We offer a fully tracked parcel delivery service that tracks your parcel’s journey from collection right through to delivery. In an increasingly commercial and global world economy, individuals and businesses are sending more and more parcels to fulfil various business and personal objectives.

We are very aware that parcel senders and recipients need to know the status and location of their parcels at any given time and we are fully committed to making this happen. Our established network of couriers send vast amounts of fragile, urgent and valuable items on a daily basis and we understand that people cannot afford a lack of information about their parcels.

Without a parcel tracking service, customers are left with having to contact call centres that may not be open at convenient times of the day or worse, they may just have to wait hoping for the best until the parcel recipient confirms delivery.

Parcel tracking is an important feature that allows parcel senders and recipients to check the status and location of their orders at any time of the day or night and obtain proof of delivery no matter where in the world they are. We also ensure customers get proof of delivery to assure them that their parcels are sent securely.

Our unique parcel tracker tracks all parcels sent through us and is fulfilled by our network of established couriers. Our tracker is fully integrated with the tracking systems the majority of our affiliated couriers use. This means that we provide customers with full tracking information without them needing to contact the couriers individually themselves.

How parcel tracking works

This is how our simple and easy to use parcel tracking service works:

Once you place your parcel delivery order on our site, you will automatically receive an email from us acknowledging your order. In that email, we will provide you with your parcel reference number, which is the reference number you will need to use to track your parcel.

An experienced courier employed by the courier service you have selected will proceed to collect the parcel from the collection address you provide in your order. Upon collection, the courier will usually scan the parcel which then activates the tracking information for the parcel. Note: some parcels are scanned when they arrive at the courier’s warehouse. We start tracking your parcel once it is scanned, so you also start receiving tracking information.

Depending on the particular instructions you gave us when placing your order, you do not usually need to do anything to receive tracking information. Once the courier company scans your parcel, you will receive periodic updates directly from the courier company letting you know the progress of your parcel to its final destination.

If you need more frequent updates or wish to find out more information, you can simply log onto your account on our website to find out all the tracking information you need. You then enter your parcel reference number into the parcel tracker to find out the current status of your order. You can also view any proof of delivery uploaded onto our site by our experienced courier partners.

Why choose our parcel tracking service?

  1. You can relax in the knowledge that we will automatically send you periodic delivery updates without you having to take any further action.
  2. Our tracker provides up to date, real time information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year non-stop. Through this feature we are pleased to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to plan and put in place any arrangements required in preparation of receiving their parcels.
  3. We offer many convenient ways of sending you tracking information. We could send tracking information straight to your mobile phone via text messaging or by email. You can also let us know if you prefer any particular notification method.
  4. Our parcel tracker is simple and easy to use. There are no complicated forms to fill out or lengthy details to provide. All you need to insert into our online parcel tracker is the unique reference number we sent to you in our confirmation email.
  5. We use advanced technology to make sure that once you enter your reference number, you receive a fast and speedy update about your parcel – no need to wait for ages for our website to load! There’s also very minimal website maintenance, downtime or any other service disruption which would prevent you from receiving updates from us when required.
  6. We use robust technology to prevent data breaches so you can be rest assured that all your information is secure with us. All the couriers we partner with are established and reputable businesses who equally employ secure systems.
  7. Our tracker can be accessed online by all our customers at any time, day or night, and from any location in the world. We have a fully optimised system that is compatible with many mobile and portable devices so that you can access it at your convenience on your smartphone or tablet.
  8. It is easy to view signatures and other forms of proof of delivery using our tracker. Through this service, we are pleased to be able to provide our customers 100% assurance that their parcels have been delivered securely.
  9. Our tracker fully supports international delivery. It does not stop tracking your parcel just because your parcel is no longer on UK soil. Parcels shipped internationally in particular, move through various stages and can sometimes involve a number of different courier services, depending on the destination.No matter the destination, mode of transport or complexity of delivery, our tracker is robust enough to track your parcel through all these hurdles whether by air, sea or land through customs clearance to final delivery.
  10. 10. Our tracker really does move with your parcel so that you are up to date at every given time about its whereabouts. We make good use of visuals so that you can see your parcel as it moves up the delivery path closer to its destination. Our parcel tracker is efficient and we work hard to make sure that parcels move up the delivery path in the tracker rather than remaining stationary at one location for unexplained periods of time.

Your individual and business delivery goals are important to us. We are pleased that through the in-built features of our tracker, we can help you manage customer expectations and fulfil customer satisfaction. Our system helps you track all your deliveries so that you can win your customers’ trust and keep loved ones happy!

Rearrange delivery time

Our tracker service fully supports any changes to delivery dates and times. You can easily arrange redelivery of an item with your selected courier and our tracking service will fully track the parcel, providing up to date tracking information on the revised delivery arrangements.

Book a parcel delivery with us today and experience our excellent tracking service for yourself.