DX Parcel Delivery

DX Delivery UK offers a great value service. DX services include accurate DX tracking and cost-effective parcels. Send your parcel with DX couriers today.

DX from £5.99 exc VAT
DX Classic from £10.79 exc VAT
DX Classic Plus from £12.79 exc VAT
DX Classic European from £12.99 exc VAT
DX Classic European Plus from £17.39 exc VAT


    DX Courier Quotes

    DX parcels is the safe, daily parcel and packet collection and delivery service you’ve been searching for. They are the parcel delivery service of choice for hundreds of businesses.

    DX delivery UK understands that time is money. Every moment is precious. From the second you open your doors for business in the morning, to closing down at night. DX delivery service is there to ensure you don’t waste a minute of it. They ensure your products are taken where they need to be safely… And that they arrive when they need to be there. You can check in on your DX delivery UK and international using the fantastic DX tracking service. This means no waiting in all day for a DX courier!

    DX couriers are not only a parcel delivery service, they also collect. They’re happy to visit you with deliveries… and return later to collect parcels ready for dispatch. If you’re pressed for time, they’ll multi-task and do both at once. DX delivery service will cover all your needs. They have ad hoc collections available, and a wide range of services on offer.

    Not only that, DX parcel delivery boast fully vetted couriers. DX couriers abide by a strict process. This ensures the highest possible standard of service. For the best DX courier quotes, use our comparison tool above. We’ll give you DX delivery prices for a range of DX services. So, you can choose the best for your needs and budget.

    How DX Delivery Services Work

    DX parcel delivery provide next day delivery services. They deliver parcels and packets to a variety of businesses. They cover the entirety of the UK and Ireland. They’ll even provide you with DX courier labels. All you need to do is package up your items, and affix the label. DX couriers will come and drop off any deliveries they have for you. While there, they collect your parcels and packets waiting to be delivered… and take them safely to their destination.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we only work with reliable couriers. DX delivery UK is a trusted company. It’s used by the UK government for sending official documents. With countless important parcels having arrived safely to their destination on time, you can trust them. Get a DX courier quote today to start your DX delivery service.

    Why Choose DX Delivery UK?

    DX delivery service are specialists in what they do. They offer high-quality, customer-driven business solutions. This is great for organisations that require timely and safe deliveries. Their two-man delivery teams are experienced, trusted, and mission-orientated. They will ensure your items are exceptionally well cared for.

    They’re fully accustomed to handling an eclectic array of goods. From fashion items and high-value jewellery… to home wares, pharmaceutical items, optical lenses and much more. They’re also experienced couriers for legal documentation. DX parcel delivery is the British Government’s preferred provider. They deliver for visas and identity documents. DX delivery tracking is a great help in this case.

    DX parcels is more than a simple delivery service. They’re a conundrum-solving think tank for the large and small difficulties businesses experience. DX delivery ensures everything gets from A to B… all in the safest, securest, and most cost-effective manner possible. But more than that… They’re purveyors of life experiences, memories, precious artefacts and fascinating stories. They fully understand how vital it is that they succeed in every quest.

    From their dedicated team of highly trained staff… to the business culture they have developed in their own organisation… and the range of specialist services they have on offer… DX delivery service is the perfect choice for any business. They’re relentlessly focused on transporting every parcel that comes their way. They also deliver exceptional customer service. DX couriers meet and then exceed all expectations.

    With a highly secure network and stellar service… you won’t find a more dedicated solution to your delivery requirements.

    DX Delivery Prices and Times

    DX delivery service deliveries are generally made before 6.00 pm on the next working day. The majority of parcels are safely at their destination by 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday (not including bank holidays).

    They provide DX Tracking Mail labels for you to affix to your items. This is at a price of £4.25 / €4.45 (plus VAT) for each label. Labels can easily be ordered online via the consumables page.

    DX delivery prices vary according to the size and weight of your parcel. Get a DX quote using our comparison tool above. You should measure and weigh your DX parcel beforehand. We need the height, width and length of your parcel in centimetres. You should also provide the weight in kilograms. Kitchen or bathroom scales work perfectly well for this. Once we have the details of your parcel… We can give you the most accurate DX delivery prices.

    DX Parcel Exchange

    Their convenient Parcel Exchange service operates all over Britain. It’s available at more than 1,000 locations. You can select the most suitable place for collection when you purchase. You can fit parcel deliveries around your personal commitments. So no eating into your leisure and relaxation time! These DX services are eligible for DX delivery tracking too.

    DX parcels’ Parcel Exchange has a network of connected delivery points. This provides you (and your customers) with the widest choice possible. No matter where you are, up and down the country. It also helps keep DX courier quotes down. With so many DX carriers out and about… it’s easy for them to find a DX courier on that route. For the best DX delivery prices, use our handy comparison tool. You’ll find it at the top of this page.

