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If you are looking for fast, efficient and cheap courier to Gambia, then we have the best courier services out there to choose from. Not only that but along with their professional service, you will get the best value possible when you arrange to send a parcel to Gambia through us. Whether your package is big or small, we can find the best delivery quote for you and make sure your goods arrive in this lovely African country safe and sound.

A country of around 2 million people, this West African state is bordered only by Senegal and has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean to the West. Named after the fantastic Gambia River that flows through it, it is a popular tourist destination and has Banjul as its capital city. Although it is the smallest country in Africa, it is a lively place and one of the UK’s premier trading partners and is very popular for parcel delivery UK to Gambia.

Recently, Gambia has also forged trade links with Japan and the USA which shows that as a country it is doing very well. This means that any UK company liaising with any Gambian business will benefit from the cheap courier services to Gambia that we can offer. We understand that secure and quick parcel delivery to Gambia from UK is essential for businesses. Our quality service is all about making it quick and easy for you to do that.

Parcel Delivery To Gambia

A prosperous nation, Gambia derives most of its trade from agriculture along with tourism. Mainly this is whole nuts and oil derived from nuts but also a significant dairy industry too. Tea is another great export of this country so it is easy to see why it is such a big business partner for many UK companies. With its stable infrastructure and direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, this country boasts great transport links for parcel delivery offering a range of cheap shipping to Gambia. This means that cheap delivery to Gambia will be hassle free, especially with the professional courier services we compare for you. Enter your parcel details now and get a personalised quote today for cheap delivery to Gambia.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Gambia

In terms of cost, a standard size and weight parcel would usually come in around £25 for parcel delivery UK to Gambia as a guide. Obviously, the size, weight and number of parcels being sent all make up how much it will cost to deliver to Gambia so this is something to bear in mind. A bigger, heavier parcel will cost more than a smaller, lighter one but we can find one of our cheap courier services to Gambia that’s best for you.

If you would like a personalised quote for your individual parcel, then enter your dimensions and weight to bring up the cheapest parcel delivery to Gambia. Rest assured, we will compare all the best courier services to find the perfect parcel delivery to Gambia from UK for you. The trusted courier services we work with are among the biggest and best names in the business.

Delivery would usually take around 5 business days so it is worth factoring that in when you send a parcel to Gambia if you need the package to get there by a certain date. Many courier services have been delivering to this country for years so you can be confident, knowing it will be there as soon as possible. Once you have found the ideal quote for you through our website and sent it off, your parcel will be there before you know it!

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Gambia

When thinking about Gambia parcel delivery, there are a few important points to bear in mind. Firstly, you must make sure you don’t send any prohibited or restricted items. Doing so could well mean they are not allowed into the country and therefore not delivered. For serious breaches, there may also be legal action.

Prohibited items include indecent or obscene films, books or magazines, specific plants and products thereof, radio communications equipment not approved for use in Gambia and articles originating from protected species such as ivory. Obviously, anything illegal such as illegal drugs and suchlike is also prohibited to be sent. If you are unsure about what goods are or aren’t allowed into the country, please double check with the Gambia Revenue Authority direct.

If you are importing a pet or animal into Gambia, then be aware there are a few things you need to be able to do that. You would firstly need to complete a Veterinary Certificate for Gambia form – it is wise to have this done by a registered official such as a vet in your home country. Animals also need to be vaccinated for rabies between 30 days and 12 months prior to entry into the country. Entry into the Gambia for animals or pets must be via Banjul International Airport and all animals are subject to an inspection by officials on arrival.

Although all the quotes we offer are the very best deals you can get out there for cheap parcel delivery to Gambia, please be aware that insurance or protection is not always included as standard. If you require this, please make sure you have selected that or that it is included in the Gambia parcel delivery quote. As well as this, you may find some additional customs duties or taxes are added on by the Gambian government after arrival in the country. Usually, these are paid by the consignee on collection if any are due but it is worth bearing in mind as the sender for information. These are usually decided on by the Gambian customs officials after inspection of the parcel, so we cannot offer any exact figures if this were to be the case.

Please make sure that your parcel or packages are fully addressed with as much detail on them as possible. Although we can offer a cheap courier to Gambia we cant guarantee will get there if you miss this out. As the country doesn’t use post codes, providing the most information you can on the parcel itself will help it get there faster. It is also worth adding your contact details to the reverse of the parcel with a phone number just in case there are any issues with delivery that you need to be contacted about.

As always with sending any goods or parcels abroad, please make sure your parcel is sturdy and secure before you send anything via our cheap parcel delivery to Gambia to make sure the goods inside stay safe. Although many of the  Gambia parcel delivery courier services we compare and work with are highly professional and efficient, this is a wise move anyway. By doing this you will have extra peace of mind, knowing that whatever you send will arrive as intended.

We work alongside trusted courier services to offer great deals on the cheapest parcel delivery to Gambia. By working with these top-class courier services, we can help provide the perfect postal solution to Gambia at a great price. We do all the hard work in comparing all the various information out there for you and save you the time of doing it all manually. We appreciate you have a busy life or a successful company to run and just don’t have time to be doing that yourself. Therefore, use Parcel Delivery to get a superb quote on quality, reliable and cheap shipping to Gambia from UK today!