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    Here at Parcel Delivery, our website scours the best courier services for parcel delivery UK to Andorra. Whether you want to drop off your parcel at a local collection point or for a courier to collect it from you, we will be able to find you the best price and service of parcel delivery with Andorra parcel delivery comparison tool. We have built up great relationships with so many suppliers, meaning we receive a great rate – and we like to pass these savings on to you. Often these rates are much lower than going directly to the courier, so if you have already received a quote for a cheap courier to Andorra, you may be surprised by the prices that our comparison tool displays – as this is most likely to be the cheapest parcel delivery to Andorra on the market.

    We understand that when you are looking to send a parcel to Andorra, you need a capable international courier that you can trust who also offers cheap delivery to Andorra at a cheap overall cost. We only list Andorra parcel delivery couriers on our website who we know meet our customers’ requirements. Our couriers have well-trained office staff who will be able to advise you on any restrictions in place when it comes to parcel delivery to Andorra, customs charges and various drop off options available in the country for you to use. If you do happen to have any hiccups at any point in your delivery, they will be quick to offer advice and help get your delivery back on track. We want you to be able to send a parcel to Andorra as cheaply and as quickly as possible, with the comfort of knowing it will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left you.

    Andorra is one of the smallest countries in the world and has an excellent tourism industry, due to its location situated between France and Spain. This means the infrastructure, especially air, road and rail networks, is great in the well-populated areas, helping to improve the entire parcel delivery to Andorra process. Although our couriers are capable of delivering a parcel to any address with there cheap courier services to Andorra, there are some parts of the country which are more remote. If you are sending a parcel to one of these areas, then delivery time may increase slightly, the cost may also increase slightly to reflect this. Our couriers will make this clear straight away when you arrange parcel delivery to Andorra from UK, so you and the recipient do not have any surprises. With many varying courier prices it is important to use our simple price checker to give you peace of mind that you are receiving not only a cheap courier to Andorra that suit you but also the cheap delivery to Andorra that you deserve.

    The most common places for parcels to be delivered include Andorra-la-Vella, Arans, Arinsal, Bixessarri, Certes, Englolasters, Fontaneda, La-Cortinada, Llorts, Santa-Coloma and Vila. These destinations usually receive the quickest delivery times and best shipping rates. Due to accessibility into this area being so broad, it is more cost effective to look for cheap shipping to Andorra using our price comparison tool. If you are sending to an address near one of these towns, it may be cost effective to have the parcel dropped at a collection point in a town. The recipient can then collect the parcel at a time convenient for them. This will save you money and also speed up the delivery for the recipient.

    Remember to keep all of the restrictions and regulations in mind when arranging parcel delivery to Andorra from UK, as this will help to ensure that the entire process is as seamless and smooth as possible. As well as cheap shipping to Andorra it is also possible to look at other modes of transport. To find out the best prices for each of the services available to you, simply enter the weight of your parcel, as well as the proportions into the calculator provided and we will handle the rest!

    Parcel Delivery To Andorra

    Nestled between Spain and France, Andorra is located in the heart of the Pyrenees. Although the country is in a central location in Europe, it is outside the European Union. There are restrictions in place regarding the free movement of goods across its borders; however, they are very light when compared to many other countries, making any Andorra parcel delivery surprisingly simple. With the implementation of cheap courier services to Andorra, the entire process is made even easier allowing you to send a gift to a loved one without any of the hassle.

    As the country is seen as a tax haven for many people both in the UK and further afield, there are many expats with addresses in the country. This means there is a vast amount of postal traffic between the UK and Andorra. Over time this has led to increased reliability and a number of companies competing to offer fantastic prices when it comes to parcel delivery UK to Andorra. With multiple different companies all offering you a differentiation in prices, it is important to us to find you the cheap delivery to Andorra that is best suited to the size and weight of your parcel.

    An unusual fact about our couriers’ deliveries to Andorra is that the most popular item to send is a pair of skis. A lot of visitors choose to send their skis ahead, so they do not have the cumbersome items within the airport or face any over-priced baggage charges. If you are looking for prices for sending your equipment, simply enter the weight and dimensions into our website’s calculator and you will be given a competitive quote of all the best cheap courier services to Andorra to get the parcel delivered, which is quite often the cheapest parcel delivery to Andorra on the market. Most skiing destinations will be happy to accept your parcel as long as you give them notice too, helping to further streamline the entire parcel delivery to Andorra process.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Andorra

    If you are looking for parcel delivery to Andorra from UK, we are here to help. We look for the best couriers available and their most up-to-date rates to find you a great price. Our website is easy to use and will clearly display the prices and delivery times so you can pick the perfect option to suit your needs. We check our prices regularly to ensure we are giving you the best price possible. If you do see a cheap parcel delivery to Andorra which beats our prices, elsewhere, let us know and we may be able to adjust our pricing.

    A 1kg parcel will cost roughly £13.50 to send, although any customs charges may add to this. Once you have found the cheapest parcel delivery to Andorra, we can guide you through the entire booking process. Once complete, you will receive all the details and for your peace of mind, the majority of the couriers that we feature on our site will provide you with a link to track your parcel, all as part of the cheap parcel delivery to Andorra service that we offer.

    The link will become active as soon as the parcel is collected, so you have the constant peace of mind of knowing exactly where the parcel is. You will also be able to provide your intended recipient with a link to track the parcel themselves; this will mean they will have prior notice of delivery date and time, so there is no chance of missing the delivery slot.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Andorra

    Most delivery times are around 5 days; however, customs can increase a delivery estimate, as it can take a few days to pass through and for any additional taxes to be paid. When you book, you will be sent a form to complete which needs to be filled out ready for collection with your parcel when you arrange parcel delivery UK to Andorra. This will provide the customs clearance centre with all the details they need to process your parcel.

    If you have any concerns about the parcel you are sending amongst your parcel delivery to Andorra from UK passing through customs clearance, then the Andorran Customs Authority can be contacted for advice.

    Due to its location between France and Spain, the post is managed by both the French and Spanish postal services. Unusually, for a country, Andorra doesn’t actually have its own post office. This can make things slightly confusing when you send a parcel to Andorra as, depending on the region you are sending to, there are two different labelling requirements. The Universal Postal Union are able to advise on these regions and specific labelling requirements if you have any concerns. However, the recipient will probably be able to guide you through the correct way to address your parcel.

    Although there is no official list of restricted items, it is best to stick to avoiding the items which are restricted in most countries. These include meat, plant products, illegal substances, money and alcohol. If you have any queries, HM Revenue and Customs and the Andorran Customs Authority will be able to advise.

    Find the best price to send a parcel to Andorra with our comparison tool. We will provide you with a selection of cheap parcel delivery to Andorra options for you to choose from, meaning you are always going to get a reliable service, at the best price. Use our tool today.