eBay Parcel Delivery Services

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, eBay is a fantastic e-commerce platform. It allows you to purchase almost anything from businesses and individuals alike. You have the option to shop via auctions or traditional sales. Millions of transactions are made through eBay every day. Shopping on eBay is synonymous with great prices. You can buy pretty much everything on eBay, from clothing and electronics to household goods and beauty products. It’s also a treasure trove of rare finds like antiques, collectables, discontinued goods and anything else you could imagine.

This site is incredibly user-friendly and offers complete peace of mind with anti-fraud protections in place. You can view ratings and feedback from previous customers. What’s more, eBay is extremely competitive, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need for a low price. Are you a successful seller looking to find a low-cost eBay delivery service? Or perhaps you’ve just won the bargain of your dreams and are looking for a reliable eBay courier service to bring it to you. Whatever you need when sending eBay parcels, it couldn’t be easier to find a cheap parcel courier for eBay sales at Parcel Delivery.

Sending eBay Parcels Starts with Selling

Selling on eBay is a fantastic way to make money. You can use the platform to make money for old items laying around your house. You could also sell items like jewellery that you make yourself. Many people make a living entirely from buying and selling on goods on eBay for a profit. It’s easy to fit selling on eBay around your schedule no matter what your usual routine is. Preparing to sell your items on eBay is a straightforward process. There are a few steps you can take to make sure your listing stands out amongst thousands of competing posts.

  • Firstly, search for the item that you’re selling. This will help you understand what price similar items are going for. It will also inspire you on how to word the listing and what style of images to use.
  • Take clear images that show off the item in detail. Be sure to clearly photograph any flaws the item has. Buyers will appreciate the honesty. It will also reduce your chances of getting complaints or negative reviews. A lower rating will make people less likely to buy from you in the future.
  • Imagine that you are a buyer. What would you want to know about the item? Write a detailed description that answers all questions a buyer could have.
  • Make sure you choose the most accurate category to list your item under. This will help sort it into the right place on the website.
  • Offer fast and affordable shipping options. Arranging an eBay courier service is an easy way to make your listing more attractive. Buyers will appreciate having the eBay delivery service taken care of. At Parcel Delivery, we can help arrange a cheap eBay courier quote for any item.

Sending eBay Parcels Is Easy

Before listing an item, you need to know how you are planning to send it. This is essential so that you can accurately list the P&P costs on the listing. If you underestimate the postage costs, you could even end up losing money from a sale. Overestimate them and you risk a negative rating from an unhappy customer. Using Parcel Delivery to find an eBay courier quote couldn’t be easier.

Go to our comparison tool at the top of this page. Enter the eBay parcel’s measurements in centimetres and weight in kilograms. Add in your own postcode for the eBay courier UK to collect the item from. If you don’t know the buyer’s address yet, we’d recommend testing out a few postcodes in different locations in the UK. This will allow you to get a range of different eBay courier quotes and set your eBay courier prices within that range.

Once your item has sold, come back to our tool and enter the buyer’s correct postcode. Now, you’ll get the exact price for your eBay courier service. You don’t have to worry that the cost of sending eBay parcels will jump up in the meantime. We offer the best eBay parcel services from a range of affordable parcel carriers for eBay. So, you will always get a great deal.

Before the eBay courier arrives, make sure that your item is appropriately packaged. Use plenty of packing materials to keep it safe on its journey so it arrives with the buyer in the condition they expect. Securely fix the eBay courier company label on your parcel or write out the address clearly. It’s important that handwritten addresses can be read by couriers and machinery alike. This will help ensure your eBay parcel delivery service goes without a hitch.

Benefits of Our eBay Delivery Services

eBay offers the fantastic opportunity to trade almost anything you could imagine… within reason. This includes the weird, wonderful and outright wacky. If the item you’re selling would have special requirements for delivery, Parcel Delivery can help arrange this. Does your buyer want the item ASAP? We work with fast eBay parcel delivery delivery companies. We can even help arrange eBay same day delivery in some cases!

Another great benefit of getting an eBay courier quote from Parcel Delivery? Many of our trusted partners offer parcel tracking as standard in your eBay courier quote. This benefits you as the seller because you’ll know exactly when the eBay parcel arrives at the destination. Usually you have to wait for the buyer to mark it as received… which many people simply forget to do! It also means that you can update the buyer on their eBay parcel’s location. You can even send them the tracking number. This way, they can check in on the parcel themselves. This is sure to increase your rating on eBay!

