalia

    As you would expect when sending a parcel over to Africa, there are a few things to remember when posting a parcel delivery UK to Somalia. Firstly, please don’t attempt to send a parcel to Somalia filled with prohibited items. They will not be allowed in the country or delivered if you do and you may face legal action from the Somalian Government also.

    Current prohibited items include alcohol, tobacco and liquids amongst others but it is recommended to check directly with the local Somali Embassy or Somali Government website for a full list before you arrange parcel delivery UK to Somalia. It is ultimately the sender’s responsibility to make sure they do not contravene any laws when they  send a parcel to Somalia.

    There are also a number of items such as jewellery, minerals and precious metals that need prior approval before attempting to ship into the country. As above, it is best to check with the Somalian Government directly to make sure you can send anything like that in. It is also worth double checking at the same time as to any documents or additional fees that the Somalian Government may apply when your parcel arrives into Somalia. The quotes we compare are only for delivery to Somalia and any customs taxes or duties imposed in addition will not be covered.

    Make sure you include a full address on the parcel that you are sending off. This will help our professional couriers ensure your parcel arrives at the intended destination with no fuss or delay. It is also worth including your name and contact details on the reverse of the parcel, just in case you are needed to be contacted about the delivery.

    As always, please make sure anything you send is packaged up sufficiently to withstand transportation. Any fragile goods within your parcel delivery to Somalia should be padded appropriately and any boxes should be secure enough to arrive safely. Our fast and efficient couriers will treat your goods with the utmost care, but this will help greatly too.

    If you are looking for a cheap courier to Somalia, then look no further than Parcel Delivery! Simply fill in your parcel details and let us show you all the best value quotes for delivery from the most respected couriers in the industry. We guarantee whichever quote you choose from our list of options, your parcel will arrive safely at the intended address.