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    The ties between Britain and Poland are strong, not least as immigration has gone in both directions for many decades. The two nations also enjoy strong business connections, which is another reason why every day, year round, thousands of parcels are delivered from the UK to Poland, which is neighbour to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and many more.

    But how do you arrange cheap courier services to Poland, without resorting to the costly, most obvious couriers? Are there ways you can be sure that your commercial goods, gifts or personal effects will be transported safely and swiftly, to wherever they need to be in this Eastern European country?

    This guide to cheap shipping to Poland aims to answer all those questions, and more, to provide all the information you need for the best parcel delivery to Poland from UK service.

    The first consideration you probably have is how to find a cheap courier to Poland. Every penny counts, whether this is a consignment of products from a factory in Edinburgh, goods from a shop in Manchester, or a gift from a family member in Truro.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a business in the UK, arranging cheap shipping to Poland is easier than ever. With our Parcel Delivery site, everyone has access to a simple way to track down cheap courier services to Poland without spending hours trying to understand the differing cost structures and service constraints for various courier companies who are experts in providing parcel delivery to Poland from UK.

    All you need to do is simply submit in a description of your parcel using our handy online tool and you can send a parcel to Poland with ease. Our advanced technology – and the excellent working relationship we have with top couriers – provides you with instant options, helping you to arrange cheap courier to Poland from the comfort of your home or office.

    However, this will not just be cheap delivery to Poland. It will also be the assurance of reliability, speed and control over the details to find a perfect match for what you need when you send a parcel to Poland. For example, you may be given the option of lowering the price even further by taking your parcel to a handy drop off point near your work or home address.

    Equally, many of the professional courier firms we work with include parcel collection in their highly affordable costs. This means that your parcel can go door to door, possibly even with same day collection for urgent items.

    Just think, that package of precious photos can go from Wolverhamton to Warsaw quickly, and those commercial goods from Lancaster will quickly be in Lodz. You can even arrange the convenience of door to door collection for Christmas gifts going from Bournemouth to Bialystok.

    Parcel Delivery To Poland

    With a great price found and the option of parcel collection in the works, the next thing on your mind may well be the reliability of parcel delivery to Poland from UK.

    Fortunately, our handy online comparison system matches you to companies with the right contacts and systems to offer peace of mind, as well as the fastest routes, when you send a parcel to Poland.

    Our couriers have offices or partners across Europe. They will use their local knowledge to efficiently find a flat in Poznań, a house in Elk, a farm in Plock or a factory in Gdansk, all with the same efficiency as their UK counterparts.

    Your Poland parcel delivery will be tracked every step of the way. You may even be able to follow its progress yourself with an online reference code.

    Backed by the best business systems – and a wealth of experience in handling Poland parcel delivery on a vast scale – our couriers offer premier standards of customer service, from the minute you hand over your item or items to the minute they are successfully and swiftly delivered to the recipient.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Poland

    With such experience and expertise comes affordable prices. However, you will want to make sure that parcel delivery UK to Poland matches your requirements exactly. So, for example, the cost depends on the weight and size of your parcel and how quickly you want it to arrive – transport by road, air or sea affects the price.

    Cover is included as standard in Poland parcel delivery, but if the contents are high value, you may want to boost this with additional insurance. You also have the option to add signature receipt for your parcel delivery to Poland. This traceable system shows the exact time of delivery, and who received the parcel.

    How do you negotiate favourable prices for regular shipments of goods to Poland? If you send a lot of parcels to Eastern Europe, our couriers can provide favourable payment terms.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Poland

    All of this care and control is part and parcel of our service, thanks to our buying power with leading couriers. However, no matter how responsible and responsive they are, you need to play your part in making sure that your cheap delivery to Poland goes without a hitch.

    This includes adding a legible address that has been double checked, especially any potentially confusing spellings, such as the small town of Aleksandrów Kujawski in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Poland uses a five digit postcode and it is vital that you add this to the address to avoid confusion.

    Another way you can help to streamline the delivery process is to let your recipient know that the parcel is on the way, especially if a signature is needed on arrival.

    One of the biggest challenges for Poland parcel deliveries though, is improperly prepared packages and boxes. A lot of this is common sense, but in a rush to get gifts, personal effects or commercial products to Poland, people sometimes overlook key steps.

    The first part of this is that most items on their way to Poland will need the protection of a cardboard packet, box or tube. Reusing something that has already contained a delivery of items makes great sense, but you must remove anything that identifies its original purpose, to avoid confusing parcel delivery to Poland.

    To save a few more pennies, it is tempting to push your item or items in the smallest possible box. However, this can put the parcel under pressure, due to changes in temperature or movement in transit. Instead, find a box that is a comfortable fit, and then fill it down the sides with lightweight packaging materials. This can be specially shaped packaging foam (such as peanuts or beads) or bubble wrap. To save money, shredded newspaper works well, though screwed up newspaper can move or compress and leave gaps.

    Filling your box not only cushions your items and stops them rubbing together, it also serves to make your parcel stronger, as the box is less likely to push in or distort. Of course, if your item for Poland parcel delivery is pliable and unbreakable – such as clothes or soft furnishings – these can be sent off in several layers of good quality plastic.

    Seal your cheap parcel delivery to Poland well with packaging tape, and add the address in a readable and robust way.

    With your gift, commercial goods or personal effects carefully packaged up – and your courier selected using our quick comparison guide – your cheap parcel delivery to Poland is ready to go. You can now enjoy the peace of mind that the fair price you paid bought you reliable and prompt delivery.