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    Although Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, it is still a disputed territory, which has made it difficult for the region to grow its economy and develop trade relations. Situated in the south east of Europe, Kosovo is firmly landlocked within the Balkan Peninsula. Its location has seen Kosovo become an important link between both central and southern Europe as well as the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea. With major cities still very much developing in Pristina as well as Gjakova and Prizren, and neighbouring countries such as Albania and Serbia, Kosovo could see its economy grow in the near future, which will help to open the doors for Kosovo parcel delivery services.

    Alongisde Albania and Serbia, the country is also surrounded by Macedonia and Montenegro, however Kosovo is still looking to become fully independent from Serbia. Whilst the Serbian government has recognised Kosovo’s elected government and has allowed them to administer the territory, Serbia still continues to claim the territory as its own Autonomous province. Such uncertainty has hit the development of Kosovo, but there are still plans in place to develop trade relations between Kosovo and the UK, which will further increase the demand for cheap courier services to Kosovo. Currently, the elected government of Kosovo is looking into ways to grow the economy in Kosovo and has identified several strategies, including an increase to bi-directional trade and investments between Kosovo and the UK, helping to increase the number of businesses and individuals looking to send a parcel to Kosovo.

    Those strategies could see businesses looking for cheap delivery to Kosovo increase in the near future. Today, however, there is still a healthy demand for Kosovo parcel delivery, from individuals who may have family and friends in the region. The demand has seen a number of different courier services arise, all offering parcel delivery UK to Kosovo services. Whilst having a great deal of choice is good for the consumer, it can make choosing the right Kosovo parcel delivery service confusing, especially if they are presented with a wide array of prices. As a parcel delivery to Kosovo comparison site, we’re able to simplify the entire process. We work with a range of trusted couriers, who can get your parcel to Kosovo quickly, and are able to provide you with highly competitive quotes. So, if you’ve been searching around, looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to send a parcel to Kosovo, then you’re in the right place at Parcel Delivery.

    Uncertainty in the region may have made you a little hesitant about sending a parcel to Kosovo. You could be wondering if it’s possible to be sure whether or not your parcel will even arrive, let alone if it will get there on time when you send a parcel to Kosovo. That’s why it’s always best practice to choose an experienced and cheap courier to Kosovo to deliver your parcel. Although a lot of cheap courier services to Kosovo offer a parcel delivery, many of them will not have made many, if any, deliveries into the region.

    Dealing with an inexperienced courier could result in delivery of your parcel being severely delayed or even lost. With us, however, you don’t have to worry about your parcel arriving on time. We only work with couriers who are not only reliable but have experience in making Kosovo deliveries. So when you choose one of the quotes we source for you, you’re able to do it safe in the knowledge that you’ll be getting a highly reliable service at a good price, even when you choose cheap delivery to Kosovo.

    To get started with cheap shipping to Kosovo, simply package it up and weigh it. Once you’ve entered a few details, including your parcel’s weight, we’ll get to work on sourcing a number of quotes for you, enabling you to pick the best quote for your unique parcel delivery needs.

    Parcel Delivery To Kosovo

    Since we started offering cheap courier to Kosovo, we have worked hard on developing a number of relationships with some of the best couriers around. We only work with couriers who are able to get your parcel to Kosovo quickly and with the minimum of fuss. That means you won’t have to worry about any unnecessary hold-ups. Instead, you can simply relax, completely safe in the knowledge that your parcel will only be handled by highly experienced professionals.

    With Kosovo situated more than a thousand miles away from the UK, there are plenty of things that could go wrong during transit if you end up dealing with a less than reputable firm that offers cheap shipping to Kosovo. However, we will make sure your parcel gets there on time. We perform regular checks with all our partners to make sure that the highest standards are being met. That means once you hand your parcel over to one of our couriers, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll be getting only the best levels of service.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Kosovo

    Trying to find the cheapest parcel delivery to Kosovo method can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. You could find yourself going from website to website, searching through different quotes only to find there are hidden charges or that certain methods aren’t as cost effective as you thought they would be. As a parcel delivery UK to Kosovo comparison site, we can take away all of that stress simply by doing the hard work for you. We’ll compare quotes from experienced and trusted couriers and present them to you, giving you the knowledge you need in order to make an informed decision over which parcel delivery to Kosovo from UK service to choose.

    Large and heavy items will cost more to send than small and light ones, but we will always work to get you the best possible price, whether you’re sending a large item to your sister in Ferizaj, or you’re sending something small to a friend in Junik. To let us find you a cheap parcel delivery to Kosovo option, simply enter a few details, including the weight of your parcel, and we’ll take it from there.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Kosovo

    If you haven’t sent a parcel to Kosovo before, we recommend communicating with whoever you’re sending the parcel to before you hand it over to one of our courier partners. Information surrounding the address format of Kosovo is scarce online thanks to the uncertainty in the region. Some sources state that Kosovo started its own postcode system in 2005 featuring five digits, with the first two digits separated from the last three, although we highly recommend making thorough checks with the recipient to make sure the format is correct when you arrange cheap parcel delivery to Kosovo.

    The uncertainty surrounding Kosovo also means there is no published official list of restricted and prohibited items available. If you regularly send the same items to Kosovo and have done so in the past without incident, then you should be able to continue to do so without your parcel being seized by customs. If it’s your first time arranging parcel delivery UK to Kosovo however, you may wish to refer to one of the global restricted and prohibited items lists available online. Items you may be prevented from sending to Kosovo include everything from antiques and cheques to jewellery, precious metals and any device which could be used for gambling.

    Finally, it’s best practice to make sure your goods are properly secured before you hand your parcel over to a courier for the cheapest parcel delivery to Kosovo. Fragile items should be placed in protective wrapping, and the box you use should be of an appropriate size to prevent any unnecessary movement during transit.