Our trusted eBay courier services in the UK can handle anything. From a small parcel containing a second-hand pair of jeans… to finding an eBay delivery service to ship a grand piano. The couriers we work with at Parcel Delivery will have it covered. There is no item too big or small to send via our eBay courier services. The size and weight of your parcel will affect the cost of delivery. Therefore it’s important to record these accurately.

We’re also able to arrange international deliveries via our eBay couriers delivery services. This allows you to cheaply and quickly ship eBay parcels abroad. Having the option for sending eBay parcels overseas can increase your sales. This is because you are able to reach more customers. Get an eBay courier quote for your international parcel using the comparison tool above.

eBay Couriers for Collection Only

It may also be useful to find eBay courier services in the UK as a buyer. This will open up a whole avenue of great deals to you. If you regularly use eBay, you may be familiar with their ‘collection only’ feature for delivery. This would usually restrict you to buying only the items which you are able to go and pick up in person. There are many reasons why you might not be able to collect an eBay parcel yourself.

  • You don’t have a suitable vehicle
  • The item is too far away
  • The item is bulky or heavy
  • You don’t want to go to a stranger’s house
  • You don’t have time to collect it yourself

When you buy collection only items from eBay, you can often find a much cheaper deal. This is because not as many people will be bidding on the item. Some people view it as an inconvenience to arrange to collect the item in person. They don’t realise that it’s easy to arrange for an eBay courier service to pick up the eBay parcel on their behalf. Once you know how easy it is to get a cheap eBay courier quote for collection only items… You can get some truly amazing deals!

Many eBay sellers will understand that it isn’t always possible for a buyer to collect themselves. They will usually be happy for you to arrange for a courier to collect the item. It’s always worth double-checking before buying the item though. In this case, you’ll want to find a reliable but cheap parcel courier for eBay purchases. It’s a good idea to find a courier who can give a specific timeslot for both collection and eBay couriers delivery. Our eBay delivery services understand how to make the process easy for the buyer and seller alike.

You’ll need to ask the buyer for the address where the item should be picked up. If this is relatively close to your home, it can be possible to find eBay same day delivery for the item. Ensure that you choose a date for collection that suits the seller. What happens if you won’t be at home on that day? You can choose an eBay courier that will deliver it on a day that does suit. It’s easy to find eBay delivery services with 3-day, 2-day and even next day delivery options.

Some eBay sellers offer collection only items and ask that you pay cash on delivery. If this suits you, that’s great. However, eBay sellers are required to allow buyers to pay via PayPal. Make sure that you select the option for paying for goods and services. Some sellers will ask you to choose the friends and family option. This is so that they can avoid paying fees. However, this option does not offer you any protection. In case the sale were to fall through, you wouldn’t be able to claim back the money that you had sent.

Get an eBay Courier Quote Today

It’s important to note that there are some prohibited items that our eBay couriers will be unable to deliver. These include dangerous goods such as explosives, knives or weapons; alcoholic beverages. It also includes some items commonly sold on eBay such as perfumes, aftershaves and nail polishes. View our full list of prohibited items here. It’s always a good idea to double check with your eBay courier service. They will be able to advise you on what you can and cannot include when sending eBay parcels.

This list of prohibited items is put in place to protect our eBay couriers. Apart from this, it’s possible to use our eBay delivery services to ship almost anything. And we can accommodate any logistical needs too. We work with a great network of trusted eBay courier services in the UK. This means that no matter what eBay parcel you need to send… we can offer you great eBay courier prices. So, whenever you’re looking for the best courier service for eBay? Get an eBay courier quote from Parcel Direct.

eBay Courier UK FAQs

How do I arrange a courier for eBay?

It’s simple. Use our comparison tool to find the cheapest eBay courier quote. Once you’ve found a suitable option for your eBay parcel? Simply find a date for your eBay courier service that suits the buyer and seller.

What courier does eBay use?

eBay has its own courier service for sending eBay parcels. However, you have the option to arrange your own. Use our comparison tool to get an eBay courier quote. It may be much cheaper than the official eBay delivery service.