    Get a DX Quote for UK Secure Delivery

    Safety is of paramount importance. DX UK Secure is on hand to ensure the best possible supply chain processes for your deliveries. Have you been let down by your existing parcel carrier in the past? You will know how disruptive it can be. It can also be costly and damaging to your reputation. This service guarantees the security of your parcel. It includes DX delivery tracking, so you always know where it is. DX services offer complete peace of mind thanks to their DX tracking.

    By using our comparison tool at Parcel Delivery… you can switch to DX delivery UK. Trust them to be your new delivery partner. You can rest assured that your packages are in safe and caring hands. Get the best DX quote from us!

    Trustworthy DX Carriers

    DX couriers have been dedicated to providing dependable delivery services. They have served financial, legal, optical, government services sectors and retail outlets for over forty years. That’s four decades of roaming the roads and wilds of Britain and Ireland… Safely delivering all manner of packages.

    DX couriers’ essential solutions for simple delivery problems, all over the country.

    Specialist Delivery with DX Tracking

    There are other delivery solutions available for parcels and packages… but what about your larger, heavy parcels? Struggling to find a courier and delivery service that will carry your bulky deliveries? DX parcels is ideal.

    DX delivery UK is one of the few delivery services capable of transporting very large items. Even ones which are outside the gauge of the majority of other parcel carriers.

    The DX delivery service’s freight distribution networks are extremely capable. They can deliver even heavy items directly to your clients’ doors. They believe your item being over the 20.00 kg mark doesn’t mean it should be delivered slowly. Large and heavy parcels are delivered just as quickly as smaller, lighter ones.

    DX parcels boasts an impressive freight delivery service, and have amassed thirty years of experience. This ensures items too cumbersome for regular automated networks reach their destination safely. Their delivery vehicles are fitted with pallets. This means they’re capable of accommodating boxes and pouches of both irregular and regular shapes. They can handle items up to six meters long, and won’t slow down a drop due to the extra weight. Get a DX quote for large parcels today.

    DX Delivery Tracking UK to International

    In addition to being an exceptional national delivery provider… DX couriers are happy to handle your international parcel deliveries. They can handle anything from letters to containers. The only thing you need to do is decide if you would like to send your items with DX tracking or not. DX has two dedicated DX services that work a little differently depending on your needs.

    DX International Mail makes non-tracked international deliveries simple. They aim to deliver your items in four to ten days (the exact time varies depending on the destination).

    Additional DX Services

    DX delivery UK also offers the following services:

    • DX Exchange. For businesses that depend on the delivery of urgent documents. Professional service for the public sector.
    • DX DSA Mail. Their second class mailing service is the cost-effective way of saving time and avoiding overspending. Get a low DX courier quote today.
    • DX Tracking Specimens. For businesses that need someone to safely care for and deliver secure specimens on a national scale. This service includes DX delivery tracking.
    • DX Logistics. The perfect logistical partnership to provide your business with the competitive edge to put you ahead.

    How to Package Up Your DX Parcel

    DX carriers treat your parcel with the utmost care and consideration possible. It’s very rare that a DX delivery UK or international would arrive in any way damaged. However, it’s important that you properly protect the contents of your DX parcel. This is especially the case if they are fragile. Firstly, use a good quality box. We recommend corrugated cardboard that is thick and strong. Cushion your item with bubble wrap, polystyrene chips or similar. Ensure you fill up all the space in the box, so the item doesn’t move around. Tightly seal the box with good quality parcel tape. Fix the label in place, making sure it isn’t covered by tape.

    Consider taking out compensation cover. DX services include a certain level of cover, but this varies. If you’re sending something expensive or important, it could be worth upgrading. Make sure you cover the full value of your parcel. In the unlikely event something happens, you have full peace of mind.

    DX Delivery UK FAQs

    What is DX delivery?

    DX UK is a parcel delivery service. They specialise in safely delivering items of high value and importance. They offer next-day and scheduled DX delivery UK and international.

    Which companies use DX delivery?

    DX carriers are available for use by any company. However, they’re the courier of choice for many banks, retailers and the UK government. Many legal firms trust DX services to handle sensitive documents safely.

    What time do DX couriers deliver by?

    DX couriers will usually deliver your parcel before 6pm the next working day after collection. DX delivery tracking will allow you to see more accurately when the DX courier will arrive. If you need a DX parcel to be delivered earlier, they offer a 12pm DX delivery service. Get a DX quote for this above.

    Do DX carriers deliver on Saturdays?

    The usual working hours of DX carriers are during normal working hours on Monday to Friday. However, DX delivery UK can be arranged for a Saturday if you need. This may increase your DX courier quote. To find out how much DX delivery prices for weekend delivery are, use our comparison tool.