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    If you are looking for cheap, fast and efficient parcel delivery to Slovenia, then let us help. We will compare the best quotes out there from the most respected courier services to find the best deal for you. If it is cheap parcel delivery to Slovenia that you need for business or personal reasons, then look no further.

    Officially known as the Republic of Slovenia, this beautiful country lies within Southern Central Europe. Located at the main crossroads for trade within Europe, it has strong business links with the UK and is a great country for getting parcels delivered too, fast. It counts ItalyAustria, Hungary and Croatia as neighbours while also bordering the Adriatic Sea to the south west. With just over 2 million residents, it has the lively city of Ljubljana as its capital. Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, it gained its independence in 1991 and has experienced a period of rapid growth recently.

    The main industries in Slovenia are construction and the service sector. In terms of exports, Slovenia mainly focuses on machinery and transport equipment which is great for the economy there. E-commerce is very popular in the country with many Slovenians ordering goods online to be delivered, meaning cheap courier services to Slovenia is more popular than ever. This has also meant the delivery routes and processes within the country are superb as many packages arrive to be delivered from around the world every day, helping to ensure that cheap courier to Slovenia is easier than ever.

    Many UK businesses have strong links with Slovenia also, which means they require a safe and efficient service that takes care of their cheap shipping to Slovenia from UK. With a number of Slovenians living in the UK as well, the requirement for personal courier services for Slovenia parcel delivery has grown with the demand they bring.

    Whatever the reason you need Slovenia parcel delivery, we will compare the best quotes out there and help get your parcel to its destination. Our professional and experienced courier partners have been carrying out efficient parcel delivery to Slovenia from UK for years, and will get your item(s) there with no fuss. All our couriers offer the same superb mix of efficient service, professional approach and fast delivery when it comes to cheap shipping to Slovenia.

    Parcel Delivery To Slovenia

    Parcel delivery UK to Slovenia is easy, thanks to its proximity to the UK and also the air, road and sea routes which provide access to it. For example, flights to the capital of Ljubljana take around two hours which makes international courier delivery very quick and simple. The internal infrastructure of the country also helps in speedy and parcel delivery UK to Slovenia due to the road and rail networks being so good. Another advantage to consider if you want cheap parcel delivery to Slovenia is that it is a fairly small country so your goods don’t have to travel far to arrive quickly and in good shape.

    In terms of delivery time, a normal-sized parcel on standard delivery would take around 2 business days usually. Obviously, this will depend on which one of the fabulous quotes for a cheap courier to Slovenia we find that you decide to choose. If you need it there quicker, then choosing delivery by air or a special delivery service will be your best bet. If time is not as tight, you can always stick with the standard delivery option that would be a little less in terms of overall cost. The delivery time is worth bearing in mind if you need the parcel to arrive by a certain date, so ensure you post it off in good time for that to happen.

    If you want insurance or protection on a valuable parcel, then please either select this option when booking a courier from our list or make sure it is included in their original quote. Not all our fabulous courier partners who are able to help you to send a parcel to Slovenia include this as standard, so it is worth making sure if that is important to you.

    Rest assured, whichever delivery options you choose, we will compare and help you find the best value and quickest parcel delivery to Slovenia from UK!

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Slovenia

    As a rough guide, a parcel of the appropriate size and weight on the standard delivery option would cost around £15, which is one of our cheap courier services to Slovenia options. Obviously, this will change depending on the number of parcels being sent, the dimensions and weight along with the delivery speed you need. Bigger, heavier parcels being transported via express airmail delivery will naturally cost more than a smaller, lighter one being sent via standard land or sea delivery.

    For a better idea, why not fill in your details on the website for a personalised quote today? We will then compare the very best deals out there with the best couriers in the business and tell you exactly how much it will cost. We guarantee to find cheap delivery to Slovenia from some of the market’s most efficient couriers, to help you to get your parcel where it needs to be, fast!

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Slovenia

    Although sending a parcel to Slovenia from UK is simple and straightforward, there are a few important points to remember. Firstly, please don’t try to send any prohibited items to the country via courier. They will not be allowed in and you may face legal action from the Slovenian Government as a result.

    Current prohibited items to be aware of when arranging parcel delivery UK to Slovenia include: acids, alcoholic beverages, animal products, animal skins, hazardous biological or chemical products, corrosives, flammables, illegal drugs, weapons, ammunition, poisons and radioactive material. There are also other goods listed as prohibited to send so it is highly advised to check with the local Slovenian Embassy or their official Government website before sending anything. It is ultimately the sender’s responsibility to make sure they comply with all the laws of any country they are sending goods too.

    When arranging parcel delivery to Slovenia from UK, please ensure it is addressed properly. By including a full name and postal address on the parcel or package you are sending, it will help make sure it arrives correctly. Our Slovenia parcel delivery couriers are all fully experienced in delivering parcels but this will give them a welcome helping hand. The postcode system within Slovenia works with SI being in front of all postcodes followed by 4 digits. It is also worth putting your name and contact details on the reverse in case you need to be contacted for any reason regarding the parcel or delivery.

    Please also ensure the parcel is packaged up sufficiently so it arrives as intended. If the goods inside are fragile then it is wise to pad heavily and any boxes for delivery should be strong enough to withstand transportation. Naturally, the couriers we work with take great care to handle any parcels or goods properly but this will make their parcel delivery to Slovenia service easier.

    As a member of the EU, there are currently no official barriers or documents needed to send a parcel to Slovenia from UK which makes it simple to do.

    Whether you are a UK business needing cheap delivery to Slovenia for trade reasons or simply sending a personal package to the country, let us help you out at Parcel Delivery. Simply fill in the parcel details on our site and let us do the work of comparing all the various quotes out there so you don’t have too. Once you have seen one you like, simply click to book and you can send a parcel to Slovenia, today!