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Comprised of numerous countries, the continent of Asia spans over 44 million kilometres and is home to over 4 billion people. Although the area is vast, this doesn’t mean that parcel deliveries to the continent need to be complicated.

In fact, the wide range of businesses and corporations located in Asia means that parcel delivery services in the continent are efficient, reliable and cost-effective. Of course, cheap courier services to Asia may seem overwhelming at first, particularly if you’ve never had to send a parcel abroad before.

Fortunately, it’s easy to compare delivery services and select an appropriate service for cheap shipping to Asia with the help of our comparison service here at Parcel Delivery.

Parcel Delivery To Asia

If you’re planning to send a parcel to Asia, or the Far East, the first thing you’ll need to do is confirm which country the parcel will be heading to. As different countries have varying rules and regulations, it’s vital to confirm the destination before you make delivery arrangements.

China, for example, prohibits the import of printed matter, films and photographs so this is something you’ll need to be aware of if you’re planning on sending a parcel to the country. Similarly, Japan restricts the importation of paintings by hand, engravings and sculptures.

Whilst the majority of countries prohibit certain items, such as soil or plants from foreign lands, each country has its own list of restricted items too. Identifying potentially restricted items in your destination country and amending your parcel contents accordingly will ensure that your cheap courier services to Asia get the job done with minimal fuss.

Once you’ve determined which country your parcel is to be sent to and confirmed that it doesn’t contain potentially restricted items, you can begin to search for cheap parcel delivery to Asia. With a range of services available, from cheap parcel delivery to Asia to some of the fastest options on the market, you should find it easy to find a delivery provider which can transport your parcel quickly and without delay.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Asia

When you’re sending a parcel to Asia or the Far East, it’s easy to locate cost-effective carriers. With prices starting from approximately £11, you needn’t spend a significant sum when transporting goods to Asia. In fact, deliveries can be made so cheaply that you can send goods to the continent regularly.

Before selecting cheap shipping to Asia, you’ll need to consider whether you want to purchase advanced protection. If you’re sending items which are worth a significant amount, you may want to opt for additional insurance.

As parcel delivery UK to Asia involves significant transit time, added protection and insurance can give you peace of mind, particularly if the items you’re sending are worth a lot. Whilst it isn’t generally advisable to send extremely valuable items via parcel delivery, extra insurance protection will ensure that your items are covered in the event that they are damaged.

Indeed, with varying degrees of insurance coverage available, you can select the appropriate amount of cover, depending on what you’re sending abroad.

With efficient services facilitating Asia parcel delivery, you can be sure that your item will arrive quickly, whichever delivery option you go for. If you need to send items to the continent particularly quickly, however, express services might be the right option for you.

With express and special delivery services to Asia ensuring delivery within 1-3 days, it won’t take long for your items to arrive at their destination. As express services tend to begin at around £26, you can still take advantage of cheap delivery to Asia, even if you need to get your parcel there quickly.

Similarly, express delivery services often have the advantage of collection as well. Rather than having to travel to a drop off point, you can have your parcel collected from a location of your choice. If you work full-time, for example, and would struggle to get to a drop off point, you may wish to have your parcel collected from your place of work.

This is often more convenient for senders and can enable you to get your parcel dispatched more quickly than if you wait until you’re able to access a local drop off point.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Asia

If you regularly send parcels within the UK, you might be used to packaging and addressing them. Due to the increased transit time when arranging parcel delivery to Asia from UK, however, you may want to reinforce the parcel and add additional packaging materials.

This can help to ensure that the parcel isn’t damaged in transit and that your goods arrive in pristine condition.

In addition to this, you may want to take extra care when addressing your parcel. Using a permanent marker and writing in capital letters, for example, should ensure that the delivery details are firmly affixed and clearly legible.

As address formats can differ from country to country, it’s always worth double checking the delivery details before you arrange an Asia parcel delivery. If you’ve accidentally included the wrong details or haven’t provided enough information, it could result in unnecessary delays. By checking the details and ensuring you’ve provided accurate information, you can ensure that parcel delivery UK to Asia is efficient and hassle-free.

When you’re looking for a cheap courier to Asia, you may also want to consider the delivery options. You may wish to receive confirmation of delivery, for example. Often, delivery firms can provide delivery authentication online so you can be alerted when delivery has taken place. In some cases, you may even be able to access a copy of the recipient’s signature so you can be sure that your delivery has arrived safely and securely.

This is particularly beneficial if you’re sending sentimental or relatively valuable items. Similarly, if you’re sending sensitive paperwork overseas, you may want to opt for signed for parcel delivery UK to Asia.

Whilst deliveries to overseas can take a little longer than deliveries made from one UK location to another, advanced travel methods mean that parcels can be transported with speed. Although slower delivery options may rely on travel via boat, and provide you with a cheap courier to Asia, transporting your parcels via the air means that they can be delivered within a day or two of dispatch.

With exceptional transport facilities in larger cities and towns, it’s easy to get your parcels to their destination once they’ve been delivered to the continent. Indeed, your parcels can often be at their intended destination within a few hours of arriving, when you choose our cheap delivery to Asia services.

When you’re selecting a parcel delivery to Asia service, however, it’s important to compare your options. Most delivery firms make it easy to obtain a quote, based on the size of the parcel you wish to send and the urgency involved. Simply inputting a few basic details, such as the collection location and size of your parcel, will ensure that you’re able to gather a wide range of estimates and you can then select the right option for you. This will make the entire process simpler, allowing you to send a parcel to Asia with ease.

Don’t spend more than you need to when arranging parcel delivery to Asia from UK. Using your information and your unique quotes, you should find it easy to choose an efficient parcel delivery service which will get your parcel to its destination within the expected timeframe and at a low cost. Send a parcel to Asia with help from Parcel Delivery today.