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The Cradle of Western civilisation just also happens to be a modern-day mecca for tourists, which means that Greece is now home to many British expats who have found their dream retirement destination. And of course, the mainland and islands are also home to many Greek families who have relatives living and working in the UK. Greece is found in Europe, and shares borders with the likes of Albania and Bulgaria.

This all adds to a large amount of parcels that wing their way to the Greek mainland and islands each and every day.

Do you need to send the occasional parcel to a Greek island, or regular consignments to the Greek mainland? How do you find the best deals for parcel delivery UK to Greece? How should you package a parcel that is on its way to Greece? We can help you out here at Parcel Delivery.

Whether you want to send a parcel to a company in the city of Thessaloniki or a gift to a relative in the village of Olympos in Karpathos, you should be able to send your item with peace of mind that it will get there quickly and efficiently – without having to pay high costs to send a parcel to Greece or worry about being bogged down with paperwork.

If you want to send a parcel to Greece, you need to look for companies offering the highest standards of customer service, who can respond quickly to your requirements.

Some services offering parcel delivery to Greece will provide you with convenient drop-off points where you can take your parcel to be sent off. Others can arrange door to door collection and delivery. If you need urgent Greece parcel delivery, this collection service is invaluable. Collection services are also convenient and can be slotted around your time constraints.

Sending a parcel to Greece means finding the company offering the keenest prices, for the level of service you require, which is easy to do using this website. You can compare the price and the sort of service you get with just a few clicks.

All the companies listed will be able to provide a speedy and reliable service no matter the volume of parcels they handle. All of our couriers have systems and controls in place to deal with items large and small, and on top of that, they know the fastest routes.

These companies can also offer the cheap shipping to Greece because of their strong local connections.

Parcel Delivery To Greece

Companies you can find on this site that offer cheap delivery to Greece from UK all have strong partnerships with local couriers, who share their standards of customer service. They negotiate the best prices too, so you benefit from fast and cheap delivery to Greece.

Having local connections is particularly important for cheap parcel delivery to Greece because it’s such a diverse and unique country. Greece holds sovereignty over 6,000 islands and islets, with 227 of those islands inhabited. That means that towns and villages in this country are scattered across both the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

You need a cheap courier to Greece that can find your addressee without confusion or delay. Whether the parcel contains mementos for family, Christmas gifts for friends or goods on their way to the Greek islands to satisfy the locals’ love of things “Made in Britain”.

You need to be 100% sure that the same care and responsibility is taken for items large or small. We make sure that the cheap parcel delivery to Greece service you choose from our site can find every inhabitant or business, from the Plaka quarter in Athens to a small taverna on the quiet island of Alonissos. With our help, we can provide you with fast, cheap courier services to Greece, whether you’re sending commercial goods to a shop in Rhodes or a birthday present for an elderly aunt in Lefkas.

The company you choose will also use modern technology to ensure that your cheap courier to Greece is tracked at every step, all for one amazing price.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Greece

Cheap shipping to Greece can be sorted easily using our convenient and quick online system. Find the best quote and click through to sort the arrangements.

The actual price you pay depends on the size and weight of the parcel and how quickly you need it to arrive.

The companies listed can also help you to customise your Greece parcel delivery to fit your requirements. So, if you are looking to send a parcel to Greece which contains valuable items, you may need extra insurance cover. They can also add the extra assurance of a signature tracking system, so you have a record of who took the delivery. This is sometimes important for parcel delivery UK to Greece to meet a deadline.

There are currently no customs obligations or charges from parcel delivery to Greece from the UK, but this may change when the UK exits the EU.

Do you send things regularly to the mainland or islands? It may well be possible to negotiate favourable terms for goods and items for the cheapest parcel delivery to Greece.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Greece

You can find the best companies to trust with Greece parcel delivery easily on this site, but you still need to get your item or items ready for transit correctly. These simple steps to safe parcel delivery will ensure one of our cheap courier services to Greece can get your parcel to its recipient without delay or damage.

Firstly, as Greece is such a complex country – 227 inhabited islands – and Greek is structured differently than English, double check all spellings on the address. Please use the numerical postcodes.

Always add addresses to parcel legibly and in a way that won’t smudge or rip off.

The parcel itself should be a sturdy box or cardboard tube. Clothing and other soft items can be wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, but most items need the protection of a box.

Recycling packaging materials is commendable, but always make sure the paperwork and other identifying delivery features on your box have been removed or obscured. This avoids confusion.

Pick a container that is not so big your item or items move about, and not so small that they put pressure on the sides.

It is highly recommended that you fill your box – stuffing materials in every gap to cushion your item or items. This can help to protect your parcel’s contents, and stops them from rubbing together. It also makes the integrity of the box stronger from the outside – less likely to dent or distort during parcel delivery to Greece from UK.

Pay particular attention to protecting any exposed edges or parts of your item that jut out. Materials to use to pad and fill could include bubble wrap, foam beads and packaging peanuts. If you prefer an environmentally friendly option, shredded newspaper (not screwed up) works, and for smaller boxes, you can even use popcorn. With your item or items safely stored inside, your box can be sealed with good tape.

All that’s left to do is to book your courier company to collect your parcel, or pop to a convenient drop off point to begin the first step of enjoying the cheapest parcel delivery to Greece.

Remember, it is easy and quick to sort this on our website. A few clicks and your goods, gifts or personal items can be on their way to any corner of Greece, in the safest of hands.