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    Parcel Delivery To Serbia

    There are many reasons why you may need to send a parcel to Serbia, and its location in south-eastern Europe makes it relatively straightforward to do so from the UK. Here at Parcel Delivery, we make cheap shipping to Serbia from UK even easier.

    Since 2006 this vibrant country has had the official title of the Republic of Serbia. It contains three autonomous provinces, Vojvodina, Kosovo, and Metohija, and is home to around seven million people. The majority of people living there are Serbs, with the remainder belonging to as many as forty different nationalities including Hungarians, Bosniaks and Romans, although the official language is Serbian. With so many inhabitants in need of good postal services, Serbia parcel delivery providers operating in this country have had to step up to the challenge.

    If you need to arrange cheap courier to Serbia, perhaps to its capital (and largest) city Belgrade, to cities such as Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac or Kraljevo, or even to Serbia’s more rural areas, but you aren’t sure where to start, then we can help you choose a Serbia parcel delivery service that will suit your needs best. Our price comparison site compares the costs of parcel delivery to Serbia from a host of trusted providers to ensure your parcel makes it there on time and in one piece.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Serbia

    Serbia parcel delivery can be easily organised although the final cost of postage will depend on various factors. You will be able to compare quotes that are based on the dimensions of your parcel, such as the weight and length of the package, as well as the speed you choose to have your parcel delivered. This can help to provide you with cheap delivery to Serbia on the market. Due to the excellent links between both countries, the fastest option for parcel delivery UK to Serbia is usually just one to two days. However, you can opt for a slower delivery service and this will enable you to make real savings on the final delivery cost. For this reason, it’s always worth planning ahead when arranging the delivery, especially if it is not urgent, and always make sure you compare the different options available before you make a final decision on which service to use when arranging cheap parcel delivery to Serbia.

    When you are considering delivery times, do keep in mind that once your parcel arrives in Serbia it will be processed by local postal services and it is at this stage that any outstanding duties will need to be paid and all paperwork must be completed. This is particularly important to note as Serbia isn’t part of the European Union, meaning parcel delivery to Serbia can be more difficult than when sending a parcel to a country in the EU. This process can delay delivery of your parcel to wherever it needs to go, so it is important to factor this into your plans when arranging parcel delivery to Serbia from UK.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Serbia

    Serbia is part of the Balkan Peninsula and enjoys a moderate climate, with short, snowy winters and warm summers. It is a country of high mountains with more than thirty peaks that are more than 2000 metres above sea level, making it a skiing destination too, and the famous Danube River also runs through parts of Serbia. It is bordered by several other countries, such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Romania.

    Serbia has a complex history which has been affected by changing borders, political unrest and angry conflict, and it’s not currently part of the EU. However, there are import and export agreements in place, with agricultural exports being vital to Serbia’s economy, meaning there is still a demand for parcel delivery UK to Serbia. There is a growing export market with increasing amounts of corn, sugar and raspberries being exported to EU countries. Although it’s not a major tourist destination, more than 1.2 million tourists visited the country last year, with more than half visiting Belgrade.

    When you are planning to arrange a parcel delivery to Serbia from UK, there are a few things to consider to help make sure your items arrive safely and without any problems.

    Before you send a parcel to Serbia with your chosen delivery service, make sure it is properly wrapped and securely packaged. This will help make sure that your parcel is not damaged while in transit. Also, make sure that you have clearly and correctly addressed your parcel so that the delivery service is able to find the recipient successfully. It is also recommended that you include a telephone number for the recipient on the parcel as well so that the delivery service can contact them directly in case of any difficulties locating their address.

    You should also check that the delivery service you choose includes insurance protection when you send a parcel to Serbia. This means that if something goes wrong while your parcel is out for delivery you are covered for damages or loss. This is especially important if your items are breakable or valuable. Delivery services work hard to make sure that your parcel reaches its destination safely but it’s worth having this extra cover just in case the worst happens.

    Thanks to modern technology, most delivery services also include excellent tracking options to help make sure you have peace of mind that your parcel is in safe hands. Parcel tracking means you can check to see if your items have arrived in Serbia, whether they are still in transit, or even if they are located in a postal depot. They can also give you an idea of when your parcel is likely to arrive so it’s also useful for the recipient to have the tracking details too. You will usually be issued with a tracking number which can be used to easily access delivery information online. It is likely that you will also be supplied with proof of delivery, such as a signature, which is useful if you need to check who has received the parcel. Many delivery services also offer notification emails and SMS text alerts which will notify you of the progress of your delivery.

    As with any international delivery, before sending your parcel you also need to check the rules and regulations that Serbia has in place regarding the import of goods to the country. There is a detailed list of items that are banned from being posted to Serbia by individuals. This list includes drugs and psychotropic substances, explosive, inflammable and other dangerous substances, as well as radioactive materials, forged items and piracy material, explosive devices, ammunition and their replicas, and a category called scandalous or immoral objects which includes pornography. Serbia also prohibits any objects that can be dangerous for employees because of their nature or packaging, or objects that could damage other items or equipment.

    There are also specific regulations for businesses to follow when sending anything to Serbia. There is a similar list of prohibited items and they are also required to complete customs declarations forms giving specific details of the contents of the parcel before the items can be received in the country.

    Full details of what is not allowed to be sent to Serbia by individuals and businesses is available on the Serbian postal service website. By following these restrictions you can avoid having your parcel confiscated by officials and therefore help make sure it reaches the required recipient.