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    Delivery to Belgium

    Are you considering sending a parcel delivery to Belgium? Whether it’s a gift, commercial goods or a personal item… This guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need. We’ll help you arrange safe and fast Belgium parcel delivery, at the lowest possible price. Use our comparison tool here at Parcel Delivery. It’s certain to get you the best quote for your cheap parcel delivery to Belgium needs, today.

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    That means that your item or items are being cared for properly. From the minute that you hand over the parcel… to the minute it safely reaches the right person at its Belgian destination. In a nutshell, that means cheap parcel delivery to Belgium also needs to be fast, efficient and reliable. We ensure that everything arrives in one piece, as expected.

    Find a Courier to Belgium

    It’s helpful if your courier to Belgium has extensive experience in Belgium parcel delivery from the UK. This includes having a network of carefully selected partners in Europe. We make sure your parcel is looked after by experienced and reliable local couriers there. Due to Belgium’s location, it’s easy for a cheap courier to Belgium to operate efficiently. We always ensure that the customer’s packages get to there locations as requested.

    Choosing our partners is something we take very seriously. We work with couriers who are experts in parcel delivery to Belgium from UK. We have built up a strong reputation of providing cheap parcel delivery to Belgium. These services are quick, efficient and ultimately safe. We never compromise on customer service. So, you can be sure that when you’re arranging parcel delivery to Belgium from UK… your parcel, package or pallet is in the safest of hands. Send a cheap parcel to Belgium with our help today. Get the best price for a cheap courier to Belgium… as well as many other services using our comparison tool!

    Parcel Delivery to Belgium

    Belgium is a relatively short distance from the UK. It is one of the smaller European countries. However, it still has its quirks and characteristics. This means that a trustworthy courier network is vital for parcel delivery UK to Belgium.

    This is the land of chocolate, lace and a vast array of micro brewed beers. In fact, there are around 800, all varying in flavour and strength! Belgium is also a country with a colourful heritage and many historic buildings. All this alongside all the signs of modern industry and commerce. This means commercial goods need to travel regularly in and out of the country. We can arrange quick and efficient yet cheap parcel delivery to Belgium.

    Belgium has the oldest free city in Europe. It also has the oldest shopping arcades (the Galleries St Hubert in Brussels). Flemish cooking is globally respected. However, perhaps Belgium’s most appreciated culinary influence is the much-loved waffle. Of course, it is worth noticing that Belgium is the original source of the humble Brussel sprout too.

    The residents of that fascinating country speak both French and Dutch, and there is a German speaking community too. This is due to its location in between France, Germany and the Netherlands. Place names are influenced by different languages. This can make the entire process of sending a parcel to the country somewhat confusing. Particularly if you’re not familiar with the place names. So, you should take great care in selecting couriers for cheap parcel delivery to Belgium from the UK.

    Cheap Parcel Delivery to Belgium

    Belgium is very close to the UK. This makes delivery from the UK to Belgium easier than ever. Cheap shipping to Belgium is the most popular form of transport.  With a short trip over the English Channel your parcel can be delivered within a minimal time frame. Wherever it needs to go within Belgium, the short distance makes cheap shipping to Belgium the go to option. This applies when looking to deliver a parcel of any kind. Need to find a courier to Belgium that can handle your delivery quickly? Use our comparison tool above.

    It is reassuring to know that your parcel delivery in Belgium is in reliable hands. We work with  a courier to Belgium who knows every corner of its three regions… every business address in cities such as Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges, and every rural Lowlands village. Even the nooks and crannies of its West Flanders coastline. The entire country can be covered by our expert couriers who are well  versed in parcel delivery UK to Belgium, allowing you a high-quality service with a cheap courier to Belgium service

    Cheap parcel delivery to Belgium should also offer a service that gives you peace of mind that your item gets to the right destination. Whether it’s a small birthday gift or a complex consignment of commercial goods sent to Belgium. With many companies to chose from all offering cheap courier to Belgium, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best deal possible for cheap delivery to Belgium.

    Prices for Delivery to Belgium

    Belgium is not actually far from the UK geographically, so you may be pleasantly surprised how low the costs are when arranging to send a cheap parcel to Belgium. Even for same day collection and speedy special delivery.

    The weight and size of the parcel to Belgium may affect the price. However, we are always happy to provide a highly competitive quote for sending more than one cheap parcel to Belgium.

    There are added extras you can opt for too, to customise delivery of a parcel from the UK to Belgium. This includes, for example, additional insurance for particularly valuable items. You can also benefit from a tracked signature system so you can track your parcel the entire journey.

    Your parcel from the UK to Belgium is not currently subject to customs requirements and costs. When the UK exits the EU this may change, so check back for the most up to date information.

    Useful Information About Parcel Delivery to Belgium

    Your parcel delivery UK to Belgium will be in safe hands throughout. We can offer great speed and efficiency at low prices. However, it helps to underpin the quality and affordability of our parcel delivery services if you follow some simple steps in preparing your items for transportation to your recipient.

    These tips on how to send a cheap parcel to Belgium will help to ensure that your parcel arrives without delay or confusion. As well as with the best chance of being perfectly intact.

    How to Address Parcels for Delivery to Belgium

    This is likely to look similar to a UK address as in Belgium they use a similar postal system. This includes using postal codes. However, place names may be unfamiliar or have complex spellings. So please double check those carefully.

    Did you know there is a place called Silly in the Hainaut province? So, you may find yourself writing a parcel address as Silly, Belguim. But there are also many other places with less clear names, such as Leuze-en-Hainaut and Scherpenheuvel-Zichem.

    Please take great care in writing or printing the address correctly on your parcel. It needs to be clear to read as well as smudge proof.

    If there are any special features or obstacles that you think may slow down Belgium parcel delivery, please flag these up with your courier to Belgium. This information will be used to ensure your parcel from the UK to Belgium gets there as quickly as humanly possible. If a signature is needed for your parcel delivery, please let the recipient know it is on the way. That helps make authorisation of delivery a great deal more streamlined.

    Make sure the address is correct on your parcel from the UK to Belgium. The next step is to be sure it is ready for safe transport by our reliable and swift team.

    Keeping Your Cheap Parcel to Belgium Safe

    Great care will be taken over how it is handled on its journey. However, you need to take steps to protect the contents of your parcel.

    Use a cardboard cylinder or an appropriate sized (and strong) box for your item or items. Pack the container well to stop things moving around or rubbing against each other. Also, a full box is less easy to distort or damage from the outside.

    There are all sorts of things you can use to pack items for a parcel delivery to Belgium. This includes bubble wrap and shredded newspaper to fill all the small gaps. Popcorn works too.

    Keep breakable items away from the sides of the boxes with a layer of protection. Double wrap edges or protrusions which could stick out of the box. Also, always seal your cheap parcel to Belgium with packaging tape. Avoid leaving any loose pieces or sticky surfaces.

    Recycling old boxes that are still robust makes sense. Remove any paperwork and cover information on the box from previous trips, to avoid confusion.

    Your gift, personal effects or commercial goods are now ready to make a safe trip to Belgium. All there is left to do is take advantage of our door to door services. These are fast and affordable, but committed to handling with care. In other words, the cheapest parcel delivery to Belgium, without compromising on quality.