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When you hear of Switzerland, one’s imagination quickly turns to rolling green valleys and pristine snow-capped mountains. Situated in the Alpine region of Europe, Switzerland shares borders with Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. It is surprising to learn that, despite centuries of political turmoil and war in its neighbouring countries, Switzerland has remained neutral in every conflict for 200 years, and has not been in a state of war since 1815. This is not to say Switzerland is at all backward or has remained away from the world stage. Instead, it has played a crucial role in peace-keeping talks for many years and is where the Red Cross was founded.

Economically, Switzerland is incredibly well developed and is known around the world for the financial strength it offers, particularly in the cities of Geneva and Zürich. In fact, Switzerland claims many titles demonstrating its economic strength and prosperity, such as highest wealth per capita; also, they rank incredibly high for purchasing power parity and national happiness levels. These strong international relations stretch to the UK, with whom it has been a close ally for many years. Britain has always highly regarded Switzerland’s ability to remain neutral in times of crisis and has taken their side with many political debates. To date, more than 40,000 British expats now live in Switzerland, over 700 Swiss companies do business with the UK on a regular basis, and the UK serves as the 4th most crucial market for Swiss investors.

It is unsurprising to learn, therefore, that cheap parcel delivery to Switzerland continues to grow in demand, both for private and business purposes. With well-developed infrastructure, sending parcels to Switzerland is notably fast and affordable, and a large number of international couriers have started offering services there. Beyond standard economy delivery, those looking for cheap shipping to Switzerland from UK can benefit from a number of additional services, such as special delivery and recorded delivery.

Here at Parcel Delivery, we can help to ensure that arranging parcel delivery to Switzerland is as quick and efficient as possible. If you’re an individual looking to send a parcel to Switzerland, or a business set to arrange a consistent and regular parcel delivery to Switzerland from UK service, we can ensure that you are getting the best price, at all times. We compare some of the UK’s most reliable couriers, who are not only highly regarded in terms of the service that they offer but are also known to offer cheap delivery to Switzerland. Our comparison tool will provide you with the most competitive rates, to ensure that you no longer need to scour the web for days-on-end in search of cheap parcel delivery to Switzerland.

Parcel Delivery To Switzerland

Naturally, securing cheap courier to Switzerland prices for your parcel can be awkward, as navigating for quotes from all the couriers available is time-consuming and laborious. For this reason, and due to ever-increasing demand, we have developed a price comparison tool which allows you to search for a courier that fits the exact requirements of what you need to send. Simply input the destination, size and weight of your parcel and you can quickly receive all the prices available for parcel delivery to Switzerland that match your requirements. Not only does this serve to save you a great deal of time, but you can also rest assured you’re getting a cheap courier to Switzerland that is possible.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Switzerland

The cost of cheap shipping to Switzerland is relatively low, due to the close proximity and the allowance of free trade between the UK and Switzerland. However, it is hard to give a rough price as this is determined by your exact requirements. The size of the parcel you wish to send will have a large effect on the cost of delivery, and you can find out more below on how parcels are typically classified. Also, if you wish to purchase any additional services, like express delivery or recorded delivery, then this will also affect how much couriers will charge. By using our comparison tool you can see the price of many cheap courier services to Switzerland  regardless of the size of your parcel or any other needs you have.

Parcel sizes

Though there is some variation in the restrictions offered between couriers, parcels are typically categorised into 3 different groups: small, medium and large. Small parcels are going to be the cheapst thing to send by one of our cheap courier services to Switzerland as they cannot exceed 2kg in weight and the length, and the width and height of the parcel must be no greater than 35cm x 45cm x 16cm. Medium parcels have a maximum weight restriction of 20kg and can be up to 61cm x 46cm x 46cm in dimensions. Lastly, large parcels are anything that weighs more than 20kg but has a maximum combined width and height of 5m and maximum length of 2.5m. If the size of your parcel doesn’t fit within these boundaries, you can still search based on what you need and it is likely that some couriers will still offer a Switzerland parcel delivery service tailored to your needs.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Switzerland

Beyond this, it is likely you have some other concerns regarding parcel delivery to Switzerland from UK. Common questions we receive centre on dealing with Swiss customs and labelling the parcel, so below you can find guidance on these issues.

Dealing with customs when sending a parcel to Switzerland

Though not part of the EU, Switzerland has managed to integrate itself as a part of EU’s single market through a number of treaties. What this means is that, just like sending a parcel to an EU member state, you will not need to deal with customs when you send a parcel to Switzerland. Therefore, there is no need to deal with any forms of customs declarations or additional fees which you may face with other countries.

What can’t be sent to Switzerland

As with any country, Switzerland has a number of restrictions in place regarding what you can and cannot send across its borders. Restricted items include radioactive materials, alarmed briefcases and lithium batteries that cannot be recharged. A full list of these prohibited items can be found here. It is also important to note that your chosen courier will have a list of items that they do not allow you to send which will be discussed when you arrange parcel delivery to Switzerland. These lists tend to be fairly similar and include other dangerous items like weapons and ammunition. Before purchasing your parcel delivery UK to Switzerland, you should be able to find these restricted items on the website of your chosen courier, and if you struggle at all to find this, then you should be able to contact them directly.

How to address your parcel delivery UK to Switzerland

If you’re looking to send a parcel to Switzerland, the structure used for addressing your Switzerland parcel delivery is not too unlike the system used in the UK, so there shouldn’t be too much confusion. They do have some differences however, and the postal system even advises on the amount of distance between lines of text to improve legibility, which is important to keep in mind when arranging parcel delivery UK to Switzerland.

Delivery times for Switzerland

The time taken for your parcel to reach its final destination will depend on how well you follow the above guidelines as well as which delivery option you choose to purchase. Typical economy delivery times are three days and above, whereas express delivery can take just 1 to 3 working days. However, by addressing your parcel incorrectly or sending something that is found to be in some way restricted, delays can naturally follow. Also be aware that little or no processing is often carried out over the weekend, so factor this into the delivery time you require when arranging cheap delivery to Switzerland.

So, if you’re interested in the couriers on the market for Switzerland parcel delivery, use our comparison tool at Parcel Delivery now!