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    The UK and Germany do a great deal of business together, but the connections between the two also extend to the many expats who have moved from one country to the other. These factors mean that many parcels travel by air, sea and road each day, bound for companies or households in Germany. This is great news for you because if you need Germany parcel delivery, you can benefit from this with low prices offered by the vast number of cheap courier services to Germany. Germany is located in Europe, and countries that border it include Denmark and Poland.

    This guide to help you send a parcel to Germany explains more about how this works, and also how to prepare your parcel for cheap parcel delivery to Germany.

    Using our simple and transparent online comparison system over at Parcel Delivery, you can find cheap delivery to Germany. However, what is perhaps not so apparent is the level of service and care you will receive when sending an item or items to a friend, family member or business contact in Germany, because the quotes you receive for parcel delivery UK to Germany will also include peace of mind.

    Whether it is a small Christmas gift or valuable commercial goods in the parcel, you need to be able to send it off with the assurance that the courier company will take full responsibility for it, from the second it leaves your hands to the second it is handed to the recipient.

    Using our website means a 100% commitment to finding a cheap courier to Germany. Our tried and trusted operating systems – and advanced technology – track your parcel throughout its journey and get it to its destination by the quickest possible route. This applies for parcels big or small, personal effects, or large consignments of business sales, on their way to any address in Germany.

    Using the parcel delivery to Germany from UK courier companies you can quickly and easily find on our online system means you benefit from Germany parcel delivery with help from experienced organisations with superb track records. Each company offers well trained, professional staff who are committed to getting parcels to their recipients intact, and on time, whether your parcel delivery to Germany is destined for a great aunt or a global manufacturing giant based in the country.

    Parcel Delivery To Germany

    Using our Germany from UK comparison site to connect to cheap and professional courier services provides the reassurance that your cheap shipping to Germany is in the hands of a company with excellent local connections and knowledge. Technology can track your parcel every step of the way when you send a parcel to Germany, but it is also sometimes about personal service and the people behind the parcel delivery service.

    Local couriers offer speedy German parcel delivery partly due to their local knowledge too, which can make a big difference to getting your item or items there without delays or confusion.

    Our online comparison contacts enable you to benefit from German parcel delivery from couriers with offices or partners locally. They know how to find every house in Hanover and every flat in Frankfurt. Germany also has a huge amount of industry and commerce, so you may be sending your goods to a shop in Stuttgart or a warehouse in Wolfsburg. It won’t be a problem and they will be able to find even the remotest farm.

    You need to know parcel delivery UK to Germany will be just as effective whether the item is a birthday gift for a relative in Rostock or business contact in Cologne. However, you need that high level of service at an affordable price.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Germany

    Cheap delivery to Germany is possible because of the strong air, sea and road connections between it and the UK, and the volume of parcels our couriers handle. The amount you pay to get your gift, goods or personal effects delivered to an address in Germany depends on a number of factors; for example, the weight and size of your parcel will affect the cost.

    You also have an opportunity to customise the delivery to suit your individual needs. Some companies will offer you the chance to drop your parcel at a convenient local place, ready for your cheap courier to Germany. This option can lower the cost slightly.

    However, many firms can now collect your parcel from your home or business. As this door to door Germany parcel delivery service is now largely standard, it is also highly cost effective. For urgent items or the ultimate in stress-free parcel delivery UK to Germany, you simply book a convenient slot for your item or items to be picked up – and that can be your home or business address. We can provide you with some of the cheapest parcel delivery to Germany services on the market to ensure that we have an option to suit every budget.

    There are other options for you, too, to make your parcel delivery to Germany bespoke. This includes, for example, special delivery overseas and additional insurance cover for particularly valuable items, or you could add a signature tracking option. This is handy if you need to prove you have met a deadline, or so you can be 100% sure the right personal received your parcel.

    That’s a lot of great additional services for Germany parcel delivery, all made easy to access with our online comparison technology. Type in what you need, and let our system find you the most cost effective and high quality solution, to help you send a parcel via cheap shipping to Germany today.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Germany

    Only the most trustworthy and efficient  couriers are featured on our quick comparison site. However, they still rely on you to prepare your parcel properly, so they can maintain their good track records.

    Taking some time get items ready for transit can also avoid delays and confusion for parcel delivery to Germany from UK. This includes placing your item or items in proper protection. Clothes and other soft items can be wrapped multiple times in strong plastics and then sealed well.

    Most items are better protected by a box or a cardboard tube for Germany parcel deliveries. If you want to re-use packaging materials from previous deliveries, that’s commendable and eco-friendly – just please remember to remove or obscure anything that refers to previous delivery details.

    Choose a box that doesn’t involve your item or items pressing on the sides, but not one so large that you struggle to secure items inside. Filling the spaces around your item or items is highly recommended. This is not just to stop things moving around or banging together during parcel delivery to Germany; it also makes the exterior of the box less prone to distortion and denting as a full box is a stronger box.

    The filler can be bubble wrap, foam beads or even packing peanuts – and, for an environmentally friendly alternative, shredded newspaper makes a great packing material.

    Seal the box with good, strong tape, making sure there are no trailling edges or loose pieces.

    Next you need to add the address for your cheap parcel delivery to Germany. Please check all complicated spellings carefully as a slip up can cause confusion and lead to delays. Also, use the postal routing number, which again helps to streamline Germany parcel deliveries. Add the address to the parcel clearly, in a way that won’t smudge or rip.

    Now all that is left to do is hand your German parcel delivery over to the responsible and professional company you chose, using our quick and easy price comparison system, then sit back and relax, knowing it is in safe hands. Compare cheap courier services to Germany with each other and find the right option with us today!