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    If you need to get an item to Moldova, then it’s certainly easier to send it as a parcel than to try and deliver it yourself! The good news is we can provide fast, secure and cheap courier services to Moldova. The most common items found when individuals send a parcel to Moldova include: gifts for family and friends as well as items sold through auction sites, or goods that you have sold to overseas customers. When you send a parcel to Moldova, you need to make sure you pick a parcel delivery company that can not only offer you a low and transparent price when it comes to cheap parcel delivery to Moldova, but can also guarantee speedy, safe carriage.  Even a cheap courier to Moldova that you find on our site can offer loss or damage cover up to a certain value, as well as the option for added insurance for more valuable items and this is something you should factor into your choice. Look out for additional handy services such as online item tracking and signed delivery at the other end too.

    Cheap delivery to Maldova is by far the easiest way to get your goods to this small and charming country in Eastern Europe. When you’re ready to send your parcel then make sure you use a parcel comparison site to get the best possible price for your delivery. Your item may travel by air, sea or possibly even underground, and will no doubt do a fair bit of travelling by road too on its way from the UK to one of the smallest destinations in Europe, and if you choose the fastest service available you can expect your parcel to get there in just a couple of days. Read on to discover more about your parcel’s speedy journey to the country of Moldova, with help from parcel delivery to Moldova from UK. Also read on to find out how to book a delivery for your parcel from the UK to Moldova for less, by comparing the prices of the top courier providers in Europe, all from the comfort of your own home.

    Parcel Delivery To Moldova

    Cheap courier to Moldova from UK is almost certainly faster and cheaper than you think. Moldova is a small landlocked country between Romania and Ukraine. Once a republic state of the Soviet Union, today Moldova is a wholly independent country with a growing economy and is well and truly open for business. Around the same size of Belgium but with a population that is about a third of the size, Moldova is sparsely populated in rural areas with 45% living in urban areas such as the capital Chisinau. The main hubs of economy and industry are also found in these urban areas. This means that the vast majority of parcels to Moldova are intended for one of the main cities: Chisinau, Tiraspol, Balti or Tighina. Parcel delivery UK to Moldova can take between two and three days to be delivered via the fastest available shipping times.

    Depending on the service you choose, your parcel’s journey may well start when the parcel is collected directly from your home. Once at the airport your parcel will be checked over by customs, which will include it being x-rayed, weighed and scanned. Cheap shipping to Moldova will most likely be carried out on a passenger plane rather than a dedicated cargo plane. Upon arriving at the airport, any airmail on board will then be checked and scanned again before being sorted for delivery. The capital, Chisinau, is the country’s main transport hub, so the chances are your parcel will pass through this city first, even if it is headed somewhere else in the country on its Moldova parcel delivery journey.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Moldova

    Delivery prices for cheap shipping to Moldova will vary according to the service provider and, of course, the size, shape and weight of the parcel. Prices for a small parcel will start at around the same price as a meal for two, although faster, guaranteed services or heavy items may cost more. The best way to find cheap parcel delivery to Moldova is to use a parcel comparison site which allows you to compare a number of quotes from leading parcel delivery providers. Cheap courier services to Moldova will be easy to spot when you use an online price comparison tool. A good search tool like ours will also allow to you refine your search according to the exact pick up and drop off points as well as the dimensions and weight of your parcel, allowing you to choose from a number of perfectly refined quotes. This can make it easier than ever to find cheap delivery to Moldova option to suit your needs.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Moldova

    Moldova is not in the EU, which means cheap courier services to Moldova from the UK is subject to greater control and restrictions than parcels that are simply ‘moved’ around the region.

    Moldova has fairly strict controls when it comes to goods and parcels coming into the country. It’s worth taking note of some of these restrictions as it may affect your parcel delivery to Moldova. No live animals apart from bees and leeches can be sent to Moldova, nor can meat, dairy or fish and other perishable biological substances. Further restricted items include bank notes, medicines and even print media that contravenes public order or decency.

    Senders should also note that commercial goods over the value of 2,000 USD need to have an invoice attached to the outside of the packaging and ALL parcels with a value of over 2,000 USD need to have documents which attest to the goods’ country of origin. Commercial goods with a value of over 300 USD are subject to a customs charge that the recipient is responsible for.

    Moldovan Customs require comprehensive and accurate customs declarations for all parcels. It is recommended that you fill out your customs declaration carefully and accurately to prevent your parcel from being stopped from entering Moldova. Parcels may be opened, sent back or possibly even destroyed by authorities if the Moldovan Customs and Excise service deems the declaration inaccurate or if the goods are found on the country’s extensive list of restricted items.

    A good Moldova parcel delivery service will provide you with an online form for customs declaration as well as a handy, comprehensive list of restricted items to check against, so that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home or office. Make sure your package is correctly packed according to the parcel deliverer’s guidelines before your arranged collection. It’s important that the package is securely wrapped and that the address and return label is also clearly written with MOLDOVA in capital letters at the end of the address. The surface area of the address side of the parcel must be big enough to attach the invoice, label and any other relevant documentation.

    Fast delivery

    If you want fast, efficient delivery to Moldova from the UK then look no further than Parcel Delivery. Use our online comparison tool to seek out the best deal for you when it comes to cheap parcel delivery to Moldova, and also how to get your parcel across the channel on its way to the country as soon as possible. Whether you want to get a birthday present there on time or you want positive customer feedback for your speedy delivery times, we can help you to send a parcel to Moldova quickly and for a competitive price with the help of our parcel comparison tool.